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Wall Street Bulls and Bears Argue While National Economies Burn

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 9:00 AM
February 26, 2014

Bulls-and-BearsWhile bulls and bears argue about the possible collapse of the world’s economy, other factors must be mentioned outside of China’s decision to sell off U.S. dollars, such as economic conditions of other nations, Global Warming, etc.

Environmental correspondent for, Fiona Harvey summarizes that Global Warming costs the world economy a trillion a year:  “Climate change is already . . .  costing the world more than $1.2 trillion, wiping 1.6% annually from global GDP.”  She also mentions 400,000 deaths each year.

Massive droughts in California and other western states, unstoppable flooding in Britain and parts of Europe and Asia have brought projections of much higher food prices this year.  Andria Cheng of admits:

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation told California’s Central Valley this week that it will get no irrigation water this summer.  “This low allocation is yet another indicator of the impacts the severe drought is having on California communities, agriculture, businesses, power, and the environment,” said Michael Connor, commissioner of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service adds:  “Over a third of the U.S.’s vegetables and almost two-thirds of its fruits and nuts were produced in California.” The Central Valley represents about a third of the state’s agricultural land. Milk, grapes, almonds, strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes are among the state’s top-10 valued commodities. Other factors contribute to inflation rates.

Ask food buyers in Venezuela where the official inflation rate is 56%, but private citizens say it is some 200%.  Thousands of people demonstrate daily because there is no food in stores to buy, and what is there is far too expensive.  With some food prices increased by some 260%, Argentina is not much better off.

World leaders cannot long ignore countries that have simply run out of money, such as Ukraine, Thailand, Italy, Ghana, etc. Nor can they ignore nations which will not sustain extremely high unemployment rates, such as: South Africa at 24.5%, Spain 26.7%, Greece, 27.3%, and all above 50% among their youth.

Of course, stock market bulls such as Jim Cramer of insists everything is o.k., that housing, furniture, and other retail sales are up in the U.S., and the stock market can only continue to rise, making the rich richer.

But bears, including The Economic Collapse, insists the U.S. Federal Reserve’s recent ‘taper’ has created global The-Burning-Dollarproblems, “causing currencies to collapse and interest rates to soar all over the planet,” especially affecting countries like: “Argentina, Turkey, South Africa, Ukraine, Chile, Indonesia, Venezuela, India, Brazil, Taiwan and Malaysia. . . . And this is not just limited to a few countries.  What we are watching right now is truly a global phenomenon.”

In ‘22 Facts About The Coming Demographic Tsunami That Could Destroy Our Economy All By Itself,’ that blog claims the U.S. economy is being ruined by the 10,000 Baby Boomers who will retire at the same rate every day until 2030, and the nation simply can’t afford to make such staggering retirement payments.

As stated yesterday, it is time for Christians everywhere to pray. No matter their range of intelligence, human beings do not know everything about everything.   Only God is omniscient. Thus, as used Christian Bibles urge, believers must pray:  “For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and His ears are open unto their prayers (1 Peter 3: 12).” Nations of the world need prayer, as never before!

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South in Chaos: Proof U.S. Unprepared for Affects of Global Warming

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 11:00 AM
January 29, 2014

Cars-stuck-highway-frozen       The tragic horror of children stranded on freezing buses, or sleeping on cold school gym floors, or of adults stuck in frozen cars for hours, and now days, proves  the point of our years of crying out about Global Warming: Even after decades of warning met with denial and rejection, the U.S. is unprepared for Global Warming––not its glaring hot temperatures, and not its sub-zero freezing storms.

People watch T.V. sets with amazement. Erin McClam and M. Alex Johnson of NBC News explains: “Up north, snowplows are armadas—hundreds of them that fan out over and over to clear the streets during the punishing storms of winter. If they’re handled carelessly, there’s political hell to pay.”

But not so in the South where a winter storm filled with ice and snow swept from Texas to Virginia, and even sending sub-zero with wind-chills weather as far south as Georgia and even Florida. And the nation watches a winter horror where traffic is piled up in long lines for days throughout the greater Atlanta area. posits “ . . . the hardest hit states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama.  The US-2014-temperaturessoutheast, which has already gotten hit with arctic blasts during this colder than usual winter, was pounded with ice and snow that seemed to catch everyone off guard, particularly communities that don’t have access to sand and salt trucks that keep roads from becoming slick and dangerous.

“Georgia reported close to a thousand wrecks alone in the Atlanta-metro area with more than 100 injuries. Gov. Nathan Deal urged motorists in affected areas to stay off the roads Wednesday.”

Moreover NBC says:  “ . . . in the Atlanta area, a traffic officer delivered a baby late Tuesday afternoon in the back seat of the car for a couple who were stranded in icy conditions on Interstate 285 in the suburb of Sandy Springs. [That City’s] police said mom and baby, who weren’t identified, were doing fine.”

The Associated Press and Canadian Broadcasting Company quote people suffering in the frozen mess: “It’s like a big sheet of ice everywhere. It’s craziness. People are abandoning their cars . . . Most people sat the entire night with no food, no water, no bathroom. We saw people who had children. It was a dire situation.”

Of course, more than 3,000 air flights have been cancelled, especially in the southern U.S. And, by last count, these freezing clogs killed nine adults and children, including trailer fires, truck accidents, and ice skid crashes.

Political leaders in the south excuse their unpreparedness on “rare” freezing weather, lack of snow equipment and salt supplies, and inadequate weather reporting.  But the truth is, all of America is unprepared for such storms because its national, state and city leaders have ignored the realities of Global Warming.

Americans must demand leaders who admit the obvious: As Global Warming increases its grip on the earth, it must be resisted.  As used Christian books warn:  “For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led !of them are destroyed (Isaiah 9: 16).” In American democracy people can still change leaders.

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Rough Economic Warnings: U.S. & World Depression Loom Ahead

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 19:02 PM
January 28, 2014

Global-Economic-Crisis   Economists now warn that this country and the world faces an economic crisis on January 31st. In fact, this seething financial crisis already affects the U.S. and other nations.  Tightening strings at the Federal Reserve, falling stock market prices, horrid holiday sales and declines of major department stores––i.e. Sears and J.C. Penny––high unemployment, etc. have politicians here and abroad worried.

The Economic Collapse wrote yesterday: “This time, the Federal Reserve has created a truly global problem. . . . now that the Fed has decided to begin “the taper”, investors see it as a sign to pull the “hot money” out of emerging markets as rapidly as possible. . . This is causing currencies to collapse and interest rates to soar all over the planet. . . last week emerging market currencies experienced the biggest decline that we have seen since the financial crisis of 2008.

“If this continues, we will eventually see looting, violence, blackouts, shortages of basic supplies, and runs on the banks in emerging markets all over the planet just like we are already witnessing in Argentina and Venezuela.”

As Michael Snyder says in ‘The $23 Trillion Credit Bubble In China Is Starting To Collapse––Global Financial Crisis Next?,’ “ . . . financial institutions all over the world are warning that we could see a “mega default” on a very prominent high-yield investment product in China on January 31st? . . .

“ . . . this could lead to a cascading collapse of the shadow banking system in China which could potentially result in ‘sky-high interest rates’ and ‘a precipitous plunge in credit’.  In other words, it could be a “Lehman Brothers moment” for Asia. And since the global financial system is more interconnected today than ever before, that would be very bad news for the United States as well.”

Furthermore, Reuters News Service reports China may not pay its bills: “   The trust firm responsible for a Bank-of-Chinatroubled high-yield investment product sold through China’s largest banks has warned investors they may not be repaid when the 3 billion-yuan ($496 million) product matures on Jan. 31.” Forbes agrees:

“A WMP default, whether relating to Liansheng or Zhenfu, could devastate the Chinese banking system and the larger economy as well.  In short, China’s growth since the end of 2008 has been dependent on ultra-loose credit first channeled through state banks, like ICBC and Construction Bank, and then through the WMPs, which permitted the state banks to avoid credit risk.

“China is not the only place in the world where financial trouble signs are erupting.  Things in Europe just keep getting worse, and we have just learned that the largest bank in Germany just suffered ‘a surprise fourth-quarter loss’.”

Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge has been screaming declines were coming for months.  This week he wrote, ‘What Recovery? U.S. Retail Stores Now in Grim Death Spiral.’ He writes that both stores are closing thousands of stores and laying off scores of employees, and other retailers are not far behind.

How long did politicians think declining cities, declining retailers, hurricane and tornado ravished regions, etc. would not take its toll? Time is running out for them to considering taking better care of this country.  As Rev. Repriestly cries, “It is time for people to trust in God, not in the things of this world.” Used Christian books agrees:  “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember The Name of The LORD Our God (Psalm 20: 7).” Amen, and Amen!

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Good Resolutions: Cut Down on Salt, Sugar, Fat & Additives

posted by Dr Ad Versery and Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 16:58 PM
January 10, 2014

What-is-Xanthan-Gum-Final-Good    Surely high on New Years Resolution Lists is the promise to lose weight. Along with eating less should be determination to eat better. Since the last half of the 20th century, U.S. food manufacturers have played havoc on the tastes of American food habits, and have often  produced less than healthy foods.

In his book, ‘Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us,’ Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Moss points out that the rise of obesity in the U.S. caused the heads of the largest processed food corporations in the world to meet secretly in Minneapolis in 1999.  They sat in fear of too many news stories blaming their salt, sugar and fat products for the new health hazards of overweight.

By the meeting’s end––despite proof that their products helped to make America fat––they decided to do nothing to change their ways, so that today, the average citizen eats each year: over 30 pounds of cheese, 70 pounds of sugar, 3,102,500 milligrams of salt––all from processed foods.

Moss discusses such new fads as ‘fat-free,’ ‘low-salt,’ and ‘no additives’ may have been enough to satisfy less than watchful federal and state ‘health’ agencies, but were nothing but promise-breaking fads.

Health-Day reporter, Steven Reinberg somewhat redeems federal agencies with his article, ‘Americans Still Eat Too Much Salt’: “ Americans’ love of salt has continued unabated in the 21st century, putting people at risk for high blood pressure, the leading cause of heart attack and stroke,” U.S. health officials say.

Dr. Niu Tian from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told Reinberg:  “Salt intake in the U.S. has Americas-Favorite-Food-Additiveschanged very little in the last decade.” Thus,   Reinberg asserts, “In 2010, more than 90 percent of U.S. teenagers and adults consumed more than the recommended levels of salt,” the same as in 2003.

As in the past, food manufacturers have done little to change salt intakes. Reinberg reveals:  “Unfortunately, the food industry has failed to significantly bring down sodium levels despite 40 years of governmental admonitions.”

Also, Ronna Syed and Allya Davidson write in ‘The Secrets of Sugar’ that the average family of four eats 95 teaspoons of sugar a day––most of that sugar is hidden within processed foods, such as breakfast cereals, canned soups, yogurts, microwave dinners, etc.––all because food industries calculates ‘bliss points,‘ that is, they calculate the exact level in which ‘pumped up‘ foods are most desirable.

Thus, the two further posit:  “Emerging science is connecting the high consumption of sugar in North American diets with the rapid spread of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.” Further, they interviewed scientists who conclude that sugar is much more dangerous than fats.

Moreover, in ‘Chemical Cuisine,’ scientists from the Center For Science in the Public Interest avow that such additives as food dyes, aspartame, caffeine, high-fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oil (or trans fat), olestra, etc. also cause harm to otherwise healthy everyday diets.

So in this New Year, let’s resolve to eat the type of natural healthy food that God gives us.  As 2 Corinthians 9: 10 in used Christian Bibles promises:  “Now he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness . . .”  So eat healthy!

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All Arctic Ice Gone by 2015: Earth Dies, While Men Search for Oil

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 17:36 PM
December 18, 2013

Antarctic sea ice    Overwhelming numbers of Climate Scientists know it, reindeer and polar bears know it, even the British Parliament knows it: final melt down of Arctic ice means unstoppable releases of methane in earth’s air, more ‘hot’ water, and death!  Yet world leaders only express eagerness to reach tons of oil under that ice.

In ‘The End of the Arctic? Ocean Could be Ice Free by 2015,’ Peter Wadhams, University of Cambridge ocean physics professor, tells Mark Hertsgaard “the Arctic Ocean could be completely free of ice in summer as soon as 2015.”

In a report to the British Parliament, the Environmental Audit Committee writes:  “Herds of reindeer have declined by one-third since the 1990s as their access to food sources, breeding grounds and historic migration routes have been altered.”  Now reindeer join polar bears as early victims of Global Warming.

But people will soon follow.  As commercial ships from Russia, China, the U.S., Europe and the Middle East rush geological ‘gold’ diggers to the area seeking quiet explorations for potential wealth, climate scientists scream, “Wait” Artic-reindeer-declining“Danger!”

The so-called world leaders insist this melted ice will net 10,000 gold mines.   But Pilita Clark contradicts: “The rapidly melting Arctic is an “economic time bomb” likely to cost the world at least $60 trillion”––in damaged crops, flooding and wrecked infrastructures everywhere.  But she misses the point:  they don’t care about food, housing, businesses or roads for the masses. They care about the $$!!!

Clark interviewed researchers who claim that methane emissions alone would cause 80 percent of estimated monetary damages in poorer nations due to increasing floods, droughts and other Global Warming storm factors.

They conclude: “Arctic waters are expected to hasten thawing of the permafrost beneath the East Siberian Sea . . . that is believed to contain vast deposits of methane. This is a greenhouse gas some 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide.”  They don’t know how long it will stay in the air, but . . .

As if that weren’t enough to stop the money-glory boys, the Antarctic is also melting, and it will emit even more methane and other poisonous gases.  James Dickson, James Head and Marianne Okal write in ‘Coastal Antarctic Permafrost Melting Faster than Expected,’ the ground ice under this Pole will melt even more of the frozen soils beneath earth’s surface.

While the sun easily bounces off Arctic ice, it shines hard on solid “frozen soils and layers of underground sediment.”  Moreover, “Antarctica’s Dry Valleys contain some of the continent’s largest stretches of ground ice” putting more water into rising ocean levels and fill earth’s air will deadly poisons.

So there you have it: the whole earth is melting away, and these Nero leaders around the world, instead of playing fiddles, hasten the melts to make themselves and their sponsors rich.  Used Christian books assert:  “The wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way: but the folly of fools is deceit” (Proverbs 14: 8).”

Holman Bible Dictionary defines ‘folly’: “Seven different Hebrew words are usually translated by the single English word, ‘folly.’ Some of the shades of meaning suggested by these various words include: a) deliberate sinfulness; b) simple-mindedness; c) malicious simple-mindedness; and d) brutal or subhuman activity.”  Yep, that well summarizes today’s leaders who ignore Global Warming!

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College Meningitis Outbreaks & 100s More Sick From NECC Shots

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 20:58 PM
December 4, 2013

NECC        While major media appears to cover the outbreak of ‘bacterial meningitis’ on two college campuses, outlets have been unusually quiet about the hundreds of new victims across the country recently sickened with ‘fungal meningitis’ by injections from the notorious New England Compounding Center (NECC).

Concerning cases of meningitis at two ‘Class A’ schools––Princeton University and the University of California at Santa Barbara––Brady Dennis of the Washington Post says the federal government will next week allow one of the universities to begin vaccinating thousands of students with an unapproved drug:

“The disease has largely vanished from colleges and universities in recent years, as dozens of states required students to be vaccinated against it before arriving on campus. But officials who monitor the disease are troubled by the recent outbreaks in California and New Jersey, in part because of the number of cases but also because they each involve the uncommon “serogroup B” type of bacterial meningitis, for which the country so far has no approved vaccine.”

Because Princeton is the smaller school and has double the number of infected students, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gave the school permission to administer the Bexsero vaccine to prevent further spreading.

“The vaccine, which has been shown to protect against meningococcal disease caused by serogroup B bacteria, has been approved for use in Europe and Australia but has not been licensed by U.S. regulators.”

One infected student at the Santa Barbara campus, Aaron Loy, a freshman lacrosse team player from Carlsbad, CA, Meningitis-Outbreak-collegehas suffered amputation of both feet to cleans his blood supply.  The campus there has disbursed antibiotics to 300 of the 500 exposed students, and discouraged kissing, coughing and other contacts.

Meanwhile in late October, CDC sent out a ‘digital news release’ titled  ‘Multi-State Meningitis Outbreak––Current Case Count‘ admitting: “CDC has received reports of patients presenting with paraspinal/spinal infections (e.g., epidural abscess, phlegm-on, disci-tis, vertebral osteomyelitis, or arachnoiditis at or near the site of injection). These syndromes have occurred in patients with and without evidence of fungal meningitis.

“Because these infections are distinct from meningitis and joint infections, CDC will report case counts . . . exposed to a preservative-free methylprednisolone acetate (MPA) injection, with preservative-free MPA that definitely or likely came from one of the following three lots produced by the New England Compounding Center (NECC) [05212012@68, 06292012@26, 08102012@51].”

Why are NECC injections still available?  Why weren’t they destroyed.  States with the highest number of NECC meningitis cases include:  Michigan with 264 victims; Tennessee 153; Indiana 93; Virginia 54; New Jersey 51; Ohio 20; North Carolina 18; New Hampshire 14, etc.  The National Institutes of Health claim “Viral meningitis occurs more often than bacterial meningitis, and is milder.” But that is small comfort to the 751 victims  suffering from NECC injections.

It is inexcusable that either type of this disease is so prevalent in this country.  As used Christian Bibles advocate, prayer across the country is called for:  “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land (2 Chronicles 7: 14).”

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Global Warming Devastating Moose Populations Wakens Major Media

posted by Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 10:02 AM
October 18, 2013

moose-becoming-extinct   At last, effects of Global Warming are so unmercifully killing off a particular species that major press outlets howl.  The New York Times asks is it Global Warming, too much hunting, heat stress, shorter winters, more ticks, etc.?

“Winters have grown substantially shorter across much of the moose’s range.  In New Hampshire, a longer fall with less snow has greatly increased the number of winter ticks, a devastating parasite,” Jim Robbins writes in N.Y. Times.

But he contends:  “And no one is sure why.”  He explains that Minnesota once had two separate moose populations, but one has declined from 4,000 to less than 100. The other has fallen from a population of 8,000 to less than 3,000.

“In the Caribou Mountains of British Columbia, a recent study pinned the decline of moose on the widespread killing of forest by an epidemic of pine bark beetles, which seem to thrive in warmer weather. The loss of trees left the moose exposed to human and animal predators,” Robbins adds.

Erika Butler, former wildlife veterinarian for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, posits:  “It’s complicated because there’s so many pieces of this puzzle that could be impacted by climate change.”

Falling short of saying, “Its Global Warming,” the Washington Post says that in New Hampshire, scientists posit that ticks-on-mooseshorter winters induce growth of  winter tick populations.  “Up to 150,000 ticks can beset a moose at one time, bleeding it out until the moose is little more than ribs, antlers, and some loose skin.”

Unlike deer, moose don’t run in packs.  Because moose live and die alone, affected states have prohibited moose hunting. States like Minnesota now spend millions of dollars looking for and tagging the animals in efforts to preserve them.

These extinction threats are enough to have N. Y.Times editors cry:  “Moose are dying off across North America for a number of reasons, most of which can be linked to a warming climate and an eroding winter. Long, warm autumns and early, wet springs benefit winter ticks, which can cluster on moose in unbelievable numbers, causing anemia, loss of appetite, hair loss from rubbing—weakening the animals at the onset of winter, just when they need their strength most.”

Their editorial further reads:  “The collapse in moose numbers—one Minnesota population has fallen from 4,000 animals to fewer than 100—is something scientists can track but otherwise can do nothing about. “It is typical of the kind of shifts that a warming climate is causing, tipping the balance in ways that favor some species and do grievous harm to others. It is the sign of an entire ecosystem caught up in changes largely brought about by human activity.”

Well at least the editors spoke the total truth!  Global Warming is killing off animal populations in droves.  When God gave man dominion over the animal kingdom that authority included responsibility for animal life.  But man has abdicated that responsibility, and ultimately will pay for that failure.

However, used Christian books indicate that men still have time to fight Global Warming, and preserve themselves as well as the animal kingdom:  “Some men’s sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after.  Likewise also the good works of some are manifest beforehand; and they that are otherwise cannot be hid (1 Timothy 5: 24 – 25).”

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Countdown to Chaos: U.S. Politicians ‘Play’ Blowing Up the World

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 18:14 PM
October 9, 2013

Wile-E-Coyote-blows-himself-up    Some in the U.S. House of Representatives have moved circling chaos beyond the Affordable Care Act to failure to raise the U.S. Debt Ceiling.  Most Americans have no idea how such a move would affect their lives.

According to experts, defaulting on U.S. debt would probably: halt social security payments; implode savings, investment and retirement accounts; make banks insolvent; crash the stock market to unimaginable levels; destroy bond holdings, etc.  All of which means more than horrendous consequences.

“If they seriously default on the debt, what we’re really talking about is a depression . . . the fallout would be a lot worse than the recession suffered in 2008 and the aftershocks would be felt for at least a decade,” veteran financial sector analyst Richard Bove of Rafferty Capital Markets told Yahoo Finance.

“The first thing you have to do is look at who holds the debt. The first, biggest owner (of U.S. debt) is the social security fund, so you’d have all of these people who are receiving social security payments who now have to question whether they’ll get their payments.”

Already, The Extension Protocol reports, banks are over-stuffing their ATM machines in case depositors attempt panic withdrawals.  Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge adds:  “Banks are also holding daily emergency meetings to discuss other steps, including possible free overdrafts for customers reliant on social security payments from the government.” second-great-depression2

The Treasury Department warned in a report last week:  “Considering the experience of countries around the world that have defaulted on their debt, not only might the economic consequences of default be profound, but those consequences ––including high interest rates, reduced investment, higher debt payments, and slow economic growth––could last for more than a generation.”

Bove also cries out: “Eleven-percent of all U.S. debt is owned by the Chinese.  That $1.4 trillion represents about a third of the reserves of the People’s Bank of China [PBOC], so what we’ve now said to the PBOC is, ‘Watch out, we may hit the value of a third of your assets and you can’t do anything about it.’”
Just as Dr. Jael said in setting off alarm bells on our Worlds Collide blog, such ‘theft’ of China’s assets would usher in World War III.

During the last world-wide Christian revivals, country folks had a song, ‘Jesus Is On The Main Line, Tell Him What You Want.’  Its good advice to call one’s Congressman and complain.  But it’s even more important to pray.

As Apostle Paul expounds in used Christian Bibles:  “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;  For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty (1 Timothy 2: 1 – 2).”

The prayers of faithful Christians standing against the ignorance and tyranny  of vicious, careless men are God’s power to keep this nation safe from such catastrophe.  But it only works if believers get on that Main Line and tell Jesus what they want!

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Talking About Misplaced Priorities: To the Moon and Then Bust!

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:46 PM
September 23, 2013

navy-yard-shooting1    Last week’s massacre at the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard indicates that––as America spends billions racing to the moon and ‘measuring’ outer space––even after 9/11, the nation still does not have electronic communications, private contractor clearances, and safe security measures correct and in place.

Just as in 9/11, communications systems for emergency responders was non-functioning.  Kevin Bogardus from ‘The Hill’ says: “Radios for federal firefighters and police officers failed during Monday’s mass shooting at Washington’s Navy Yard, according to union representatives for first responders.

“Union officials said police and firefighters resorted to using their cellphones and radios from D.C.’s emergency responders to communicate with each other during the attack.  Initially, officers found that their radios were working. But as they ventured deeper into the building where the shooting took place, their equipment stopped functioning.

“After the first shootout with the gunman, one officer found his radio’s battery was dead, while another officer could not receive a signal from his radio and was unable to call for help. That forced them to use an officer’s cellphone to call others outside the building.” Such unpreparedness must change!

Also sources quote the Pentagon: “Naval police in Rhode Island did not alert superiors in Washington to evidence pointing to the mental instability of the former Navy reservist who the police say killed 12 people at a Washington Navy base.”

Trip Gabriel and Thom Shanker write:  “The police in Rhode Island who interviewed the man, Aaron Alexis, on Aug. 7 aaron-alexis-navy-yardwere concerned enough by his claims to be hearing voices sent by a “microwave machine” that they faxed their report to the naval police in Newport, where Mr. Alexis was working temporarily.

But the Newport police did not take further action because they did not consider Mr. Alexis dangerous. “He’s just hearing voices,” said Lt. William Fitzgerald, a spokesman for the department. “We can’t arrest someone for that.”
Moreover, the same inadequate security measures allowed Alexis to smuggle a gun onto the Navy facility and hide it in a bathroom.

USIS, the same company that gave NSA secrets spiller, Edward Snowden, top secret clearance, also cleared the Navy Yard shooter to do government work as a subcontractor. So Congress is ‘upset’ USIS has not ‘tightened its regulations’? Couldn’t enlisted military personnel do better jobs than this?

Repeated stupid stumbles. Psychologists posit Navy Yard shooter Alexis suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), common mental illness for ex-military personnel.  But that makes no difference, because politicians have not seen fit to pass laws insuring that mentally unstable people cannot buy guns.

Maybe members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have PTSD.  But wait, most of them have never served in the military, so they may have no sense of protecting the American people?  What a bust!  This nation went to the moon, and searches the stars, but can’t do a better job of protecting its people.

Used Christian books condemns such weakness in what is suppose to be the strongest nation on earth: “For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed (Isaiah 9: 26).”  Time to pray for the USA!

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Connect the Dots: Colorado’s Floods, Fires and Global Warming

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 15:43 PM
September 13, 2013

Colorado-extreme-flooding    Maybe its the shock of those horrendous floods now hitting Colorado, or rushed reporters ignore details, or its simply failure to connect the dots, but few news outlets admit these murderous rains connect to recent wildfires.
Such recognition traces the flooding’s evidence back to Global Warming!

In ‘Heavy Rains Cause Flooding in Colorado, Colleen Slevin and P. Solomon Banda’ write for AP: “Heavy rains and scarring from recent wildfires sent walls of water crashing down mountainsides early Thursday in Colorado.”

The American Dream asked in July ‘Why So Many Wildfires? Half The Country Is Turning Into An Intensely Hot, Bone Dry Burn Zone’ in July:  “Did you know that 8 of the 9 worst years for wildfires ever recorded have all been since the year 2000?  The western half of the United States just keeps getting hotter and drier, and this is creating ideal conditions for wildfires.”

Bone dry scorched earth cannot absorb heavy rain waters.  As of today, Colorado’s flooded streams and rivers have killed three people.  But at least 18 have been declared missing. Thus, the number of fatalities may soon rise.

While thousands have been evacuated, even more victims are trapped in their homes, cut off from possible emergency service rescues.  National Weather service officials estimate some 6.8 inches of rain hit the city in 24 hours.

The Denver Post adds:  “At least three Colorado towns — Lyons, Estes Park and Jamestown — were entirely isolated by water. Xcel Energy cut off power to most of Lyons. In Estes Park, a community of about 6,000 people, both telephone lines and cellphone towers were down. As darkness fell, the only communication into or out of the town was by ham radio.”

Matthew DeLuca, Daniella Silva and Alexander Smith report for NBC News:  “The bad weather also hampered rescue flood13n-10-webefforts, making it impossible to get search and rescue helicopters into the air  . . . and increasing the dangers for responders who tried to make their way into some of the most affected areas.”

Andra Coberly, from the Boulder YMCA, explain:  “It’s insane right now, I’ve lived in Colorado my whole life, and this is nothing that I’ve ever, ever seen before. Streets were turned into rivers and streams were turned into lakes.”

Torrential rains lashing over Colorado will continue through Sunday, but the flooding will continue far longer.  The state’s governor has called out the National Guard, and the White House declared emergencies in three counties to enable money and resources to rush into the state.

But at some point, governors and Presidents must face facts:  Unless they take immediate measures to stem Global Warming, worst floods, fires, violent storms, drought, catastrophic hurricanes, etc. will continuously pelt this nation.

It is as if America’s officials choose to sleep in ignorance of such evidence.  However, as Apostle Paul cries in used Christian Bibles:  “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep . . . (Romans 13: 11).”  The question is, do those in charge of this nation know what time it is?

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