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Less Food To Go Around, Means Increasing Hunger, Part 3

posted by Dr Ad Versery and Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 19:35 PM
January 24, 2012

 Now to get to the promised story about food shortages around the world.  Although last year saw a bumper grain harvest, agriculture failed to feed the world.  At the same time, under the guise of needing more food, several international corporate monoliths are moving through Africa usurping land for mass agriculture.

 First, grain harvest around the world last year increased some 53 million tons more than in 2009, but at the same time consumption increased by 90 million tons.  Janet Larsen of explains that in seven of the last 12 years, grain production has fell short of consumption, lowing carryover stocks.

 Thus, Larsen says:  “ For poor families in developing countries who spend half or more of their incomes on food, often grain staples, this led to empty plates and frustration. Protests erupted in some 35 countries as the number of hungry people in the world climbed above 1 billion.”

 These shortages bring spikes in food prices which in 2010 “pushed an additional 44 million people down the economic ladder into extreme poverty, according to the World Bank.”  Water shortages and rising temperatures from Global Warming bringing unpredictable weather also affect these food shortages.

 Second, manufactured agriculture seems to have failed.  Tom Lasakawy of writes that Monsanto Chemical Company’s genetically modified seeds fail to live up the hype of greater productivity.  “Superweeds” among these seed plants are so rampant “farmers in some parts of the country are abandoning thousands of acres because weeds are out of control,” and the attacking corn rootworm are devastating corn crops of farmers who depend upon Monsanto’s pesticide.  Thus, America’s record as the largest agriculture producer in the world is threatened.

 Third, claiming the need for more agricultural land, China, India, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries, are flooding into Africa, working with corrupt leaders and kicking poor native people off of lands.

 For example, in “Ethiopia:  Thousands Driven Out in Land Grab, UPI writers expose how “tens of thousands of people in western Ethiopia are being driven off fertile ancestral lands so the government can lease or sell large tracts of farmland for commercial agriculture to investors, including foreign governments.”  In a disguised form of colonialism, millions of Africans will be forcibly relocated as their government sells their land at ridiculously low prices.  Obviously, food produced will go to those from investing nations, and these victims will be last.

 Dr. Ever’s study on shows that such food tyranny will ultimately lead to mass deaths.  We are asking John’s prayer warriors to pray even more about these extremely serious end-time issues, Bible prophecies say that hunger is one of Satan’s final weapons (Revelation 6: 8).

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