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John Calls: Times For Urgent Prayer

posted by Uncle John @ 19:49 PM
March 29, 2011

John:  Hey gang!  I ask’d ma bell to get us all on this tele so we can talk ‘bout ‘portant stuff.  Ok say yourse name so we knows whos’ on line.

Bea:  This sher is me John, Bea.

Ethel:  Tanks much for ‘viting me sir.  I’s em Ethel.

John:  Jude is ya here?  Let me git that operat girl. He’s spose ta be shear.

John:  Jude, Jude she say you’se on da line.  So say somethung!

Jude:  ok ok I’m shar!  So what ya wants me ta say?

Bea:  Why’s hello Jude.  Beens long time I ain’t spok’ or seen ya.  Is ya doing right fine ok?

Jude:  Yeah, yeah.  So wha’s this all ‘bout John?

John:  Well first I’d wanna let us all ta say hi to Ethel.  She’s new to us en’s pals group.

Jude:  Corse I know her.  She’s mys neighbor. Come on!  I ain’t got all days.

John:  Bea, I don’t think ya knows Ethel, does ya?

Bea:  Well, no I guess I’s don’t knows her, or met her or nyeethang.  So’s I gess I’d best says hi to her.

John:  O.K. Say it then!

Bea”  Hi Ethel.  Been meaning to call and say thanks fo the gift.

Ethel:  How ya doing Miss?

John:  Good thang! Now I’s calls us cause we needs to form a prayins’ gets togeth’r.  A phonen’ prayins’ gathern’.  There’s much we’s got to pray ‘bout.

Jude:  First yas gots to pologize fo ways you say stuff bout me in Jael’s page.

John:  Ahhhh!! Come on man. Ya knows I twas just jossen ya.  Taint notin ta bes upsets bout.  Butz ok if yas want, I pologize.

Jude:  Well I guess that’ll be ok.  But I’s still miffed bout it.

Bea:  Com’ on Jude.  We’s got to be ‘n Christian spirit.

John:  Right!  Now da world seems ta be in a mess.  We’s gots to pray bout them peoples in Japan’s sufferin’ and that that thar ‘tomic plant cant blow us all up.   And we’s got to pray for da right peoples to win in dat fightin all round Israel.  And for our boys and them guys trying ta help thems fightin for theirs freedom!  And fer da President and Congress en all.  Ens be sure ta pray what Jael’s askin’ too!

Bea:  Yeah John, but don’t we’s have ta pray fo ours families too!

John:  Corse Bea, but yas do that everydays anyhow.  Oh me! TIME’s UP and we’s still ain’t yet prayed.  God forgive us!  Note dat prayer list.  En be sure ta reads James 5: 16b “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” Ours prayin’ for these thangs saves lives and brings peace.  En, we’s all ordering wholesale Christian t-shirts with ours special pictures for picnics this summer.  So tells me ya sizes you wants.  Keeps prayin’.  We talk ‘gain next week.

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Not Just Hollywood: Prophet of Doom Says Robots Will Rule Men

posted by Jael Ever @ 20:54 PM
February 22, 2011

One of the panel members on The History Channel’s Prophets of Doom TV program is Dr. Hugo de Garis, Professor of Computer Science and Mathematical Physics at Wuhan University in China.  His scenario for the destruction of the earth is that, in their quest for automation, scientists now build robots having enough artificial intelligence, power and will to destroy their human creators.  De Garis believes that earth and time will soon reach what he calls “The Singularity,” a point in which artificially intelligent robots will both think and act independently of people.  And that the machines will then wage war against them.

 Before migrating to China, Dr. de Garis was on the faculty at the University of Utah.  While his research is on “artificial brains,” Dr. Garis still questions the wisdom of building super computer robots as explained in one of his books,  The  Artilect War: Cosmists vs. Terrans: A Bitter Controversy Concerning Whether Humanity Should Build Godlike Massively Intelligent Machines.  In this book, he predicts that “massively intelligent machines are coming this century, and that probably there will be a major war over the issue whether humanity should build them or not.”  During an interview with artist and author Norm Nason, de Garis  concludes that these “godlike artilects, with capacities trillions of times above human levels, threaten to be created this century” and that they will lead to “a major war that kills billions of people.”

 Viewing the example of “Watson,” the Super Computer that easily defeated two contestants on recent Jepardy Game Show programs, may prove Dr. de Garis’ thesis.  The giant IBM machine, functioning on rooms full of hefty computers, knows more about human history and culture than any one person ever could.
Ironically, both the Jeopardy host and national news media humorously expressed delight that Watson is a “cute” testimony to science’s latest high tech invention.

 But the 2004 movie, “I, Robot,” starring Will Smith, disagrees with that conclusion.  In that narrative, a super computer designs killer robots that overpower domestic robot servants, and then leads a robot revolt to enslave all human beings.  Only the Will Smith character––because he believes that machines do not have the moral capacity to make decisions about people––had enough foresight to resist and finally destroy that super computer and defang its robots.

 The Book of Revelation consigns robots to the realm of Satanic evil.  Chapter 13 reveals that, in his position supporting AntiChrist, the False Prophet builds a talking robotic idol.  This “living” image commands that true worshippers receive the devil’s 666 mark, sealing them to his realm of Hell forever. The human-like robot then commands immediate execution for all people who refuse this mark or to worship AntiChrist and obey his robotic image.  Now that’s something to think about in these last days of supposed ultimate scientific triumph.

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Thank God! Someone Fights For Us!

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:20 PM
November 25, 2010

As you celebrate this Thanksgiving weekend, please say a prayer of Blessing and Thanksgiving for the American troops around the world, especially those fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And pray for their families as well.
 If you think you don’t have much to be thankful for this weekend, how would you like to be stuck in a foxhole, dodging bullets on a roof, or riding down a dirt road full of hidden IUD bombs set to blow you up?  And add to that thought that you are fighting in a country with languages and cultures you don’t understanding or even like, and you are so longing to be home this Thanksgiving.  But you are there because you love your country, and you are loyal to its leaders who asked you to go and fight for the Grand U.S.A., Greatest Country on earth.  Now that’s a lot to be grateful for since you are not in one of those countries?

 And please pray for those troops who have come home and find it hard to adjust to normal life.  And, if you can, do something to help them.  Especially pray for those veterans who are stuck in hospitals trying to adjust to life without arm or leg or other injury, resulting from wars fought for our safety.  And visit them.

 On Thanksgiving Day, 2007, military author and historian Richard S. Lowry wrote “Thanksgiving For Our Veterans.”  Here is part of his tribute:  “Today, Americans enjoy a freedom unequaled in the history of civilization. Our good fortune goes unnoticed by most everyone in their day-to-day lives. We are free to express ourselves. We are free of oppression. We are free of fear.

 “We move about in our daily lives taking our children to school, little league games, and the movies. We are safe and comfortable in our homes at night and the vast majority of us do not want for the necessities of life – food, clean water, and shelter.  Our lives are utopian, yet most Americans never stop to think about the hundreds of thousands – millions – of brave young men and women who are standing at the gates, guarding our nation: the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who are fighting, bleeding and dying in foreign lands so that we may remain free.

 “The greatest tribute we could ever pay to our American servicemen and women, both living and deceased, is to stop on Thanksgiving, pause during that football game, or stop and think as you sit down to dinner with your family that our lives are good because of the sacrifices of others. Consider what America would be without the men and women of our military. Stop and thank the next Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine you see. We all owe our freedom to them.”
 And Jael adds, “We also owe our freedom to God!”  Of all the nations on earth, He has surely blessed the United States of America.  So dig out those Christian Prayer Books, and, as you thank God for the turkey and fixings, please thank Him for our soldiers, our nation, our leaders and All of His Great Blessings!

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What Do We Have To Be Grateful For?

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:17 PM
November 24, 2010

Today the Editors of Blog have asked all the gang to say something about Thanksgiving Day Blessings:

 One of the Newspaper Boys said:  “I’m grateful to have a job so that I can help my family.  So many of my friends don’t do much work.  And they don’t think its cool that I hawk newspapers on the internet street.  But I’m thankful for every customer who reads the great news I sell.  And its better to work than to sit around on your behind all day doing nothing!  That’s what I say.”

 Aunt Bea says:  “I thank God for my family, that we’re all alive and well.  And that I have lived to see my grandchildren growing up.  And I thank Him for my friends John and Jude and others.  And I’m so grateful for my warm, wonderful house.”

 John says:  “I thank God for the blessing of good health.  At my age that’s a wonder.  Of course, I’m thankful to have family and friends.  So many don’t have that today.  That’s why I go to the Mission House and help to feed the poor every Thanksgiving. Hope I see you there!”

 Jude says:  “I’m thankful that my country has made it almost 400 years since the Pilgrims first landed.  It’s been the blessings of God that we’ve been through fire and flood but we’re still kicking, and we’re still the greatest country on earth!  Amen to that!”

Jael says: “We know it is rough out there for so many Americans who may have lost job or home or loved one. But please on Thanksgiving Day, look up and give thanks, and believe in faith that things are going to get better especially if we keep praying in faith. Remember what the Apostle Paul says: ‘Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with Thanksgiving (Colossians 4: 2).’ God Is Still on the Throne and He still answers prayer. And remember to read good Thanksgiving verses from wholesale Christian Bibles with your prayers today.”

 And the whole crew at says:  “HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY!!!”

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Therein Will We Be Judged

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:52 AM
August 12, 2010

Responses of the United States media and government to the tragedies in Pakistan and Russia are beyond negligent. The devastation in these countries are bell-weather warnings to this country and the world.  Both Pakistan and Russia probably treated the phenomena of Global Warming with the same lack of bureaucratic urgency as the United States does now. But now both countries suffer, and will suffer for years, from Global Warming’s vicious attacks. 

 According to the Washington Post, the worse flooding in its history has now destroyed Pakistan’s infrastructure.  Homes, schools, roads and meager medical facilities in that country are washed away.  For decades, even as it struggled against internal warring with taliban insurgents, the country has been trying to climb out of third world status, to keep up with its hated rival, India. But the floods have set back those efforts indefinitely, and strengthened taliban fighters, who have been on-hand to provide more aid to flood victims than the Pakistan government. 

 Millions of refugees have no shelter,  and they await those diseases that follow massive flooding.  The United Nations estimates that destruction from Pakistan’s monsoons far exceeds that of Haiti or the tsunami that hit southern Asia a few years ago, and that billions in aid is needed to restore Pakistan to livability.

 But Russia is a different story.  By most sociological measures, Russia is not a third world country.  It has vast areas oil, mineral and agricultural wealth, vibrant governmental, military, educational and economic structures. But fires from Global Warming have destroyed the nation’s massive wheat crop, burned down many of its rural villages, killed and injured thousands of its citizens, severely damaged its economy, and plunged the air above its massive land areas into thick blankets of smoldering smoke. 

 But television news outlets in the United States barely mention the struggles of either of these countries.  And if our government is doing anything, other than sending a few soldiers and helicopters to Pakistan, it is not known.  Massive popular annoyance from American citizens needs to awaken the government to put Global Warming issues on the “Urgent Act Now” list. 

 Apparently, even the Christian community assumes that God will spare our nation such devastation from the Global Warming that our own lifestyles feed, assuming, like other Americans, that our lives and homes will be protected.  But it is past time to break out Christian prayer books and start urgent non-political prayer for our nation and its leaders.  It is also past time to study wholesale Christian books to learn our responsibility to take the blessings of Christian experience to those nations we now scorn in their distress.  Therein will we be judged.

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Only One Life, Twill Soon Be Past

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:55 PM
June 18, 2010

Have you noticed the metaphoric symbols by digital artist Bryce Wilson on our blog artwork?   We are most grateful for the telling symbolism that his art portrays, for truly the Cross of Jesus Christ is the dividing line between strong and weak Christianity, and between true and false Christianity. 

 Galatians 2:20 instructs Christians to be crucified with Christ, meaning to take our self-centered desires to the Cross, and live only for what Jesus calls us to do––in our personal behavior and in our work for Hm.  And we are to discipline ourselves in the same way that He directed His earthly life to please His Father.  Such is true love––those who love, as Jesus loves, sacrifice their own desires to please the One loved.  The hallmark of true Christianity is love:  love for God––as Jesus said with all the believer’s heart, mind, soul and body––and after devotion to God comes love for others.   And love for God demands submission to His instructions that we love one another as He loves us.

 Years ago, a very popular limerick made the rounds in Christian circles:
“Only one life, twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last.”  It was understood that the term “will last” speaks of eternal reward.  As we mentioned in a recent good news blog, during the seven years of the anti-Christ’s reign of literal hell on earth,  authentically born-again Christians will have been raptured, or caught up in the air, ferried away from earth.
 After the Rapture, believers will spend seven years before the Judgment Seat of Christ.  Here each individual, each family, each church will receive eternal rewards or suffer eternal loss.   In 1 Corinthians 3: 11 – 13, the Apostle Paul refers to the Judgment Seat as holy fire treading through the archives of each Christian’s life.  Naturally, the burning will destroy what he calls “wood, hay and stubble.”  And only eternal rewards will remain––that which the Apostle refers to as “gold, silver, precious stones.”

 Repentance is getting rid of the wood, hay and stubble in our lives before we stand before Our Savior’s Judgment Seat.  Such repentance is where the Christian’s Cross begins.  Taking ourselves to the Cross to burn out the useless junk––usually religious excuses stuck onto us by made-up fables from false or weak Christianity––is true repentance.
 The Judgment Seat of Christ is only for true Christians.  Rather than being judged with the world, Christians will judge unbelievers before what is called The Great White Throne Judgment.  That judgment happens after armed believers return to earth with Our Savior.   As He wears His crown and war robes, we will be suited with Him for all-out war against Satan and his hosts.  And that will be victory, pure, sweet everlasting victory.

 Come on! Jump into this victory pool.  Read wholesale Christian Bibles.  Get wholesale Christian books.  Read and know.  True Christians win now and forever.  And that indeed is V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

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Decline of Blessings with Increase of Disasters

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:10 PM
June 14, 2010

Discussion of feral tigers in the last two blogs Biblically centers around the background of St. John’s prophecies in Revelations 6: 8 “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the Beasts of the earth.” There are approximately 8 billion people on earth today.  A fourth part of that number would be two billion, and as four different manners of death––i.e. sword, hunger, death (by pestilence), and beasts––are listed, an even division would mean that up to 500 million people could be killed by beasts.

 The United States has been so blessed and prosperous in the past, that its citizens cannot imagine that many of the protective safeguards keeping it safe may not always be there.   At least three factors influence that decline.   One is the gradual removal of God’s protective blessings; another is economic decline.  And last are irresponsible, and even corrupt, people who deliberately weaken the nation’s safeguards.  All are connected.

 In the 1960s, most churches in the U.S. stopped Wednesday evening prayer services, often substituting Bible study instead.  Individual and group prayer from earnest Christians hold back forces of evil from nations, governments and families.  Most Christians are not aware that some of their countrymen deliberately serve the causes of evil.  Many of those who seek to glorify evil have purposefully imported these dangerous animals, perhaps preparing for the attacking beasts of Armageddon as cited in the passage from Revelation. 

 Experiences in the Old Testament prove that lack of repentant prayer and empowerment of satanic worship can remove God’s blessings from any nation, and economic collapse could soon follow.   As the United States takes multiple hits with drastic oil spills; killer hurricanes, tornadoes and floods; two major wars; domestic terrorism; near economic collapse, etc.––rather than returning to earnest prayer, many solely seek political solutions.  How many see today’s headlines as urgent reasons to cry out to God for His forgiveness, and asking Him for true spiritual revival?

 Deuteronomy 28, Leviticus 26, and other Scriptures, indicate that God’s judgment comes upon a nation in waves of increasing intensity.  After each set of disasters, God calls upon the nation to change its ways.  If its people refuse to repent,  God allows more severe judgments to fall.  In addition to repentant prayer, and standing against forces of evil in the civic arena, believers may consider other ways of witnessing about these apparent Armageddon times.  Reminding others that it is time to seek God’s forgiveness and blessing is laudable.  Why not consider wholesale Christian gifts in that regard?

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Most Powerful Force On Earth

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:58 PM
June 1, 2010

The most powerful force on earth is prayer.  It is not polarizing politics. It is not the most destructive weapon of war.  It is not nature gone amok.  And it is certainly not evil. 

  But too often these forces prevail because Christians do not pray.  Since the 1960s, most churches have substituted Bible Study for weekly prayer meetings.  But, as laudable as they are, Bible studies do not bring miracle-changing revival to earth.  They do not change world events, and they do not move God.  Only humble Christians praying before God can accomplish His will in the earth.

  In John 5: 39 Jesus said, “Search the Scriptures.  In them ye think ye have eternal life but they are they which speak of me.”  

  Knowing some of the Bible is not enough.  The Pharisees were proud that they had surface knowledge of the revealed Word of God, and yet they joined the world in crucifying Jesus.  Surface knowledge often simply leads to pride.

  Truly knowing what the Bible says is to digest it, to submit to it, to love it and to obey it. To find Jesus in the Scriptures is to follow His love for all mankind, His humbleness before God, and His unyielding determination to do God’s will.

 Memo Blog:  To All Christians Everywhere.  When we see destruction plummeting all around––i.e. continuous earthquakes, volcanoes, man-made disasters, hurricanes, wars, rebellions, etc.––it is not a time to keep enjoying life as if nothing has changed.

 It is time to pray.  It is time to re-dedicate ourselves to witnessing about the grace of God.  And it is time to show others how to pray for God’s forgiveness, and how to find His salvation.

 Buying and distributing wholesale Christian t-shirts that have The Lord’s Prayer printed on them is a good place to start.  At least it will remind others of the time their mothers and grandmothers use to teach them God’s Word about prayer.

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