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The Good News After

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June 16, 2010

  Since it seems that this blog often covers negative issues, perhaps readers would enjoy some good news for a change.  The majority-accepted Scriptural interpretation is that true Christians living today will be raptured away from earth before final Armageddon begins.  Thus, they will not be on earth during those seven years of The Great Tribulation.  More on what true Christians will be doing at that time, and where they will be, in later blogs.

  During final Armageddon with terroristic military reign of absolute evil over some nations, there will be four classes of people left on earth:  1) Those who dedicate themselves to Satan’s anti-Christ, place his irrevocable tattooed symbols on their bodies and join him in serving eternal death; 2) Those who reject Satan’s rule, who finally accept Jesus Christ as Savior––even as they face horrific execution for that decision––and who will immediately go to heaven as martyrs; 3) Those who will not accept Christ or adopt Satan’s symbols, but who will nonetheless die without salvation during the wars, famine and plagues  in that seven year period; 4) and Those who will not accept Christ or enslavement with Satan, but who will manage to be alive at the end of Armageddon’s seven years.

   Thus, two out of four of these groups have good news!  The second group will join other Christians in reigning over earth and universe with The Lord Jesus, His Father and His Holy Spirit.  And the fourth group will live on earth under the rule of Christ and redeemed Christians, living for as much as 1,000 years (known as the Millennial Reign) IF they obey the rules of His kingdom.  At the end of that thousand years, they will still have to make the personal decision as to whether to accept Christ or submit to Satan.

  Good News No. 1 – Those alive who are true Christians before Armageddon will not live through the severe trials of that period, but the opportunities they had to work for Christ and receive eternal rewards before His return will be over.

  Good News No. 2 – Millions, and perhaps billions, of people around the world will turn away from satanic rule and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior during the seven year tribulation; although most of them will be violently executed for those late decisions, they will nonetheless enter heaven as faithful martyrs.

  Good News No. 3 – Those who had not accepted Christ, but who managed to be alive at the end of Armageddon’s seven years, will be allowed to conduct their lives on a beautiful and health-filled earth for as much as a thousand years, but only if they follow the Biblical ruler-ship of Christ and His Triumphant Church.

  Why not study these issues for yourself in wholesale Christian Bibles?  Another good source is Christian prayer books.  Next, we will look at what authentic Christians living now will be doing in that seven year period.

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