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Broken Hearts? Sorry! Time to Wake Up! The Past Can’t Be Rebuilt

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 10:43 AM
May 24, 2013

What are the old sayings:  ‘Time marches on . . .’  . . . ‘Money can’t buy you love’ . . . ‘Everything new is old again’ . . . . ‘What’s past is past’. . . or is Thomas Wolfe correct when he says? ‘You Can’t Go Home Again’ . . . .

New-Jersey-hurricane-destruction    America once was the ‘can do’ country!  But there are some things we can’t do––like, authentically rebuild the past.  Our money and ingenuity won’t work on that.  And unless this nation joins others on the planet to stem the tide of Global Warming, we soon won’t have a past, present or future to which to return.

In her report, ‘Rebuilding the Coastline, But at What Cost?, Jenny Anderson writes:  “When a handful of retired homeowners from Osborn Island in New Jersey gathered last month to discuss post-Hurricane Sandy rebuilding and environmental protection, Dr. L. Stanton Hales Jr.,” tried to reason with them.

Hales is a conservationist, and director of the Barnegat Bay Partnership, an estuary program financed by the Environmental Protection Agency. He could not have been clearer about the risks they faced.  According to Anderson, he explained:

“I said, look people, you built on a marsh island, it’s oxidizing under your feet—it’s shrinking—and that exacerbates the sea level rise.  Do you really want to throw good money after bad?”

But they answered emphatically: “Yes! . . . they wanted their children and grandchildren to enjoy the place that was so special to them.”  Later Hales said:   “It’s really hard.  But the reality: there’s no future there.”

Yet, even now up and down the East Coast torn asunder by Hurricane Sandy, workers rush to repair Sandy’s damage in time for Memorial Day celebrations.  As Hales warns, such restoration is not only expensive.  It is impossible to achieve.Restore-The-Shore-Ad

As Lisa W. Foderaro writes in ‘Racing the Clock in the Rockaways,’ money calls:  “ . . . the beach remains an engine of commerce, and a symbol of New York’s determination to bounce back.”  Planning to get tax money from sand?
New York City is spending $ 140 million to restore this famous beach park, including its five-mile long boardwalk, some million cubic yards of sand washed away, playgrounds, skate parks, and miles of subway tracks bringing riders in.

Most of this restoration work will not be completed for Memorial Day, but workers try to erect the best face possible.  But the face of things change.  Foderaro writes:  “The beauty of this area led to the proliferation of summer resorts in the 1830s, amusement parks in the 1890s and permanent neighborhoods in the 1930s, and was more recently discovered by Brooklynites in undersized straw fedoras.”

The 1830s and 1930s are gone forever.  The past cannot be resurrected. Perhaps our nation is in a state like Job’s when he wept in Bible prophecies:  “Oh that I were as in months past, as in the days when God preserved me (Job 29: 2).”

The end of destruction never came for Job until he repented of the things he said, and the things he failed to do.  If we want to prevent more Sandy Hurricanes, our nation must stop denying Global Warming, and start doing something about it.

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Money Still Trumps Human Life in U.S. Nuclear Power Industry?

posted by admin @ 18:27 PM
March 8, 2013

O.K. O.K. I’m not happy.  I had a huge lead on the ‘truth’ of why basketball player, Dennis Rodman, was really in North Korea, and how he got a ‘private’ meeting with president, Kim Jong-il––but Jael pulled me back to the U.S. to check on new stories about leaks in nuclear power plants!  How can I be an international correspondent when I’m not allowed to follow-up ‘zowee’ stories like this one.

2 men suited    Oh well, that’s on Jael.  You know bosses, they think they know everything.  OK she says Nuc Experts in the U.S. insist:  1) Leaks found in plants here; 2) Regulators found in ‘Cahoots with plant owners;’ 3) Owners refusing to move waste materials to safer areas; 4) Politicians aren’t listening.  So what else is new!

In ‘6 Tanks at Hanford Nuclear Site in Wash. Leaking,’ Associated Press reporter, Shannon Dininny, cites Washington State governor, Jay Inslee, who told federal officials that “Six underground tanks that hold a brew of radioactive and toxic waste at the nation’s most contaminated nuclear site are leaking.”

So then Inslee tells the public: “the leaking material poses no immediate risk to public safety or the environment because it would take a while—perhaps years––to reach groundwater.” And the feds are trying to decide what to do????

Dininny writes:  “Hanford’s tanks hold some 53 million gallons of highly radioactive waste—enough to fill dozens of Olympic-size swimming pools—and many of those tanks are known to have leaked in the past. An estimated 1 million gallons of radioactive liquid already leaked there.” And feds are trying to do . . .?

The problem:  “Cleanup is expected to . . . cost billions of dollars.” And profit-making nuclear plant owners do not want to pay to clean-up their own mess.  Reporting on leaking waste at New York plants, Eric Lipton and Matthew L. Wald point out in ‘Post-Fukushima, Arguments for Nuclear Safety Bog Down’ on Constellation Energy, owner of the famous Nine Mile Point plant on Lake Ontario:

“It was part of an intense lobbying campaign against a proposed rule that would require utilities to spend millions of nuclear-reactor-meltdowndollars on safety equipment that could reduce the effects of an accident like the Fukushima meltdown. . . the company tried to show it could handle emergencies without new devices and, of course, everything went according to plan.

“The industry has held private meetings with commissioners and their staffs, organized a drill like the one . . . and helped line up . . .support from dozens of members of Congress, many of whom received industry campaign contributions.”

As head of Nuc. Regulatory Commission, Gregory B. Jaczko, said: “ . . . too often, when faced with tough policy calls, a majority of this current commission has taken an approach that is not as protective of public health and safety . . .”

So money trumps lives?  Plus size Christian t-shirts ask Americans to pray.  Only God can protect us from these leaks:  “The LORD is far from the wicked: but He heareth the prayer of the righteous (Proverbs 15: 29).”

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Earth’s Swallowing Sink Holes: It’s Weak Crust Is Collapsing, Part 3

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 0:37 AM
March 5, 2013

The tragic story of Florida’s soft sinking sand swallowing Jeffery Bush is but further evidence that mankind is destroying Planet Earth with:

building collapsing        1) Excessive weight of structures and heavy industries in overcrowded urban/suburban populations of some 8 billion people; 2) Carbonized atmosphere creating an overheated planet, and recirculating that heat into earth’s depths; 3) Such heat melting polar ice caps to unbalance the planet’s strength and shape; 4) Uncontrolled underground mining of every kind, producing man-made quakes and sinking grounds; 5) Accelerated destruction of ecosystems supporting men and animals; 6) Forced production from earth and seas to unsustainable levels, etc.
Becky Oskin affirms that indeed our planet seems to be coming apart in her careful explanation titled, ‘What Caused the Solomon Islands Earthquake & Tsunami?’ for  “The deadly earthquake and tsunami that hit the Solomon Islands today [February 6, 2013] struck along a subduction zone, the same geologic setting responsible for the world’s most powerful earthquakes.

“In a subduction zone, two of Earth’s tectonic plates meet and one slides beneath the other into the mantle, the deeper layer beneath the crust. The Solomon Islands sits above the collision between the Australia and Pacific plates.

“There were dozens of earthquakes around the Solomon Islands in the month leading up to today’s massive quake, the USGS reported. More than 40 magnitude-4.5 quakes shook the islands in the past week alone, and seven of those temblors were larger than a magnitude-6.0, the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) said.”

In short, these quakes of all sizes and depths, and resulting plate shifts, disturb the planet to the point that they well may prepare the planet for one or more highly destructive––i.e. millions killer earthquakes and/or super volcanoes.

Alvin Conway author of ‘The Extinction Protocol,’ and founder of the blog of the same name says on page 166 – 172 of his book:  “We are entering an era of increased planetary instability, brought on by a significant rise in the geothermal gradient, and subsequent magmatic fluid expansion within the planet’s interior.

“It will be a time, in which, we will see catastrophic and exponential increases in the number of natural disasters- Sinkhole_Swedenmost notably: earthquakes, storms, and volcanic eruptions. . .
“It will be the cluster eruption of mega-quakes, and their resonate aftermath, which will signal the planet has entered an intensified cataclysmic period of transition… these quakes will signal the secondary stage of Earth’s thermal acceleration, and should come to be viewed as signs of increasing disorder.”

Indeed, even used Christian books promise that the heat of Global Warming will be mankind’s self-destruction: “Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left (Isaiah 24: 6).”

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New Staff Member: Alarming Rise of Sinkholes Around the World

posted by Newsworthy and Seerfar @ 18:24 PM
January 21, 2013

Sarah Newsworthy:  As we are all so overloaded, Jael has instructed us to expand our staffs.  Please allow me to introduce Jim Seerfar, our new reporter on sun, moon, stars, comets, planetary movements, UFOs, and new earth phenomenon.  Jim recently came from one of the many U.S. newspapers that have laid off reporters who work on Global Warming and changes in the heavens.

Jim Seerfar:  Thank you Sarah.  It is a privilege to join this fine staff.  We see many important signs of the end of earth as we know it, as well as among the planets, stars and other movements in outer space.

In ‘Is the Main-stream Media Ignoring America’s Sinkhole Epidemic?’ Extinction Protocol (EP) insists that sinkholes in this country and around the world should garner more news coverage:

“Flammable craters spanning acres wide and leaking radiation, monster sinkholes described as ‘apocalyptic’ have forced residents out of homes, expelled radiation into the environment, and are now ushering in concerns about serious Earth changes in the near future.”

Info Wars adds:  “ . . . the scale of these sinkholes, behemoth anomalies that can swallow up 100 foot trees, houses, with the latest Ohio sinkhole devouring 4 football fields of land.”

EP, Info Wars, Bloomberg News, Investment Watch, and other science and environmental reports conclude that in the United States, “ . . . even beyond the dangers posed by these radiation-leaking sinkholes, is how man-made processes like fracking and excessive drilling are changing the planet on a larger scale.”

This week, Ian Jones of MSN News says that in a small village in China 20 sinkholes have opened up in the last five months collapsing houses and drying up rivers––each time without warning.

Further, ‘Nibiru Planet X Tunnel Collapse, Train Derailments, Sinkholes and More are Signs of the Polar Shift’ concludes that these ground collapses signal shifts within earth itself:  “As the amount of major sinkholes, bridge and tunnel collapses and train derailments increase around the world, the excuses and weak explanations are used over and over again stretching the public’s credibility in our governments officials and so-called experts.”

That author lists scores of ‘natural disasters’ around the planet that actually result from earth’s polar shift realignments.  And like EP, Info Wars and others, that writer claims governments are deliberately misinforming world populations.

Newsworthy:  In wholesale Christian Bibles, sinkholes speak of judgment and death.  In Number, chapter 16, Korah led a revolt against Moses, and God opened a huge sinkhole that swallowed the rebels, their families and all their stuff:

“ . . . the ground clave asunder that was under them: And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, . . . and all their goods. They, and all that appertained to them, went down alive into the pit, . . .”  So know God now!

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U.S. Nuclear Plants As Flood-Endangered as Japan’s, Part 2

posted by admin @ 23:37 PM
October 24, 2012

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NCR) accidentally leaked an un-redacted report this week, and the fallout reveals that NRC officials know several nuclear plants in the U.S. will endanger American lives if flooding occurs.

Advocates for safer nuclear power policies now insist that NCR has been lying to the public for years.  While behind the scenes they site private ownership of power plants for unsafe conditions, and ever so gently nudge private companies make power plants safer ‘as soon as possible’––they tell the public plants are safe!

Duke Energy operates the Oconee Nuclear Station in South Carolina.  Tom Zeller, Jr. writes in ‘Leaked Report Suggests Long-Known Flood Threat To Nuclear Plants, Safety Advocates Say,’ “. . . the report indicates that the NRC has known for a decade or longer that failure of a dam upriver from the Oconee Nuclear Station in South Carolina would cause floodwaters to overwhelm the plant’s three reactors and their cooling equipment.”

Employees of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission have publicly questioned the safety of the Jocassee Dam, that sits just 11 miles from the Oconee Nuclear Power Plant.  One of the employees, Larry Criscione, has extensive concerns about flood damage that will occur because flood waters will not have exits to large bodies of water as in Japan.  Americans will be threatened.

In his letter to Congress, Criscione says if, after much flooding, Duke Energy is unable to re-establish cooling to the containment buildings. . . “a dam break at Jocassee Lake will cause a Fukushima-style accident in Oconee County, South Carolina.  Except instead of blowing out to sea as happened in Japan, depending on the winds, the radioactivity will be blown over Columbia or Charleston or Atlanta or Huntsville or Knoxville or Charlotte. Whatever the winds, the radioactive fallout will occur over farmlands and not merely over the ocean.”

The un-redacted report also admits that NRC calculates that the odds of the  Jocassee Dam failing in the next two decades are “far higher” that the odds of a tsunami causing a meltdown at the Fukushima plant.

Moreover, Zeller reveals:  “The NRC report identifies flood threats from upstream dams at nearly three dozen other nuclear facilities in the United States, including the Fort Calhoun Station in Nebraska, the Prairie Island facility in Minnesota and the Watts Bar plant in Tennessee, among others.”

Yet the NRC has not required these 36 plants to build high flood walls that could withstand massive Fukushima-type floods.   If the NRC even suggests better safety, companies like Duke just complain.  Recently, the company replied: “. . . an upstream dam failure of our modern dams is a one-in-a-million-years type event.”

Hmm.  Interesting they can so easily gamble with the lives of customers paying their salaries?  I may expect this in Japan, but not here.  As Christian messages warn “Where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29: 19).  The American people and the NRC need new visions of the dangers of nuclear power!

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Oceans Chase “Unstoppable” Deaths Towards Earth’s Extinction

posted by Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
August 9, 2012

 Because “the world’s ocean is at high risk of entering a phase of extinction of marine species unprecedented in human history,” scientists plea:  “Stop Polluting, Overfishing and Other Ocean Killings Because All Ocean Life Is Quickly Falling Into Extinction.” 
 Scholars insist that oceanic destruction is of greater magnitude than previously understood:  1) Global Warming and acidification now cause hypoxia (loss of oxygen) in oceans; 2) Ocean changes are accelerating much faster than expected; 3) The cumulative impacts of human-caused changes in ocean life––i.e. corporate overfishing, climate change, nutrient runoffs, dead zones, ruination of corals, toxicity of heavy metals, plastics dumping, non-native invasive species, rising sea levels, loss of ice cover, etc.

 4)  Delays in changing the ways people mistreat oceans will come at greater financial cost; 5) Dangerous loss of genetic diversity; 5) Chemical pollutants, agriculture run-offs, sediment loads and extraction of too many components of food webs are collapsing the ecosystem; 6) The extinction threat to marine species is rapidly increasing; 7) World leaders are not listening!

 They urge governments to immediately reduce allowed fishing levels,  to close disreputable fisheries, and criminalize toxic ocean dumping.  They also urge that the United Nations to take over governance of the high seas.  Dr. Alex Rogers at Oxford’s Conservation Biology Department says blithely: “If the Ocean goes down, it’s game over.”

 By that, he means that if the “game” is over for the oceans, its also over for the earth!  Mankind has no more time to play games with earth’s destruction.  As Genesis 1: 22, Nehemiah 9: 6, Psalms 135: 6 say, the oceans remain vital parts of God’s creation; and Psalms 69: 34 makes clear that ocean beings are instruments of His praise. 

 Moreover, Psalms 24: 2 attests that The Holy God established the earth upon the oceans: “For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.” 

 As it is unlikely that the United Nations will take control of oceans,  the plea for some kind of world-wide ruler is actually an unintended call for the antiChrist.  And this evil genius will care less about preserving ocean life, or even Planet Earth for that matter––unless of course he can rule over it.  Thus, man’s negligence moves earth toward what Bible prophecies say is the next-to-last end of time!

 Readers had best jump on that ‘Ole Ship of Zion,’ piloted by The LORD Jesus Christ––the Only One Who can pilot us through these rough waters and preserve our lives now and throughout all eternity!

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World on Fire: Expiration Dates of Present Age Cultures

posted by Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
August 8, 2012

 Varies types of scientists, environmentalists and earth-watchers now ratchet up noise levels of their warnings:  “The earth as we know it is coming apart!”   And most of them would add, “And if we don’t move urgently and collectively to hold it together it may be too late to reverse our tumble into nonexistence.”
 In his PBS program titled, “Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization,” Lester Brown laments tipping points stumbling towards earth destruction.  Even if earth does survive, Brown––through Matt Damon’s narration ––questions if modern civilization can survive with it.
 Insufficient food and water for the soon-to-be 10 billion people; states failing because crime, rebellion and misdirected governments; civil wars; obvious dangers from nuclear weapons and nuclear and other exploitative energies––all make it doubtful that the structures supporting civilized societies can survive!

 Frank Joseph Smecker and Derrick Jensen in their editorial, “You Can’t Kill a Planet and Live on It, Too,” for agree:  “With an entire planet being slaughtered before our eyes, it’s terrifying to watch the very culture responsible for this––the culture of industrial civilization, fueled by a finite source of fossil fuels, primarily a dwindling supply of oil––thrust forward wantonly to fuel its insatiable appetite for “growth.” 

 They argue that Western civilization suffers from the psychosis of technomania in “a genocidal mega-state,” as it marches “closer to self-annihilation.”  Stemming from an interview with Derrick Jensen, author of “The Culture of Make Believe,” the authors explain that today’s society is just an expansion of Hitler’s Nazism wherein systematic mass murder is acceptable in an orderly universe where a few employed people do what necessitates keeping a job.

 David writes in Psalms 127:1, “Except The LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except The LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”  The same can be said of Planet Earth: to paraphrase, “Except The LORD saves this planet and those remaining on it, and those leaders who do nothing to save it, are all working on comparatively trivial things in vain.”
 In his Bible prophecies, Apostle Mark offers some hope:  “And except that The LORD had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom He hath chosen, He hath shortened the days” (13: 20).  Rather than to be in that group of “no flesh should be saved,” everyone had best surrender life and soul to Jesus Christ now and join His protected elect.

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More Careless Malfeasance Around Japan’s Nuclear Accident

posted by admin @ 17:47 PM
July 24, 2012

    Well I’m back again with bad news about Japan.  Apparently, after last year’s radiation leakages, subcontractors forced workers at the Fukushima nuclear power plant to cover radiation detectors with lead resulting in under-reporting radiation amounts harmful to workers, enabling them to work for longer periods.

Like too many questionable practices among businesses and governments around the globe, this deception greatly endangered workers’ lives.  But it was uncovered by good journalism, which is it will take if the public is ever to know the truth about the many harrowing dangers of nuclear energy.

Reuters reports:  “The Asahi Shimbun newspaper reported . . . that an executive from Build-Up, a subcontractor to plant owner Tokyo Electric Power, told workers to cover the devices called dosimeters when working in high-radiation areas.  Dosimeters can be worn as badges or carried as devices around the size of a smartphone to detect radiation.”

David Guttenfelder of Associated Press adds:  “A subcontractor of plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co., or TEPCO, acknowledged having nine workers cover their dosimeters with lead plates late last year so the instrument would indicate a lower level of radiation exposure.”

While government-funded public television there claimed the lead covering only occurred once, Guttenfelder writes: “The investigation marks the first time the government has looked into the case, believed to be part of a widespread practice at the plant since it was hit by the worst atomic crisis since Chernobyl.”

Personal dosimeter readers are crucial records to determine how long individual workers should be exposed to radiation.  But after the Fukushima disaster, the government “more than doubled” the limits of radiation exposure for workers.  Only at the end of last year, did they lower it back to pre-accident levels.

Even Japan’s Health and Labor Ministry has repeatedly issued warnings to TEPCO about the company’s careless mismanagement of the amount of worker radiation exposure.  And TEPCO has admitted that workers had to share dosimeters because they were in short supply after the earthquake-tsunami damage.

Takashi Wada, president of the subcontractor Build-Up, acknowledged the dosimeter falsification.  “We should never have done that,” he told TBS news.  This last year has shown that leaders in Japan’s government and industry seem to have little regard for human life.

The more I report on Japan’s nuclear power, the more I believe in God’s final judgments against errant leadership.  As online Bible lessons assert:  “For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed (Isaiah 9: 16).”  World leaders should understand that God will hold them responsible for the people whose lives they needlessly endanger or cut short.

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Japan’s Continuing Nuclear Meltdown: No End in Sight!

posted by admin @ 9:00 AM
May 30, 2012

   As usual all of us here at Earthend clamor for on-line blog time, but when I gave Jael the avalanche of breaking news about nuclear troubles in Japan, she let me go before Sarah who has another stack of bad news about Global Warming.

Well here’s a summary:  1) A pool of used fuel rods filled with ‘vast quantities’ of radioactive cesium covered only with a thin sheet of plastic still sits on the top floor of a ‘heavily damaged’ reactor building;  2) Highly contaminated cesium levels will continue to rise in Tokyo Bay until 2014;  3) Human bones of last year’s tsunami will wash up on U.S. shores soon––huge stacks of buoys, styrofoam and other debris already amass on Alaska’s shores;

4)  Fearing loss of its sovereignty, Japan refused to allow the United States to send on-site nuclear experts to aid with the containment;  5) A prominent physicist genius says Fukushima is a ticking time bomb, easily set off by a small earthquake or pipe break; and 6)  So-called safe low levels of nuclear contamination are already bringing cancer to infants in Japan.

In their report for The New York Times, “Spent Nuclear Fuel Drives Growing Fear Over Plant in Japan,” Hiroko Tabuchi and Matthew Wald warn that the Japanese public is increasing concerned about those rods of cesium only separated from them by a sheet of plastic, especially when a wall holding it all together began to bulge.

At that point, the Japanese government sent in ‘experts’ to give official assurances that everything is alright.  But they have no ‘public relations’ answer to TEPCO’s estimate that it cannot empty that pool until late 2013.

Kyoto University Professor Hiroaki Koide says, “The No. 4 reactor is visibly damaged and in a fragile state, down to the floor that holds the spent fuel pool.  Any radioactive release could be huge and go directly into the environment.”

Moreover, at great personal risk, the author of issued this statement from a TEPCO worker at one of the distressed nuclear plants:  “If another major aftershock hits Fukushima, they can’t even get close to the reactors and the risk is not only SFP4, it would be all the reactors.  I tweeted this before but in case of another major aftershock or Tsunami, it won’t be only reactor 4. I think all the reactors will be in crisis.”

Physicist genius Dr. Michio Kaku demands that Japan’s nuclear complex be buried:  “Fukushima reactor is on a knife’s edge. . . A small earthquake, another pipe break, another explosion could tip it over . . . It’s like a sleeping dragon.

At some point, populations around the world must demand an end to nuclear energy.  As Christian messages warn:  “He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy (Proverbs 29: 1).”  Thus, if we don’t speak out, we may invariably bring on our own destruction.

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   As the last nuclear reactor is switched off, as hundreds march through the streets demanding that their nation completely dismantle all nuclear power, and as scientists report on the health risks of even low-level radiation––Japan was hit with a natural disaster seldom seen there––a killer tornado!

Euronews reports that yesterday, a tornado ripped through the Ibaraki and Tochigi regions, just north of Tokyo.  It killed 14-year-old boy, seriously injured scores of others, destroyed some 500 buildings, and left areas without electricity.

According to AFP News Service, the boy was among 15 people rescue workers rushed to hospitals immediately after the twister hit.  City officials say that an additional 21 people sought other medical care.  A spokesman at the disaster headquarters of Tsukuba, a city in the Ibaraki prefecture says:  “The figure is only a temporary tally. We believe the number (for injuries) could rise.”

AFP adds:  “Moka city in neighboring Tochigi prefecture reported one injury and damage to 132 buildings after it was hit by a separate apparent tornado. A number of minor injuries were also reported in Tochigi, while a swathe of eastern Japan was battered by strong winds, hail, lightning and heavy rain.”

At the end of last week Japan’s last working nuclear reactor was turned off, nearly a year after the Fukushima fiasco.  Now, anti-nuclear political forces, are pleased that the country’s 50 nuclear reactors are offline.  The Associated Press (AP) reports that hundreds marched with banners blaring “No nukes.”  AP says the marchers represent strong opposition from Japanese citizens against nuclear power.

But power companies, which have suffered millions in loses since the meltdown, insist that there will be vast power outages this summer if nuclear plants do not operate.  On the contrary, Greenpeace Japan Climate and Energy Campaigner, Hisayo Takada says:

“Despite the closure of all reactors, security of electricity supply is not threatened in Japan.  The 2012 summer peak in electricity demand can be managed with energy efficiency, proper load balancing, and energy conservation.”  He says if another earthquake strikes, operating nuclear power could completely ruin Japan.

Although the government very much wants to restart the plants, it cannot do so without the approval of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and such approval is not forthcoming.  And Japan’s government claims that new plants cannot be started unless local residents approve.  And that’s not likely to happen.

I will blog soon on risks of low levels of radiation in Japan, and in the U. S.  Both nations need strong Christian prayer upholding them.  As plaques in Christian home decor declare: “God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God (Psalm 62: 11).”  It’s time we honor His power to protect us!

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