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Food Illegally Mislabeled Horsemeat in Schools, Hospitals, etc. Pt 3

posted by Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 10:57 AM
February 18, 2013

ALDI in U S   While formation the European Union gave most of the nations a common currency, and open borders as unifying symbols, it did not not enthuse joint standards of culture, civil and criminal law. What one nation in that Union sees as both culturally acceptable, another may not.  Now officials are in a quandary over food––horsemeat to be specific.  Some EU nations find that meat, not just acceptable but a delicacy, and others find the very idea of eating horses repugnant.

Some food industries within that Union ‘solved’ the matter by slipping horsemeat into frozen foods, and labeling them 100% beef.  As legal trails unravel throughout the EU, citizens in the United Kingdom are outraged at the food lies.

On Friday, in ‘Horsemeat Scandal: Traces Found in School Dinners and Hospital Meals,’ authors Matthew Taylor, Damian Carrington and Felicity Lawrence in the ‘U.K. Guardian’ announced that horsemeat has indeed been found in meats in schools, hospitals, and supermarkets in the United Kingdom:

“Rogue horsemeat was . . . identified in school dinners and hospital meals. Officials from the Food Standards Agency confirmed new police raids on three more companies. . . spread to public sector caters and major restaurant chains . . .     “In Lancashire cottage pies destined for 47 schools across the county were withdrawn after testing positive for horsemeat. It was not clear how long the contaminated food had been on the menu. . . In Northern Ireland burgers bound for hospitals were withdrawn after officials confirmed they contained equine DNA.  Food giant Compass, which supplies over 7000 sites in the UK including schools and hospitals, said a burger product it supplied to two colleges and a small number of offices in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland had tested positive.”

Moreover, horses slaughtered in England, but shipped to France may have included a banned substance, poisonous to humans, phenylbutazone, known as bute.  Late last week, Stephen Castle of The New York Times headlines, ‘Britain Says Equine Drug May Have Entered Food Chain:‘  “The British Food Standards Agency said that it had checked the carcasses of 206 horses slaughtered in Britain between Jan. 30 and Feb. 7.  Of these, eight tested positive for the drug.”

So far U.K. news outlets have not mentioned prisons, jails or nursing homes.    But as food in elementary schools is contaminated, undoubtedly it reached those institutions for the less fortunate even beforehand.

Beef contaminated with horsemeat was sold at Burger King and Aldi Foods in the U.K. and E.U.––both of which are burger-king-horsemean-EUheavily franchised in the United States.  One must wonder at what point will the U.S. Food and Drug Administration start testing frozen foods and meats in our own shores.

Never in God’s Holy Word is it accepted that men should eat horses.  He sets standards for animal meats, fish and fowl for people to eat:  “These are the beasts which ye shall eat. . . Whatsoever parteth the hoof, and is clovenfooted, and cheweth the cud, among the beasts, that shall ye eat (Leviticus 11: 2-3).”  As wholesale Christian books point out––horses do not fit these guidelines!

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A Million Children Starve to Death Yearly, But the Wealthy Waste Food

posted by Dr Ad Versery and Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 0:13 AM
February 4, 2013

        Dr. Ad Versery:  Butterman as I announced in our meeting, Jael asked us to expand our staffs.  Sarah Newsworthy assigned Wendy Weathersbee to work with you about weather affecting foods.  Also Newspaper Boys and Girls Int’l carriers from Washington, D.C., and around the world will send you all news about foods.

Frank Butterman:  Why thank you sir!  So much is happening with agriculture, mass food production, and retail grocers around the world, that as Earth End food inspector, I need all the help I can get.

John J.Jr. of NBGI: Please allow me to introduce two of our news  carriers:  Sam Watermore, on the Washington D.C. and medical beats, and Colin Beefeater from Great Britain and Europe.  They both have recent news to share with you.

Watermore:  Yes sir.  This month’s New England Journal of Medicine reports:  “Severe acute malnutrition contributes to 1 million deaths among children annually.”  And while they are dying, others waste food that could feed those kids.

In ‘The Conundrum of Food Waste,’ Emma Bryce writes:  “Each year, 1.3 billion tons of food — about one third of all the food produced globally–-ends up wasted even as hundreds of millions of people go hungry.”

The United Nations has started the ‘Think, Eat, Save’ program.  Robert van Otterdijk, one of the team leaders, argues that poorer nations can waste food through poor harvesting methods or spoilage in improper storage.

But “Industrialized nations in the Americas, Europe and prosperous parts of Asia waste food at the retail and consumer end, embracing policies that favor glossy round apples and discard knobby ones, for example, and set needlessly short limits on the shelf life of many products.”

Food thrown out in Europe and the U.S. then drives up food prices in poorer countries.  Wasted water, energy, land and packaging adds to the problem.  Almost half of fruits, vegetables, roots and tubers rot in landfills in wealthy nations.

Colin Beefeater:  Egad matey!  My report may not be that bad, but it is certainly worrisome to the kids here in the United Kingdom where inspectors have found upwards of 30% horse-meat in our hamburgers.

Some blokes is joking ‘bout it, but ain’t no laughing matter.   Barry Neild in warns:  “There has been finger pointing at the Food Standards Agency, an independent UK body set up in the wake of . . . outbreaks of food-borne illness to protect public health. . .”  Now we don’t know what to eat!

Butterman:  Thanks boys.  I will study hose reports, and do more research.  Let us all remember to stay well this winter by always praying over meals.  As used Christian books advise, The LORD Jesus always prayed over meals:  “And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it . . . (Matthew 26: 26).

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Deadly Frigid Cold Over U.S. May Last For Weeks

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 10:08 AM
January 23, 2013

Unusually frigid cold weather, often below zero, has attacked parts of the United States and Europe, and it may last for weeks.  Further, these low temperatures in the U.S. northeast and Midwest may soon include freezing snow.

Weather experts from Climate Central claim this horrid weather first formed in outer space:  “An unusual event playing out high in the atmosphere above the Arctic Circle is setting the stage for what could be weeks upon weeks of frigid cold across wide swaths of the U.S., having already helped to bring cold and snowy weather to parts of Europe.”

Meteorologists refer to this anomaly as a “sudden stratospheric warming event.”  They theorize that these temperatures congealed in the high heavens earlier this month, but they have just now reached earth.

    In ‘Nasty Cold Wave Heading for Part of the U.S.,’ AccuWeather meteorologist Alex Sosnowski warns:  “The stratosphere is located between 6 miles and 30 miles above the ground. Often when this occurs, it forces cold air to build in the lowest layer of the atmosphere then to drive southward . . .

“Discharges of the cold air can continue for weeks and shift from one part of the continent to another over time. . . . Because of the time of year, some locations (the northern part of the Great Basin and northern New England) may hold on to the cold they have now due to long nights, light winds and weak sunshine. However, most locations will experience an upswing in temperature for at least a several-day period.”

Extinction Protocol enjoins: “The ongoing event favors colder and possibly stormier weather for as long as four to eight weeks after the event, meaning that after a mild start to the winter, the rest of this month and February could bring the coldest weather of the winter season to parts of the U.S., along with a heightened chance of snow.”

Expert Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson throws in the midst of these worrisome forecasts:  “Initially, the cold may seem to be run-of-the-mill or even delayed, but once the cold air engine starts, it may run for quite a while with progressively colder and colder waves of air.”

One must wonder about the homeless people in our nation, and the victims of Hurricane Sandy who lived so long without electricity or heat.  Most shelters allow these unfortunate ones only to spend the night.  But at morning light they must leave.  Oh pray for the destitute in our nation and in Europe who struggle to exist in such excruciating weather.

Lets us follow instructions in Christian messages and repent asking God to take such weather back into the upper atmosphere:  “He casteth forth his ice like morsels: who can stand before his cold?  He sendeth out his word, and melteth them: he causeth his wind to blow, [and] the waters flow (Psalm 147: 17 – 18).

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How Greece’s ‘Rescue’ Affects ‘The Rest of Us’, Part 2

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 13:25 PM
March 28, 2012

 Dr. Ad Versery:  And now the second part of our report.  Yesterday, I gave an account of how the European Union’s (EU) ‘rescue’ of Greece has ruined that nation’s health care system.  Today, Ida B. Wells, IV further reveals that world powers demanded EU to prevent Greece from defaulting or we ALL go down!

 Ida B. Wells, IV:  Thanks Doc!  This may help simplify the answer!  Remember these strange terms: ‘credit-default swap contracts’ and ‘derivatives’?  You know those deliberately chopped up international ‘stock’ transactions that debilitated (collapsed as in Greece’s health systems) the American housing market.

 Well, according to reports from prominent finance journalists, if Greece had defaulted on its debt, that whole faceless ‘credit-default swap’ mess would have come down on the entire world, including the United States.

 Charles Hugh Smith of, explains:  Greece’s “default will trigger credit-default swap contracts, derivatives known as CDS that protect the owner from events such as default.  This will implode the shadow-banking system and the visible banking system, as those who sold the CDS (financial institutions) do not have enough cash or assets to pay the owners of the CDS.”

 Further he exclaims: “So the failure of one counterparty can trigger a systemic failure akin to a row of dominoes being toppled by the fall of one domino. . . If Greece defaults . . . then the system will quickly unravel.  Empires tend to fall when the interests of their Elites diverge. We are at such a point in the global financial Empire.”
 In “Greece Debt Crisis Triggers Massive Credit Default Contract Swap Worth Billions,”  Business Insider adds:  “It’s for real this time. . . . Greece’s bond swap has triggered a credit event.
 “Because the market is so opaque and because many financial institutions are on both sides of this trade, credit default swaps have compounded concerns about the contagion that would occur as a result of a financial shock”––i.e. Greece’s default.”

 Even worse this report says:  “On one hand, sovereign CDS contracts are the only securities that allow investors to hedge and speculate directly against governments.”  So that’s it.  These so-called banking interests are leveraging other people’s money to make highly risky bets for or against the fall of governments!

 Dr. Ad Versery:  Apparently no one’s house, neighborhood or government is safe!  If Christians are ever to believe God’s Word––i.e. “It is better to trust in The LORD than to put confidence in man.  It is better to trust in The LORD than to put confidence in princes (Psalm 118: 8-9)”––they had better do it now!  Those are Bible Prophecies.  As Extinction Protocol 2012 says, things are unraveling quickly!

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Mysterious New Diseases Cropping Up Everywhere in 2012

posted by Maleekie Ambularie @ 17:51 PM
January 18, 2012

 Last year we did a series on old and new diseases around the world––especially those spread by insects.  But this new year of 2012 brings more unheard of diseases to baffle medical workers in every nation, including the United States.

 Doctors and school officials in upstate New York have no viable answers for the maladies that have struck 12 cheerleaders at LeRoy Junior-Senior High School.  After waking up from short “power” naps, each girl began uncontrollable stuttering and jerk-like body movement tics.  The girls and their parents dispute doctors’ catchall claims of self-induced stress-related psychological traumas.

 Neurologist Dr. Laszlo Mechtler labels their malady as “conversion disorder or mass hysteria” that has happened in other places.  Dr. Gail Saltz adds that the girls need psychological treatment, as physical treatment does not work.  Begging for real answers, the girls infer such diagnosis is irresponsible “hogwash.”

 In Uganda, another mystery disease has killed 100 victims and infected another 2,000.  Called the “nodding disease,” it affects children and adults who exhibit head nodding (even while eating), mental retardation, and inhibited growth. reports that researchers from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been researching nodding disease since 2009 to no avail.  The World Health Organization will join CDC’s research efforts.

  Also, a new deadlier form of tuberculosis has struck India and Iran.  According to the Times of India, this new strain, unmistakably called “Totally Drug-Resistant TB (TDR-TB),” is “the latest mutation of the bacilli after Multi-Drug-Resistant TB (MDR-TB ) and Extremely Drug-Resistant TB (XDR-TB) diagnosed earlier.”  Already TB rampantly kills 1,000 people a day in India.
 Doctors in the Philippines are horrified that after last December’s floods had killed thousands and left thousands more homeless, some flood survivors are now sick and dying from leptospirosis, a disease left by the deluge.

 The Philippine Daily Inquirer reports that, while doctors widely distributed doses of antibiotics doxycycline for flood survivors to take, apparently many refused this preventive medicine. Leptospirosis prevails in flooded areas  through infected rats, dogs, cats and other animals.  As flood survivors wade flood waters looking for missing relatives or to retrieve belongings, many contract the disease.
 The Extinction Protocol correctly identifies the rise of these new diseases with new appearances of unidentified flying objects as satanic carriers zoning sicknesses to regions they influence.  Repeatedly in Bible prophecies, The LORD Jesus identified Satan as the ultimate cause of sickness, disease and death (John 10: 10, Deuteronomy 7: 15; 28 all; Matthew 10: 1, etc.).  Surely, Christians must pray!

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Conference Call: These Times Call for Emergency Action

posted by Uncle John @ 13:18 PM
October 26, 2011

 John: Alsright younses I’s called alls sher ‘gether for dis sher mergncy meet. We’s git prayers askens from evryone – dems news boys en gurls, dis sher Wendy Weathersbee, Maleekie ‘bout des sick peoples, Sarah’s beggin dat we’s pray for the U.S., Ally Feermeno asken urgent prayen fer nuckelar safety, Ida Wells ‘bout dem kids protesten agin new poverties en urs countres, en Jael’s job o keepin it tagether.

 Jude:  So we’s must git da prayen!  I’s call meetins en my place Mondeys, Tusdeys en Fraydeys.  En I’s keepin’ da Earth End-New Beginning prayen’ list.  Bea: En I’s got da Lades Auxilery Gills comin ta mines place fer prayen evry Tusdeys en Saturdeys efternons.  Jude’s geven me da list en I tells em lades what we’s ta pray fer.  I tells em we’s ain’t got no mo times for flowers en stuff!

 John:  Da’s good.  Da’s good.  Maybelline en Ethel al’s got repertin’?

 Maybelline:  I’s sure do.  I’s told da thar pastor, I means I ask’d em nice-like if ours church culd ples gets back to Wednesday night prayen.  I told em ‘bout Jael en dem’s Earth-End peoples en how dey needen help en prayen.  He’s seyen o.k. so now we’s en da hollow prays evry Wednesdey evenin’ en Friday nit too efter choir practice.  I’s gittin ours girls ‘gether aft noontim’ fer prayen too!

 Ethel:  Da’s good ideas. Da’s good ideas.  Well I’s gon out en da neighborhod, en got dem moders and granmoders da come da mines house eber day fer prayen et two da four.  En Friday nit’s we’s pray till da Lord seys to stop! Dis country en da world es en trouble, but des don’t see or nos et.

 John:  Oh my!  Des es alls soo wunderful.  So lit’s use dis phone time to prays agin too!  “Der Lawd, we’s come agin da esk You’s da fergive ourses sins ‘bout not prayen haryd en ernest fer al des yars.  We’s now try’en da change.

 Jude:  En Lawd we’s dank ya fer dis shar prayen folk comin’ t’gether on dis phone time.  Lawd we’s pray agin des diseases killin da chillen en poor folks o’er seas.  We’s ask Ya ta plese heal da chillin’ en plese stop dis sher plague jus lik Ya did fer Moses and dem otheren en da Bible.  We’s depends on Ya Father da heal!

 Bea:  Yas!  En Pa Pa we’s needs morse funds fer sendin’ da docs en nurse peples o’re dhere fer medecins en do send morse needen work ens.  Plese Lawd!

 Maybelline:  Yas Sir!  Der Lawd plese wakes ups mo’ o des churches da prayen’ Sir.  I prays wid John asken Ya to fergive des no prayen churches, and askin’ You’se do plese lite en fires under them. Fathar, plese wake ‘em ups!

 Ethel:  Fathar Youse tells us da go da ‘dem hiways en biways en makes em peoples comes da Youse prayen da be sav’d.  Plese helps us Fathar.  Youse Bible prophecies seys Youse comin’ soon.  Lawd we’s can’t gits ready without Youse.

 John:  En all God’s chillen says ‘Ahsmen!’  O.K. let’s reperts tomorrew, sim’ tim’ fer praying.  Sees ya all den!  Keeps et it, en keeps prayen’.  Fer eber.  Amen!

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Old and New Diseases Attack Everywhere, Part 2

posted by Maleekie Ambularie @ 17:49 PM
October 20, 2011

 Continuing our report from the last blog, “New and Old Diseases Trotting Around the Globe At Will.”  Many of these diseases mutate into more dangerous forms.  Examples are drug-resistant Staphylococcus––which could be starting an epidemic in Europe––encephalitis, and very stubborn forms of cholera.
 Extinction Protocol warned two days ago:  “A relatively new type of drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus could represent the world’s next bacterial epidemic.”  The superbug, first seen in a baby in a pig farmers family in the Netherlands 11 years ago, is labeled methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strain 398, or MRSA ST398.

 Health officials now see more dangerous infections in both the Netherlands and Denmark, and some of the victims have no connection with pigs.  Lance B. Price, Director of the Center for Macrobiotics and Human Health at The Translational Genomics Research Institute in Flagstaff, Arizona, states:  “The rate of human [ST398] infections is going up . . . We are just looking at the beginning of an epidemic.”

 And the problem could well be coming to the United States.  Price says that MRSA ST398 was found this year in at least half of the pigs and farmers tested in Iowa.  Further, Price laments that this bug is increasingly resistant to known antibiotics.  He says:  “In fact, even now, methicillin-resistant Staph aureus kills more people in the U.S. than HIV.”
 Encephalitis attacks are on the rise as well.  A viral encephalitis outbreak in India has killed more than 400 people, mostly children.  So far over two thousands people are in hospitals in the regions of Gorakhpur and Uttar Pradesh.

 Again, this reinforced disease has been killing children in India since 1978.  With some 6,000 children now dead, health officials are stress that areas endangered by monsoon floods, lack of sanitation, contaminated water and subsequent mosquitoes must have better government health protection.

 Various news agencies now blend severe outbreaks of ordinary flu with that of swine flu.  Kim Lyell of ABC News published the sad news yesterday that “Flu Cases Soar  Across Australia,” in search information on Swine Flu, reports:  “Doctors have reported a spike in influenza cases across Australia, with 25,000 confirmed cases  . . . It is the highest number this decade apart from the swine flu epidemic two years ago.”

 As we said yesterday, believers must lean more on Bible prophecies which promise that Jesus bore our sickness and diseases so that we can be healed (Matthew 8: 17, 10: 1, etc.).  God includes these promises in His Holy Word!

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Famine, Crime and Chaos: Lawlessness in the Last Days

posted by Maleekie Ambularie @ 17:48 PM
September 27, 2011

 Maleekie Ambularie:  I was so impressed by Ida’s blog on lawlessness that I asked her to share this blog with me on the horror of failed state lawlessness in Somalia.  Drought threatens to wipe out the entire Somalian population. The United Nations expects 750,000 there to die.  In efforts to stay alive, people struggle to make the 15-day trek on foot to reach non-profit providers in Kenya.
 Ida B. Wells, IV:  Thank you for the invite Maleekie.  As you know, before they can reach a place with food and medical care, robbers and rapists violently attack thousands of  the weak, starving, struggling-to-stay alive victims. 

 Maleekie:  Yes, it is a horrible reality.  When the victims get to the camps for food, often there are scant crumbs or adequate medical assistance for them.  The developed world is simply not responding to Somali hunger.

 Ida:  Well the media has not done a good job of explaining to potential donors that, unlike what the public assumes, Somalians did everything right.  As Nicholas Kristof explains in the New York Times, they “planted drought-resistant crops, built water projects and diversified their livelihoods, so this drought has affected them less than it would have in the past.  An early-warning system gave a year’s notice that a famine was on the way, and aid agencies moved in supplies.”  So please explain to readers Maleekie, what really brought on this famine.

 Maleekie:  What’s really happening is that a band of Muslim rebels, called the Shabab, dominates what weak  political leadership tries to rule Somalia.  The rebels have chased aide workers out, forbade food shipments, intimated Somalians with unbelievable oppression, even forbidding women to wear bras saying they are badges of “Western promiscuity.”  Moreover, the Shabab does everything possible to stop starving Somalians from fleeing their own country in search of food.
 Ida:  Just as developed nations do little to feed the Somalians, they have done even less to run the Shabab out of Somalia and to strengthen Somalia’s fragile government.  Thus, as they traipse to Kenya for help, Somalian males are robbed and females are raped––even without wearing Western-type bras.
 Maleekie:  As you wrote yesterday, it’s a perfect storm of lawlessness: famine, rape, mob-rule, ultra-poverty, and death––a preview of the last days!

 Ida:  There must be something we can do.  Let’s ask Rev. Repriestly to organize special prayer groups for Somalia.  And we can ask John and his group to contact national leaders to get help for Somalia.  Also, we can get the Newspaper Boys and Girls to sell Christian sweatshirts to raise money for food aid going to those in famine.  Remember, the Apostle John tells us:  “Beloved, thou doest faithfully whatsoever thou doest to the brethren, and to strangers” (3 John 1: 5).  So let’s get to work to help those in the greatest need in The Name of Our Lord Jesus!

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It Time For Everyone To Do Their Job!

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:57 PM
April 25, 2011

People are writing into CNN to thank their on-site reporters for the dangerous jobs they do courting danger in Libya, and other hot spots in the Middle East, to get the front-line news about unfolding events.  But , of course, these reporters would respond that it is their job to do so.  In fact two reporters, Chris Hondros and Tim Hetherington, were killed last week in Misrata, Libya, simply because they were committed to the job of bring truth to the world about the struggles of people putting their lives on the line to be free of tyranny.

 In the same regard, President Obama also thanked the men and women of the Armed Forces for their tremendous work in the struggle for freedom in Libya.  As they salute, the Commander-in-Chief, they would respond, “Thank you sir.  It is our job.”  American soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, waiting on bases, or aboard ships and planes around the world join in that chorus:  “It is our job.”

 The men wearing hazmat suits and masks, daily risking their lives, as they wage deadly battles with  Japan’s run-away nuclear power radiation, said on news channels recently, loosely translated, “It’s Our Job!”  And of course firefighters around the country, who joined their fellow firemen in Texas to battle unusually raging fires rampaging across Texas, would tell anyone the same thing:  it is their job to risk life and limb trying to protect people and property from destruction.

 Whether civilian or military, courageous workers, even volunteers, daily stand on the edge of death, battling evil, danger, poverty, aggression, lies, cover-ups, destructive nature, sickness, disease, etc.  Most of them stand for truth and honor because they believe that it is the right thing to do!  They definitely do not carry out duties for the sake of money, fame or glory.  In fact, it is often the people whose only interest is financial control who cause many of the problems––such as the war in Libya––in the first place.  Those who think that the only thing worth working for in this world is money are aligned with the chief devil of darkness for indeed, “The love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6: 10).

 But one must wonder, are Christians calling out to God in The Name of Jesus about the battles in Libya and the rest of the Middle East?  Are they praying about the nuclear disaster in Japan?  Are they praying for people hurt by the fires in Texas, or the tornadoes ripping through the South?  Are they asking The Holy Spirit’s help to pray for the leaders of this nation and other nations?  Christian messages must emphasize one thing about prayer: “It’s the Christian’s job!” God will reward those brave men and women who risk their lives for peace, protection and freedom.  But He withholds rewards from those who claim to know Christ but who refuse to pray.  Perhaps more than any time in history, it is time, yea past time, for all Christians to report for the duty of prayer, and to know, “Its our job!”

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Got Time for Prayer Yet?

posted by Mr. Jude @ 10:49 AM
April 19, 2011

Emails To: John


From: Jude

Dagnabbit! This shere messin’ round with praying time’s got to stop. We’s call’d ya all en none is home et da same times. John’s pay’n faw dese git dagether phone meet ens. En I’s promised to give some too. So tain’t gonna cost ya nuthin.

So will’s yous two bes free thes Winsdey at 2 o’clock eftanoon? Plese e-send me’s back.

Email To: Jude

From: Ethel

Yes sir! I cans be free at 2 sharp but I’s hav’ ta leave et quartar to 3 to get da keds from school.
Email To: Jude
From: Bea

Well I ain’t gonna be shar nxt Winsdey aftanoon. Da gerl’s gardin club’s meetin’ at da arboreetum fer lunch en planen’ ours spreng en sumeer’s garden d’signs. Its bin so cold dis shar wentar dat we’s needs som’ good en pretty gardins done. How’s ‘bout Thursdey at 1?

Emails To: John



From: Jude

OK’s I’s called en email’d ya all. John’s getten’ us all on da phone Thursdey at 1.

Thes be thangs John wants that we ‘member to thenk ‘bout at da nexd phone prayers meetin’: 1) Wholesale Christian Bibles seys we must always r’member to pray fer da peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122: 6). Dis ‘specilly ‘mport wid ta wars over thar. Prays all evil rulers fall en good rules takes them’s place; 2) Still prays fer da peoples en Japan, fer thar helps en salvations, fer missions ta be able to git en thar; 3) Prays fer our nation now wid thes’ tornadas rumming thru da south. Prays for salvation and help fer them rebuildin’ en fer grace cumfort to families grievin loved ones them storms kill’d; 4) Member ta pray fer da President, all en da Congress, governers, mayors and poleasemen en evere city en state;

5) En John wants neds us ta ‘specally pray for dem Christians en China whar da government jest now hes closed down thar’s churches en forbiddens dem hundreds en thousands o’ Christians thar from holden public prayin’ meetin’s outdoors. Many’s of ours bretherns en sisterns thar has eben been jail’d fer jest wantin’ da pray. So pleas’ pleas’ prays fa thems. En ya knews what one paster thar seys? He seys “no matter, Jesus suffered far more for usens.”

Your Bretha n Christ, Jude

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