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Oops! Revise Political Talk & Media Blitz: EU Still in Recession?

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 10:25 AM
June 19, 2014

Shrinking-GDP-map    Proving economics––like other sciences––is not always exact, the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), a group of 800 top economists, researching the European Union as a whole, says the EU is still in recession. Maybe!

In fact, several economic reporters insist politicians planted “false” media stories––i.e. “whatever it takes” to solve EU’s fiscal problems”––to give impressions that hard times in Europe were over.

This media blitz took the world’s attention away from dire conditions in Greece; collapsing banks in Spain; high food costs in Hungary, Poland, etc.; very high youth unemployment in all EU nations, etc.

Yet, as Wolf Richter writes this week in ‘It’s Official: Despite Media Hype, Eurozone Still In Recession,’ “[CEPR] just released a report . . . that supports what corporate earnings have been clamoring about for a while: the eurozone recession that started in the fourth quarter of 2011 still isn’t over.”

Even more conservative columnist, Neil Irwin, writes in ‘Europe May Be in a Recession (Still),’ “Is the European economy expanding, or is it in recession? Turns out, even the people whose job it is to decide aren’t sure.

“And their reasoning shows why the economic situation seems so perilous in Europe, even though its economy isn’t clearly shrinking.” He says CEPR fears that “policy makers may not be sufficiently concerned about the state of the economy.”

Richter explains CEPR’s thinking mirrors other facts: “ . . . in 2012, the entire debt-crisis fiasco was solved with a few elegant words – ECB President Mario Draghi’s “whatever it takes”––backed by the ECB’s printing press. Markets loved it. Even beaten-down, haircut––decorated Greek debt soared.”

The report argues that EU’s first recession ended in the first quarter of 2009, and economic activity in the group of nations soared through the fall of 2011 with 4% growth, but that was still below growth before 2009.

Last fall the CEPR hinted:  “ . . . while it is possible that the recession ended, neither the length nor the strength of the recovery is sufficient, as of 9 October 2013, to declare that the euro area has come out of recession.”

Finally this week it states emphatically (sort of) “ . . . the euro area may be experiencing since early 2013 a Europe Double Dip Exit_0prolonged pause in the recession that started after 2011Q3.” Thus, despite all the media hype, Europe is in a three year recession.

As Richter says, “This was unwelcome news to Eurocrats and the crisis solvers of the eurozone. But it was not news to the unemployed in France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, and many other countries.”

Speaking of which, isn’t this the same ‘political-economy-is-ok’ game going on in the United States where unemployment numbers do not consider long-term unemployed falling off the system, where roads and bridges sag in non-repair, where mountains of rotting houses and boarded factories blare in most cities, etc.?

Prolonged recessions lead to economic depressions and these always lead to war! As wholesale Christian Bibles declare, politicians must tell their people the truth whether those people want to hear it or not: “For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed Isaiah 9: 16).”

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Ending All Species of Life on Earth: Man’s Fatal March to Extinction

posted by Jim Seerfar @ 21:40 PM
June 9, 2014

Sumatran-tigers       Some politicians deny it, spectacular media players ignore it, as do all people wearing their heads in the sands, but like it or not, human beings are pushing Mother Earth towards the Sixth and last Great Mass Extinction.

Of course, Nature has given all sorts of warnings.  It is well known that popular animals––i.e. Sumatran tigers, pandas, bees, birds, butterflies, frogs, golden lion tamarin, white tip sharks, Buff-tufted-ear tamarin, and ‘gazillios’ of plant species––are rapidly and forever disappearing off the face of the earth.

Moreover studies prove that man’s continuing action in: 1) Theft of animal habitat areas for agriculture, deforestation and real estate development (usually leaving even remaining habitations severely damaged); 2) Mass industrialization resulting in Global Warming; 3) Ceaseless pollution of air and water;

4) Introduction of alien invasive species into settled animal habitats (for example, giant pythons now slithering through Florida’s nature-filled everglades); 5) Animal poaching (i.e. elephants for their ivory tusks); 6) Overfishing to keep restaurant chains in business, etc.; and 7) Spreading diseases inter-changeably.

‘Science’ journal just published a study predicting that earth is headed for the Sixth Mass Extinction, and that man is the major cause. Duke University’s Stuart Pimm, lead author of the study, tells Associate Press: “We are on the verge of the Sixth Extinction.  Whether we avoid it or not will depend on our actions.”

As Zoe Schlanger argues in Newsweek:  “ . . . plant and animal species are now going extinct at least 1,000 times faster than they did prior to humanity’s arrival. That means that species are disappearing 10 times more rapidly than biologists believed before this study.

“This study follows numerous recent reports that document the rapid loss of whole groups of plants and animals. Last year, a U.S. government study found that amphibians in the U.S. are dying off so quickly that they could disappear from half of their habitats within the next two decades. Warming oceans and acidification mean coral reefs may face extinction within the century, and in 2006, a study concluded that saltwater fish will be entirely extinct by 2048.”

In his article for, Anil Ananthaswamy points to studies about the Sixth Extinction limited to butterflies-becoming-extinctevents in just one country: “Butterflies in Britain are going extinct at an even greater rate than birds, according to the most comprehensive study ever of butterflies, birds, and plants.”

He reports that 20,000 volunteers in England, Wales and Scotland turned over 15 million records of species to scientists at the Natural Environment Research Council Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. “The researchers found that populations of 71 percent of the butterfly species have decreased over the last 20 years, compared to 56 percent for birds and 28 percent for plants.”

Undoubtedly, skeptics point out that total species annihilation may take 200 or more years, but they won’t admit that each new scientific study shows that the rate of such species declines increasingly accelerates.

This blog often illustrates with an urgently important verse in the Book of Revelation: “And the nations were angry, and Thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that Thou shouldest give reward unto Thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear Thy Name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth (11: 18).” Believe this: God’s judgment will come long before He allows man to wholly destroy His earth.

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Continuous Spread of New & Old Diseases

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 18:01 PM
May 1, 2014

camel-virusDoctors and other scientists worry about a bevy of problems on the horizon of the medical world: 1) Cases of MERS Virus spreading in the Mideast; 2) Hepatitis C spreading to millions around the world; 3) Chikungunya, another mosquito-carried virus moving through the Caribbean arrives in the U.S. soon;

4)  Expected increases of allergy attacks from high concentrations of pollen; 5) Galloping cases of Hepatitis C worldwide; 6) Weakened antibiotics; 7) Criminal counterfeit drug sales; 8) Spreading Ebola viruses; 9) Outbreaks of pre-ancient plagues and 10) Shortages of medical personnel. It will take a series to cover all.

“Health officials in the Middle East are still struggling to stem an outbreak of MERS that has killed 93 people and sickened more than 260,” writes Katie Moisse, of

“Saudi Arabia is ground zero for the outbreak, with 339 cases and 102 deaths. Its symptoms look like flu.  It may be spead by bats or camels. And it has no cure.  But at least 13 other countries have reported infections, including Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Malaysia, Oman, France, Greece, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Philippines.”

Philippe Douste-Blazy of argues: ‘Hepatitis C Medicines Must Be Made Accessible Faster than HIV Drugs Were.’ “A public health showdown is brewing over a virus that affects the lives of millions of people every year.  The face-off will involve activists on one side and pharmaceutical companies on the other. The viral scourge at the centre of this brewing confrontation is spread through blood-to-blood contact, but is treatable with expensive medicines.”

Douste-Blazy explains: “An estimated 150-180 million people worldwide are infected with hepatitis C, and up to 500,000 die every year. The virus attacks the liver, yet the vast majority of people are unaware they are infected because the initial stages have no symptoms. It is the long-term effects that can be the most devastating: cirrhosis, liver cancer and liver failure.”

Robert Bast sheds light on another deadly mosquito-carried virus moving through the Caribbean, and soon to hit themosquito-carrying-virus United States through Texas and Florida: Chikungunya.  Once it hit the Reunion Islands in the Indian Ocean, this virus––bringing fever and severe aches––attacked a third of the population.  In ‘Chikungunya: Nasty Virus Soon To Land in the USA’ Bast recommends stringent mosquito wipe-out campaigns. But history proves this to be unlikely.

HealthDay reporter, Serena Gordon, blames unusually high numbers of allergy attacks in the U.S. this year on last year’s harsh winter.  In ‘Winter’s Polar Vortex Ushers in Spring’s ‘Pollen Vortex,’ she posits:

“Allergy experts say that the long, cold winter kept trees dormant for longer than usual, which means tree pollen season will overlap with grass pollen and mold seasons. For those with multiple environmental allergies, that likely means extra misery this year.  As soon as the weather starts warming, the tree pollen will come out in force at about the same time the grass pollen [and mold] start to be an issue.”

Other ‘new disease’ issues will come in the next article of this series.  Quoting from the Book of Revelation (6: 8), Finis Dake explains, in ‘Revelation Expounded: Eternal Mysteries Simplified,’ that famine and diseases always follow wars and violence moving through earth:

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”

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More Flu Deaths, New Flu Strains, Spreading Illnesses in the U.S.

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 17:58 PM
February 5, 2014

bird-flu-China-H1N1    As the U.S. battles hundreds of cases of H1N1 Flu, hundreds die in China from H7N9 Flu, Hong Kong slaughters thousands of chickens attempting to cull out the H7N9 bug, and Chinese scientists fear the spread of a different bird flu, labeled H10N8. It is the fifth new flu strain to explode upon the world in 17 years.

Chinese scientists report special concern to the Lancet Medical Journal because this new strain “appears to be able to infect tissue deep in the lung and may have features allowing it to spread efficiently among humans. . . . The pandemic potential of this novel virus should not be underestimated.”

As of today, California has reported 147 H1N1 flu-related deaths. Donna Westlund of claims:  “This number does not include an additional 44 deaths that are currently under investigation as being flu-related. If those cases are confirmed, the number of deaths due or related to the influenza virus in California residents under the age of 65 will rise to 191.”

The 2012-13 flu season only resulted in 106 flu-related deaths, a number reached in just one month this season. But last year’s H3N2 flu strain primarily attacked the sick and elderly, whereas H1N1 attacks young and healthy victims. As L.A. Times’ Eryn Brown writes:  “. . . at the same point last year, only 14 people in that age group had died of the flu.” He insists the numbers of death will rise.

Dr. Lyn Finelli of the CDC argues: “H1N1 is sending sufferers to the doctor at rates that are 50 percent higher than normal for flu-like symptoms. this is way above the norm, which signals that the U.S. is only halfway through flu season.”

According to the CDC’s ‘Flu View’Map, ending January 25, 2014,  Flu cases are extremely high in California, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Kansas, Missouri.

Dr. Jonathan Fielding who is “urging people to be immunized, stating that there is time to do so because the flu is going to be around for months.” His warning is especially for high-risk groups––the elderly, pregnant women and those with underlying illnesses. CDC does not publish total flu deaths, only those of children. Moreover, their insistence of limited monthly reports raises suspicions.

Few have published calculations of flu results because of the United States importing chicken from China.  But flu-passing-from-person-to-personwhat happens when China’s H7N9 virus reaches the U.S., or even when the new H10N8––which may pass from person to person––comes to this country? And even fewer publish the connection of these rising flu statistics during record cold, icy, below-zero temperature weather.

Increasing occurrences of various types of flu, along with upward multiple deaths indicate the possibility of rolling epidemics.  And symptoms of H10N8 multiply that possibility.  Chapter 6 of the Book of Revelation posits that such epidemics will bring millions of deaths in these end times.

2014 must become the year of prayer to The Merciful God “Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases (Psalm 103: 3),” in The Name of His Son:  “ . . . they that had any sick with divers [various] diseases brought them unto Him and He laid hands on every one of them, and healed them (Luke 4: 40).”

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Teaching Truth to Save Us: Scholar Persecuted for Telling the Truth

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 13:15 PM
December 10, 2013

direpredictionsBattles to shed lights of truth on Global Warming remain hard fought.  Moneyed interests still multiply their wealth regardless of who their factories kill along the way. These battles probably cost Al Gore the Presidency. Sometimes bits of truth on the subject are shamed out of media. But few have suffered the years of rejection, harassment and threats which Dr. Michael Mann, PhD endures.

Summarizing threats Mann––who shared the Nobel Prize with V. P. Gore for his work on Climate Change––endured since publishing ‘The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines,’ DarkSydeFollow writes:

“Imagine a place where you and your family are threatened, your employer pressured by the most powerful people on earth to fire you, your email hacked and posted by the usual suspects in accusatory snippets, and where a mysterious letter containing white powder mixed in with tons of traditional hate mail land in your inbox.”  Sounds like stuff for a mystery novel?  But no:

“That’s life in the land of the free and the home of the brave for prominent climate scientists these days. . . . It’s a David and Goliath struggle between scientific truth and corporate propaganda, with nothing less than the biosphere of planet earth in the balance.”

To answer a question about Climate Change and Hurricane Sandy, the Haiyan storm, etc. during a recent radio interview, Dr. Mann replies:  “It’s really this simple: we predicted decades ago that we would see more frequent and intense heat waves, more widespread drought, more catastrophic flooding events, etc.

“And now that we are indeed seeing this come true, as we predicted would be the case if we continued to burn fossil fuels and elevate atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, the burden is no longer on those arguing for a connection, but on those arguing for the lack of a connection.”

He explains that these weather anomalies are occurring because earth is in an atmosphere 1.5-degrees Fahrenheit warmer, with four percent more moisture generating hurricanes, typhoons, and other weather attacks––all because corporations, their paid politicians, and too-often paid-for- advertising media scream as loud as they can to deny the truth.  Mann further asserts:

“The answer is, yes—the record heat, drought, devastating wildfires, coastal flooding events, etc. that we are seeing is norfolk_sea_level_floodalmost certainly a result of human-caused Global Warming and Climate Change. And it will get much worse if we don’t do something to curtail our ever-escalating burning of fossil fuels.”

In Bible prophecies, College Professor PhDs are called scribes.  Those scribes in Scripture who betrayed truth for fame or money are condemned as hypocrites who know nothing about responsibilities of scholars to tell the truth.  But God lauds the rare exception of fearless absolute truth-telling scribes. Ezra, who wrote the Old Testament book bearing his name, was a most honorable scribe who led Israel out of its second enslavement in Babylon (Iraq).

The Bible speaks of him: “This Ezra went up from Babylon; and he was a ready scribe in the law of Moses, which The LORD God of Israel had given: and the king granted him all his request, according to the hand of The LORD His God upon him (7: 6).”  Dr. Mann is an Ezra-type scribe: a man who endures persecution to deliver the message God gives him to save earth’s billions of people.  Let us pray that God will bless, reward and preserve Dr. Mann and his family forever.

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Deadly Ocean Jellyfish: More Destroyers of Life as We Know It!

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 18:15 PM
November 3, 2013

jellyfish-sign        Asia’s obsession with eating Ancient Sea Turtles, and other anomalies from greedy sea hunters––i.e. garbage dumping, overfishing, and waters infected by Global Warming––has freed avaricious jellyfish to take over the world’s oceans.

By feasting continuously on fish eggs, these deadly stinging beasts make ‘normal’ fish populations disappear. They attack industrial energy lines, stop up fish hatcheries, and make normal human livelihood along ocean coasts impossible.

Ecologist Sun Song, from China’s Institute of Oceanology contends that jellyfish taking over oceans drives civilization back “to the Precambrian world, more than 550 million years ago.” Such warnings should awakened world leaders?

In reporting on his study, ‘Massive Outbreak of Jellyfish Could Spell Trouble for Fisheries,’ for Yale University’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Richard Stone says:

“In recent years, populations of several jellyfish species have made inroads at the expense of their main competitornomura—fish—in a number of regions, including the Yellow Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Black Sea.” Stone is particularly concerned about the monstrous Nomura’s jellyfish:

“It’s the size of a refrigerator—imagine a Frigidaire Gallery Premiere rather than a hotel minibar—and can exceed 450 pounds.”  For decades this giant was only seen in the Sea of Japan.  Then Stone writes that something changed:

“Since 2002, the population has exploded—in jelly parlance, bloomed—six times. In 2005, a particularly bad year, the Sea of Japan brimmed with as many as 20 billion of the bobbing bags of blubber, bludgeoning fisheries with 30 billion yen in losses. . . Jellyfish blooms can be caused by eutrophication, which can create dead zones around mouths of rivers.”  Again, dead zones kill all fish life in waters.

AFP News adds that jellyfish endanger large fish eatable for mankind: “Marine biologists say they have proof that excessive trawling of small fish species leads to proliferation of jellyfish, a worsening phenomenon whose causes have been unclear.” For example, “In the 1960s, the waters off Namibia used to yield 10 million tons of sardines annually. This has been replaced by 12 million tons of jellyfish,” says Philippe Cury at France’s Institute for Development Research.

Dr. Ever posted on this blog three years ago:  “God created this earth with a delicate balance of the ecosystem. . . . sea turtles are needed to eat jellyfish or else jellyfish consume all fish and plant life beneath them . . .”  But nations in charge of stopping sea turtle slaughters ignored such warnings.  And now it may be too late.

Jellyfish stings are the most deadly ocean killers, even killing greater numbers than sharks.  Its poisons can kill a human being in less than three minutes.  Such carnage will surely ruin most tourist industries.  And, of course, lost of eatable fish will likewise destroy seafood businesses, also affecting grocery sales.

So sea turtles and fish now view their last days on earth.  How soon can the same be said for mankind, whose foolish leaders see neither the present nor future enemies in nature that their own negligence created?

Perhaps this is why the Book of Revelation refers to Satan’s anti-Christ as “a beast rise up out of the sea (13: 1),” or why after “. . . the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea (21: 1),” God will have to destroy His beautiful seas, as jellyfish will have eaten everything in them!

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Global Warming Driving Planet Into Death & Human Extinction, Pt 2

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 17:03 PM
September 10, 2013

Global-Warming-For-Dummies-Book    Global Warming threatens America’s food, families and ultimately, its security.  As shoppers watch grocery prices sky-rocket, and new diseases rush onto the nation’s shores, the inevitable question arises:  when will the government get serious about stopping the effects of these horrendous climate change.

A decade ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) began warning leaders of nations that climate increases would bring diseases.  In 2006, Kristie L. Ebi, public health consultant for WHO, warned that climate change could overwhelm public health services. Yet little as  been done about the causes of Global Warming.

Last year, a group of climate scientists and public health researchers predicted “ . . . global warming will lead to higher incidence and more intense versions of disease. The direct or indirect effects of global warming might intensify the prevalence of tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, dengue and Lyme disease . . .”

Professor Gerald Friedland from Yale’s School of Medicine added: “Global warming will likely cause major population upheavals, creating crowded slums of refugees [making] residents more vulnerable to diseases . . .”

Dr. Maria Diuk-Wasser, also from Yale, theorized:  “. . . global warming may increase the infection rates of mosquito-borne diseases . . .Warming, and the floods associated with it, are like to increase rates of both malaria and dengue, a viral disease . . . transmitted by mosquito bites. . .effects of temperature increase are an increase in . . . mosquito biting rates, which increase contact rates with humans.”

This year, in ‘How Much Disease Would Climate Change Cause?,’ WHO gives the same warnings.  But, as the nation watches huge crops of mosquitoes spring up from coast to coast, still few in charge seem to be seriously listening.mosquito460

Even as she discusses ‘Climate Change ‘Driving Spread of Crop Pests’,’ Rebecca Morelle of the BBC ‘re-assures’ readers that insects increasingly destroy our food crops driving up food costs:  “ . . . it is estimated that between 10% and 16% of the world’s crops are lost to disease outbreaks. The researchers warn that rising global temperatures could make the problem worse.”

She quotes Dr. Dan Bebber from the University of Exeter:  “Global food security is one of the major challenges we are going to face over the next few decades.  We really don’t want to be losing any more of our crops than is absolutely necessary to pests and pathogens.”

So there you have it!  Leaders continue to piddle around the edges of action, while Global Warming steals the nation’s foods, makes its population sick and weakens viabilities for long-lasting lives.  Medical communities around the world fight to hold back tides of exploding epidemics, but that won’t always work.

As world leaders refuse to act, only Almighty God can make the difference.  Please ask Him to stop the swiftly falling decline of the human race, and return His Son to take charge of this earth immediately.  As Apostle John prays at the close of the Book of Revelation: “Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus (22: 20).”

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Wake Up! We’re In the Last Days: Egypt Now: Here Later? Part 3

posted by Sandra Repriestly @ 15:17 PM
August 21, 2013

Churches-620x412    Signaled by The New York Times and Washington Post, mainstream media is at last looking at the ways Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is destroying Christian churches. Hmm! Wonder why it took them so long, and what new news they bring.

Kareem Fahim Times’ story, ‘Islamists Step Up Attacks on Christians for Supporting Morsi’s Ouster,’ cites specifics on the number of churches lost in the attacks, as well as Christians killed:  “A Coptic Christian group, the Maspero Youth Union, recorded at least six deaths and the destruction of at least 38 churches, as well as attacks on at least 23 more.”

Fahim explains “The signs of trouble started to appear in Nazla about two weeks before the attack when graffiti appeared on some 300 Christian homes: “‘We’ll protect legitimacy with our blood,’ a mantra of Mr. Morsi’s supporters, who have insisted that he be restored to power.”

He adds that Christians in Nazla spent 13 years collecting money to build a church, school, youth center and wedding hall––all destroyed by Brotherhood mobs.  Even one Christian orphanage was burned to the ground. Again, in all cases, The Times reports, police and firefighters were no where to be found.

In her Washington Post story, ‘Ravaged Churches Reveal Sectarian Split Feeding Egypt’s Violence,’ Abigail Hauslohner summarizes citizens in Beni Mazar had to borrow keys to a fire truck hoping to save an evangelical church:

“It was one of more than 60 churches that have been attacked, vandalized and in many cases set aflame across Egypt Church-Fire-Sohagin a surge of violence against Christians.” Yet the government still has not provided security for churches.

Hauslohner’s title is based on cities in the Nile Valley which have much larger Christian populations than the 10% norm for Egypt, saying sectarian rivalries between Muslims and Christians frequently turn violent.

She adds:  “Some “five or six” bearded Islamists with assault rifles broke through the evangelical church gate in Beni Mazar around midday Aug. 14, the owner of a Christian bookstore next door said in an interview this week.

“The accomplices carried off thousands of dollars’ worth of computer, video and audio equipment, as well as air conditioning units, before setting the church on fire.”  But when they saw two Washington Post reporters inspecting damage done to a Christian charity, plainclothes police officers carrying assault rifles ran up to claim that they couldn’t help because they were under attack themselves.

These newspapers are the major beacons for truth in the U.S. If they had spoken sooner lives, homes and churches may have been saved.  Our writers would normally end this blog with Scriptures about the duties of journalists as watchmen.

But bigger quandaries are silences from U.S. church leaders.  Do they care nothing for Christians overseas?  Jesus’ words in wholesale Christian Bibles says it best:  “Well hath Esaias prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me (Mark 7:6).”

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EU Members North and South No Longer Trust the EU

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 20:42 PM
June 19, 2013

600px-EU_neighbourhood_initiatives       The European Union (EU) is falling apart. Most citizens of EU nations no longer want to be in it. This dissatisfaction is in both indebted southern nations,  and the richer northern countries see themselves as victims of bad EU policies.

In one of their top stories recently, news services explain:  “Public confidence in the European Union has hit rock bottom, a recent survey reveals. Since the onset of the euro crisis, Europeans have lost faith in the bloc, even in pro-European countries, like Germany.”

Jose Ignacio Torreblanca, Spanish political scientist and Senior Research Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, says the entire continent is affected with “growing skepticism” about the European Union:
“Only 20 percent of Spanish citizens trust the EU, compared to 56 percent in 2009. Crisis-battered Italians turned into euro-skeptics as well – trust there fell from 52 percent to 31.”

Such statistics may be expected in southern Europe.  However adds:  “But the European Union has also lost its prestige in countries that are considered economically stable; for instance, Germany and France. Only 30 percent of Germans now trust the EU, compared to 2009 when that figure was 14 percentage points higher. French trust has dropped 8 percent to 34 percent.”

In a joint article, “The Remarkable Rise of Continental Euroscepticism,” journalists from several nations comment.  Elrike Guerot writes that Germans feel betrayed, and that EU’s failure they will have to pay higher taxes or endure higher inflation. “The Eurobarometer data shows that 56% of Germans have “no trust” in the EU while only 30% have a “fairly positive” image of the EU.”

Thomas Klau says France is no exception:  “ In 2012 the number of French respondents who “tend not to trust” the EU april27 pEU rose to 56 % from 41% in 2007.” Hans Kundnani writes, Britain has an even lower opinion: “The percentage of those who “tend not to trust” the EU has gone from 48% in 2004 to nearly 80% in 2012.”

Contrarily, Silvia Francescon argues that while Italy’s youth with 40% unemployment no longer want in the EU, a large majority don’t want to leave, they just want the system to be more “flexible and symmetrical.”  Dimitar Bechev of Bulgaria also writes his nation is pleased with EU.

Piotr Buras adds:  “ . . . the percentage of Poles who “tend not to trust” the EU (46%) is higher than the percentage of Poles who do “tend to trust” it (41%) – a remarkable development for a country that has traditionally been pro-European.”

EU politicians and citizens alike agree that what the EU lacks is a functioning democracy, which an ‘economy only’ union cannot provide.  Only a unified nation can do that.  And the odds of all of Europe agreeing to that are nil.

Besides, the Book of Revelation promises that only ten nations that will be part of the Revised Roman Empire when the anti-Christ arises, and how can 30 or 40 nations in the EU get down to ten?  Maybe there will be condensed by war!

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More On Alarming Rise of Sinkholes––This Time in California

posted by Shopping4Bargains @ 17:10 PM
May 13, 2013

sinking-homes-sinkhole    Does anyone besides the crews at Earthend and a few other websites (including Worlds Collide) understand that increasing sinkholes around the world are sending earth’s inhabitants signals of pending destruction?

According to The Extinction Protocol and, $ 250,000 homes in Lake County, a Lakeport, California,––in ‘volcanic country’––some 100 miles north of San Francisco, are sinking fast into the earth, never to be seen again!

“Eight homes have been abandoned so far and 10 more are under an imminent evacuation notice after cracks appeared in the ground and entire sections dropped 10 feet into the ground.”

Scott and Robin Spivey had lived in their four-bedroom Tudor-style home for 11 years, but like many of their neighbors, they had to leave it when small cracks starting climbing up the walls.  By the time those cracks became huge fractures, their 600-square-foot garage had plunged some 10 feet below the street.

Scott DeLeon, the county’s Public Works Director, says that officials are just as confused as the devastated homeowners.  Admitting that some of the ‘movement’ is happening on shallow fill, DeLeon adds:

“We have a dormant volcano, and I’m certain a lot of things that happen here are a result of that, but we don’t know about this.”  A geologist warns that roads and structures can be compromised down to bedrock, 25 feet below surfaces.

“Considering this is a low rainfall year and the fact it’s letting go now after all of these years, and the magnitude that it’s many-houses-sinking-Lakeport-Californialetting go, well it’s pretty monumental,” DeLeon added.

In ‘’Slow-motion disaster’: California Houses Sinking into the Ground,’ Tracie Cone of Associate Press, who describes the neighborhood as “sweeping vistas of Clear Lake and the Mount Konocti volcano,” took her headline from Randall Fitzgerald, a writer living in the neighborhood, said “It’s a slow-motion disaster.”  Leaks from county water systems may contribute to the weakening.

Reporters claim all affected homes are slated for demolition, but the unstable ground can’t support the necessary equipment.  In fact, it is so bad that mail delivery is no longer allowed, and all 30 houses in the subdivision may have to go.

Homeowners  and the Lake County Board of Supervisors have petitioned California’s governor to declare an emergency to pay for county repairs and homeowner losses, as insurance companies claim such damages are not covered.

But, there are some things that politics and money cannot fix. Prudent believers should accept these increasing sinkhole disasters as warnings of far worse catastrophes to come.  As Christian messages promise, continuously calamitous sinkholes are signs of arrogant mankind’s push toward God’s final judgments:

“But if The LORD make a new thing, and the earth open her mouth, and swallow them up, . . . and they go down quick into the pit; then ye shall understand that these men have provoked The LORD (Numbers 16: 30).”

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