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Truth Comes Out: U.S. Media Suppresses Truth Re Global Warming

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 19:33 PM
January 23, 2014

HartChart2  Toure Neblett, known as Toure on MSNBC News-Talk Show ‘The Cycle’ as Toure, let the ‘cat out of the bag’ on their show today by suggesting that these vicious snow storms from the Polar Vortex are more signs of Global Warming.

While previously he and the other three hosts had simply complained about the cold weather and difficulties of commuting to work in such weather, they had previously chatted or joked about the conditions, but Toure said he was uncomfortable in not treating the storms’ cause as Global Warming.

Good for him, but his outburst simply points up the fact that major networks, newspapers and other organs en masse avoid mention of Global Warming as they ‘scientifically’ discuss horrific weather crossing this and other countries in the last few years. The question is why?

The answer:  Wealthy commercial interests control news makers, politicians, and other public relations factors in the U.S. Those interests intend to keep the American public ignorant about the main cause for such violent weather events.

While they recite stories about individual weather anomalies, reporters, such as Toure, are also expected to be ignorant, or at least to be quiet, about the source of such weather. In ‘TV News and Extreme Weather: Don’t Mention Climate Change,’, of Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting, makes the ‘rules’ clear:

“Dramatic weather-related disasters are ready made for TV news. But what’s not on the screen? The human-made climate change that is affecting, and in some cases exacerbating, that extreme weather.

“. . . national network newscasts (CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, ABC World News) finds that extreme weather is big news. In the first nine months of 2013,  there were 450 segments of 200 words or more that covered Rising-Sea-Levels-03 extreme weather: flooding, forest fires, tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes and heat waves.
But of that total, just a tiny fraction––4 percent of the total–so much as mentioned the words ‘climate change,’ ‘global warming’ or ‘greenhouse gases. . .”

In ‘America’s Media Loves Global Warming Skeptics,’ Michael Byrne says American media spends more print and air space on skeptics of Global Warming than they do on scientific reports:  “So, climate change skepticism gets undue attention in the US media, but is it just the US? . . . the answer is a qualified “yes.”

Byrne bases his article on a lengthy study, ‘Cross-national Comparison of the Presence of Climate Skepticism in the Print Media in Six Countries, 2007–10, by James Painter and Teresa Ashe, who conclude:  “ . . . news coverage of skepticism is mostly limited to the USA and the UK . . .

“ . . . the type of skeptics who question whether global temperatures are warming are almost exclusively found in the US and UK newspapers. Skeptics who challenge the need for robust action to combat climate change also have a much stronger presence in the media of the same two countries.”

In Christian prayer books, The LORD Jesus insists the light of truth must be shared: “No man, when he hath lighted a candle, putteth it in a secret place, neither under a bushel, but on a candlestick, that they which come in may see the light (Luke 11: 33).” So that lives can be saved, Christians must pray for more light about Global Warming. Surely, God will punish those who suppress the light.

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Happy Birthday LORD Jesus! Merry Christmas Everyone!

posted by The Whole Gang @ 12:47 PM
December 24, 2013

happy-birthday-jesus-cake-5    Rev. Repriestly:  We’ll have to wing it this ‘holy day’ kids.  Jael is behind closed doors praying about the state of things.  You know: Global Warming, animal extinctions, etc.  She insists we give out a shout for Taryn and all the gang at I.E. Plexus this Christmas season.  God’s precious grace upon them now and forever!

Now let us celebrate!  It’s The LORD’s birthday!  Newspaper kids, Animal advocates, Overseas crews, Doc and staff, Space Watch Specialists––Everyone chime in. Rejoice. Today, we celebrate! It is The LORD’s Birthday!

Sarah Newsworthy:  Hallelujah Righteous One!  This Christmas Day, we sing of joy to celebrate Your Coming to earth.  Thank You for giving this team a new ministry to teach about Global Warming in these last days.

Ally Feermeno:  Oh my.  Everything aside Savior.  What can we give You for a present Almighty King?  You give us so much every day. You are so kind and gracious to everyone who wants You in their lives.  Is that the way You want us to be?  Then, that is My gift to You:  to be more like You every day, in every way.

Jim Seerfar:  Dearest Jesus.  I study those stars.  I know how far You came to save mankind from the grip of sin and evil.  And ahh Dear Savior, we pray for You to return for us soon, bursting through the heavens with a shout that You are coming back to collect Your children waiting, looking every day for You.

Cecil:  Yes, Dearest King. Today, we ignore all the crazies popping up, and concentrate on You: The Light of the Jesus-the-light-of-ChristmasWorld!  Happy Birthday.  And as they say:  “Many Happy Returns!”  So Return Soon for us soon please Precious Savior!

Doc Ad Versery:  Thank you Dearest Jesus that we have had less epidemics this year.  Please bless doctors everywhere working to keep people alive and healthy. Please give us more healing ministries.  And please uncover evil health workers who plot for death and not life, who deceive, who serve deadly demons.

Nancy Repriestly: Happy Birthday LORD Jesus.  You came into a sin-filled world and turned it upside down.  Instead of temples filled with naked people worshipping filthy evil gods, within a few years––through all their persecutions against Your People––You closed them down, and built churches for The One True God instead. You alone are King of This Planet, Precious LORD Jesus.  You alone!

John Jr.:  Thank You Blessed Savior for teaching me how to work with these kids. I know this training will one day make me a good father, just as You are The Best Father protecting, providing for, and loving Your children every day.

Lucy Lip:  Happy Birthday Jesus!  Thank You for my gifts.  Thank You for family, health and home.  Thank you for a little brother that I love most of the time.  Please help me to be better next year.  I’m getting too grumpy even for myself.

Brother Michael:  So let us join in and sing as it rings out in Christian prayer books:  “Let Heaven and Earth Adore Him! Let Heaven and Earth Adore Him! Let Heaven and Earth Adore Him! Christ The LORD!

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Main Stream Media Ignored Massacre of 85 Christians in Pakistan

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:10 PM
September 30, 2013

massacre-Christians-Pakistan-2    All staff refrained from writing about the 85 Christians slaughtered outside of their church in Pakistan a week ago to see what main stream media would report about the massacre.  But that wait could be forever.  They have said nothing!

This is beyond absurd! It is not because news in other parts of the world took up the space, because earthquakes in Pakistan a few days later were aptly covered.  Thus, conclude that U.S. media and its government persuaders care more about mall deaths in Kenya, earthquakes in Pakistan, anything anywhere besides two Muslims mercilessly exploding bombs on Christians outside of God’s church.

Earth Ending knows about the massacre because the Associated Press, Foreign Policy Magazine, and other ‘minor’ internet accesses wrote about it.  But seldom a word in The New York Times (NYT), Washington Post, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc.––the same entities that spent days on Muslims killing sixty-plus people in Kenya.  The question is why?

Other than a short story in NYT’s ‘Asia Pacific’ section, the only mention of Christians killed by Muslims in mainstream print press comes from Colbert I. King, a Washington Post ‘Opinion Writer.’ And he solely discusses those Christians sacrificed during the Kenyan Mall deaths.  Even in the Mall killings, official print and TV outlets concentrated solely on ‘non-Muslims’ killed in that slaughter.

While the number of deaths was later increased, Associated Press (AP) wrote on September 22, the day of the church bombings:  “A pair of suicide bombers blew themselves up amid hundreds of worshippers at a historic church in northwestern Pakistan on Sunday, killing 78 people in the deadliest-ever attack against the country’s Christian minority.

“A wing of the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the bombing.  The attack on the All Saints Church, which Woman-Anguish-Christian-Bombingwounded 141 people, occurred as worshippers were leaving after services to get a free meal of rice offered on the front lawn, said a top government administrator, Sahibzada Anees.”

To our knowledge, television pastors have not mentioned this and other massacres of their fellow Christians. Perhaps they are not concerned because the 85 murdered Pakistani Christians are of a different denomination or race than these pastors represent. Hmm. No question. That excuse won’t work with God!

One explanation for major blackout of news about the 85 believers blown to bits is:  “The Jundullah arm of the Taliban said they would continue to target non-Muslims until the United States stopped drone attacks in Pakistan’s remote tribal region. The latest drone strike came Sunday, when missiles hit a pair of compounds in the North Waziristan tribal area, killing six suspected militants (AP).”

Of course, the Taliban will face God’s judgment.  But those who claim the Name of Christ, and the identity of being a Christian nation, have far more to answer for.  As Apostle Paul sets example in Christian prayer books: “For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named (Ephesians 3: 14 – 15).”

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Talking About Misplaced Priorities: To the Moon & Then Bust! Pt 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:32 PM
September 27, 2013

Tiles-Rememberence-9-11 Based on reader responses to the last blog about inept emergency service preparation indicates proof is needed to justify criticism that America’s government has misplaced priorities––communications on the moon, not on earth.

 That blog mentioned failures of radio communication during America’s 9/11 crisis.  A July, 2002, New York Times story by Jim Dwyer, Kevin Flynn and Ford Fessenden proves that 9/11 workers died because of poor radio communication:

 “Those clear warnings, captured on police radio tapes, were transmitted 21 minutes before the building fell, and officials say they were relayed to police officers, most of whom managed to escape. Yet most firefighters never heard those warnings, or earlier orders to get out.

 “Their radio system failed frequently that morning. Even if the radio network had been reliable, it was not linked to the police system. And the police and fire commanders guiding the rescue efforts did not talk to one another during the crisis. . . . Cut off from critical information, at least 121 firefighters, most in striking distance of safety, died when the north tower fell, an analysis by The New York Times has found.” 

 That analysis further mentioned that eight years earlier in the 1993 bombing at the New York Trade Center, again Fire Department communications failed.  It turns out:  “The radios the firefighters carried into the buildings that day were identical to be the ones they had brought into the trade center eight years earlier.”

 The reporters also found:  “Other cities have been no swifter at solving the problems of communication at high-rise fires, industry professionals said.”  This is not just a ‘city’ problem.  Why does this nation need a Homeland Security Department if it can’t fix communications problems between city agencies?

 As if 9/11 were not enough, the exact same thing happened during the fall out of massive damages inflicted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in and near New Orleans. In ‘Disaster’s Wake,’ reveals: “Louisiana had a system based on incident command, but did not utilize it.”

 Enough of this! The 12 people killed by a crazed lone gunman. while radio communications between police and rescueNAVY-YARD-SHOOTING-2 workers didn’t work, was not in New York or New Orleans.  They were slain in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C.! 

 Such ineptitude must stop!  If communications specialists in the government. can’t fix this problem, let the U.S. ‘draft’ specialists from AT & T,  Microsoft, Apple, NASA, etc.  Since Homeland Security hasn’t done it, somebody please help!!!

 If there was ever a time to pray for America, the time is now.  As Apostle Paul instructs in Christian prayer books:  “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty (1 Timothy 2: 1 – 2).”

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Florida Sink Holes Destroying More Than Disney Resorts

posted by Jim Seerfar @ 0:55 AM
August 14, 2013

Sinking-Building-Resort-FloridaSwank resorts 10 miles from Florida’s Walt Disney World sank into a 60-foot-wide sinkhole this week causing guests to flee their rooms in fear. Some 36 people were evacuated from two structures as one sank into a 15 feet deep crater.

Those fleeing the main sinking building have probably lost all their belongings.  Safety officials in Summer Bay, the hotel’s town, said the swallowed structure is a total lost.  Some may be able to enter the second structure soon.

However, Manoj Chopra, engineering professor at the University of Central Florida, advises:  “I wouldn’t send anybody to the next structure over, or anybody to the whole area for a while [as] an open sinkhole may open other sinkholes.”

At least a third of the main three story structure collapsed into the sinkhole.  That building includes 24 units, and some 20 people were living there when the building started to crack and shake with windows blasting out.

Timothy F. Kirn writes in insurance that sinkholes have caused property insurance premiums in Florida toflorida-sinkhole-walt-disney-world steadily rise.  He says: “more houses are being built in Florida, so more houses might be on unstable land.

“When a house is found to be sitting on a sinkhole and its foundation is in danger, concrete has to be pumped into the hole to fill it and that process can cost $200,000.”  He also points out that farmers pumping out groundwater to preserve agriculture can cause sinkholes to open in some areas.

In fact in 2010, when strawberry growers and farmers pumped billions of gallons of water a day from a Florida aquifer to save their crops from a cold spell, it caused at least 30 home owners to lose their properties to resulting sinkholes.
Homes, fresh and well water loses came because Florida does not regular farmers.

Marc Lallanilla of LiveScience also points out: “Florida’s groundwater has been disappearing rapidly as the state’s population grows at breakneck speed: By 2015, Florida is expected to hit 20 million residents, making it the third-largest state.” New people use water putting pressure in aquifers and stabilizing limestone.

This will of course create even more sinkholes, as will the recent lack of rain fall in the state. Such drought, farmers preferred use of ground water, collapsing limestone and other bedrocks, and growing populations spell trouble for the state.

If only the people of Florida and the rest of the nation relied on Almighty God for their water.  As He promises in Christian prayer books:  “I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water (Isaiah 41: 18).” Time for prayer!

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A Joint Report from Earth End’s Committees on Global Warming!

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 9:00 AM
June 22, 2013

We want to thank Jael for giving our staff more interns, allowing division of Earthend’s Global Warming Study Department into:  Climate Change, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Wildfires, Floods, Hurricanes, Drought and Governments Confront Climate Change. Here is an up-to-date report from some of those sub-committees:

2013-drought-monitor       Climate Change:  Warm, comfortable, soft-breeze weather is over for Hawaii, and California.  CTV News reports:  “Nowadays, . . these breezes, called trade winds, are declining, a drop that’s slowly changing life across the islands. The winds also help bring the rains, and their decline means less water.”

As we reported, it was snowing in Russia and upstate New York earlier this month.  But while this summer may seem cooler to some,  Alex Kirby and the Daily Climate say that heat is going into the oceans:

“A rise of 4°C in global average temperatures could mean far higher regional rises. The oceans are likely one day to give up much of the heat they are now absorbing, which will return to the atmosphere. So warming could accelerate fast and unpredictably.”

Hurricanes and Flooding:  Reminding his readers of ceaseless flooding from Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and dangers awaiting those living on ocean coastlines, in ‘The Impending Deluge,’ Brian Fagan writes:

“For the first time, we may have to confront the problem of permanent environmental refugees. This will require unprecedented levels of international cooperation and funding, and so far unformulated policies to handle millions of involuntary fugitives from the ocean.”

Wildfires: According to Reuters News Service’s latest update, this month the largest fires in Colorado’s history has destroyed at least 502 homes, left some five people dead, covers over 25 square miles, displaced tens of thousands and it’s still not over.  Moreover, another fire has broken out in Arizona.  Scientists attribute both to extended unyielding periods of droughts.

Drought:  Allow our committee to add that because of those midwest-drought-06-horizontal-gallerydrought periods,  Midwest farmers now complain that long-sought-for rains threaten another planting season.  In ‘After Drought, Rains Plaguing Midwest Farms,’ John Eligon writes:  “One of the worst droughts in this nation’s history . . . has ended with torrential rains this spring that have overwhelmed . . . much of the farm belt.”

After praying for rain, farmers now want God to stop the rain!  “This is the worst spring I can remember in my 30 years farming,” Rob Korff of Missouri told Eligon.  “Just continuous rain, not having an opportunity to plant. . . as [for] a good crop or a great crop, that’s not going to happen.”

We must turn to Christian prayer books, and offer different prayers.  Earth End sees these developments as signs of the times:  “ . . .O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? (Matthew 16: 2-3).”

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Sun Not Behaving Normally––Omen of Things to Come?

posted by Jim Seerfar @ 23:42 PM
April 18, 2013

sun exploding       In the last few weeks, many of my fellow scholars have told us to stay alert:  the earth––over-ladened with the greed of modern industrialization––and its surrounding planets and stars wait in this lull before a pending storm.  Even the sun is unusually silent; its exploding spots ending, but for a brief season.

Ramez Naam of Scientific America warns the Earth cannot take much more of man’s destruction.  In ‘The Limits of the Earth, Part 1: Problems,’ he posits:   “The world is facing incredibly serious natural resource and environmental challenges: Climate change, fresh water depletion, ocean over-fishing, deforestation, air and water pollution, the struggle to feed a planet of billions. . . .

“One view of these looming threats is that we’ve exhausted planet’s resources. We’ve overshot the planet’s carrying capacity. Economic growth––the root problem driving our growing consumption and pollution––has to end.”

T.E.P. of Extinction Protocol says in ‘Planet Reeling from Spasm of Quakes: Seismic Stress Could be Building Towards an Event:’ “The planet is . . . reeling from a dense spectrum of moderate to light tremors which have struck along major tectonic plate boundaries . . . The latest spat of seismic activity across the globe has every indication of being a Surushme_260312_3precursor to a major seismic stress release . . .”

In its webcast information on the ‘Solar Maximum!’ NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) seeks to explain the sun’s present silence as part of the Solar Cycle or Sunspot Cycle:  “An irregular cycle, averaging about 11 years in length, during which the number of sunspots (and of their associated outbursts) rises and then drops again.”

This present drop of sun activity is also temporary.  We can expect more sunspots, and even sun storms to hit at any time.  Extinction Protocol often says, we know certain things are going to happen again.  We just don’t know when.

As NASA explains:  “Solar storms, generated above these sunspot groups blast huge quantities of . . . radiation into the solar system. . . .  these storms can disrupt radio communications, compromise electrical power systems, damage sensitive satellite electronics, and degrade their orbits, and cause navigational equipment to make mistakes.

“The effects of these solar storms reach throughout our entire solar system impacting planets, moons, comets and asteroids, and even the boundaries on the solar system itself.”  NASA believes earth is protected from such disruptions, or that human technology can warn of impending danger––but there is no guarantee.

Christians must strengthen their faith in God’s wisdom and knowledge, not depending solely on man’s perceptions. Christian prayer books explain: “Thine, O LORD, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is Thine; Thine is the kingdom, O LORD, and Thou art exalted as Head Above All (1 Chronicles 29: 11).”  Look to God and not man to see us through both the lull and the storm!

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For Friday, December 15, 2012: Our Nation Morns!

posted by admin @ 15:31 PM
December 17, 2012

    Jael Ever:  In these times of sorrow, what can we say that will bring comfort to the families shattered by this tragedy, to their neighbors and to our nation?  What  solace, what reasons, what future, what Scriptures come to mind?

Rev. Repriestly:  Isaiah offers:  “Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith Your God (40: 1).”  We know that these acts of violence against innocent children come solely from the depths of hell.  But God’s Word says “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good (Romans 12: 12).”

From the depths of our hearts, Father we cry out for the strength to overcome these satanic acts by changing the ways of our nation toward better laws to combat such violent mindsets and grievously malevolent acts.

Brother John:  Father, we pray for bereaved loved ones, and for the leaders of our nation.  According to Your Word, please give our leaders the wisdom to take us away from this death-filled violence, and toward a nation of Your blessed peace.

As Your Word says in John 10: 10:  “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”  These blessed children were killed, and stolen from their families, in attempts to destroy families and communities and disquiet our nation’s peace.  We call upon You that we may know and receive more of the Life that Christ attained for us on His Cross.

Brother Michael: Father this killer of innocent children was a coward.  He came from a dark place, hidden from the world’s understanding.  But You know Father where he came from, and who sent him.  As You say in John 8: 12 and 12: 36, help us to follow Your Son, The Light of The World, that we may be children of light, not of darkness, that we may not go to the dark place of the killer’s abode.

John J., Jr. and Sissy:  Dear God, we pray for the children who lived through this bloody attack in their school.  As You promise in The Bible, please heal their memories and emotions:  “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee.  Trust ye in The LORD for ever: for in The LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength: (Isaiah 26: 3 – 4).”

Jael:  And Father please forgive us all.  As parents and churches, we have not prayed as we should.  Please forgive our leaders who did not fight harder to overcome gun violence in our homes and on our streets.  Help them to do so now!

Please forgive us for not falling on our knees, and crying out for You to protect our neighborhoods from such unmitigated assaults, for not crying to You for our children to be spared from this mindless devotion to weapons of death.

As You promise in Christian prayer books :  “But there is forgiveness with Thee, that Thou mayest be feared Psalm 130: 4.”  Only from You can we receive this forgiveness, and only from You can come the courage to change!

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Too Little, Too Late? Will Nations Confront Global Warming? Part 2

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 10:29 AM
November 30, 2012

    Hurricane Sandy proved that projections in the United Nation’s 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report about rising sea levels were shamefully off––and that by sixty percent!  They were also wrong that one of Earth’s poles would compensate for the other’s melting ice!

These errors were discovered recently through satellite measurements.  Andrew Kemp of Yale University writing for LiveScience quotes Stefan Rahmstorf, German oceanographer and climatologist who leads a recent study:

“This study shows once again that the IPCC is far from alarmist, but in fact has underestimated the problem of climate change.  That applies not just for sea-level rise, but also to extreme events and the Arctic sea-ice loss.”

Rahmstorf, Grant Foster and Anny Cazenave published their findings in ‘Environmental Research Letters’: “ . . . the rise in CO2 concentration and global temperature has continued to closely match the projections of the IPCC’s models over the past five years, while sea level continues to rise faster than anticipated.  The latter suggests that the 21st Century sea-level projections of the last two IPCC models reports may be systematically biased low.”

The IPCC also projected that the Antarctica would gain enough mass to compensate mass losses from Greenland.  In ‘Researchers:  Sea Levels Rising 60% Faster Than Previously Expected,’ Meteor Blades adds:

“The three scientists said average sea levels are rising at a rate of 3.2mm a year. That contrasts with computer-model estimates of 2mm a year presented by the IPCC just five years ago. That 60 percent higher rate may not sound like much, but sea-level rise is already presenting problems for coastal cities.”

Kemp explains:  “Seas-level rise is thought to be driven by glacier melt as well as a phenomenon known as thermal expansion, which occurs when ocean water expands as it warms.  Rising tides are a concern because they boost the threat of extreme flooding in populous coastal areas, putting millions of people at risk worldwide.” The East coast beaches Sandy decimated are ample proof.

Rahmstorf and his colleagues issued their scathing critique of IPCC 2007 calculations in time for the United Nation’s Climate Change meeting which begins Monday in Doha, Qatar.  But again, will the world leaders listen, and act aggressively to Stop Global Warming? Or is it just a case of ‘Too Little!  Too Late?’

If Christians are ever going to put aside denominational, political and other differences and get down to serious repentant prayer, the time is now!  These scientists are not just talking about ‘foreign’ nations or ‘other’ people.  They are talking about us, the U.S.A.!  Surely Hurricane Sandy is proof enough of this.

A verse selection in Christian Prayer Books reads: “He will fulfill the desire of them that fear him: He also will hear their cry, and will save them (Psalms 145: 19).”  If we are ever going to let Our God hear our cry, the time is Now!

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Rats & Diseases: Health Affects From Hurricane Sandy

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 0:22 AM
November 9, 2012

     Sarah Newsworthy:  Doc, thanks for contacting me about rising health concerns as the nation tries to cope with Hurricane Sandy’s material costs.  You say we must think about than those monetary destruction of that horrific storm?

Dr. Ad Versery:  Yes Sarah.  While we warn about rats that survived flooded subways coming up in droves to spread their many diseases, we must also prepare for the pollutants Hurricane Sandy leaves behind.

As Tim Wall of points out:  “The aftermath of Sandy may be around long after the rubble has been cleared . . . The storm’s torrents may have washed high levels of hazardous pollutants from cities and farms into waterways.  The U.S. Geological Survey is currently sampling the waters in areas affected by the massive storm to measure pesticide pollution, E. coli contamination, nutrient levels, and sediment.”  Large quantities of nutrients, pesticides and sediment may flush into rivers, affecting long-term water quality.

Sarah:  My goodness doc.  How much longer can East Coast Americans stand under such stress.  They are freezing in their homes, too fearful of carbon monoxide seeping from generations to sleep, and low on groceries and necessities.

Also, after the comfort of finally having power restored after Sandy, now many are out of power again with this nor’eastern snow storm.  Many have told television interviewers that they don’t know how much more they can take.

Dr. Ad Versery:  Yes that is true.  The medical community must send for more mental health workers.  We must also prepare for deadly that diseases millions of rats can unleash on New York City.  Melissa Breyer lends credence:

“. . . it’s generally estimated that there are more rats than inhabitants (8.3 million) in the city that never sleeps, with some estimates going as high as 32 million. . . . many of the tunnels and stations are still pretty packed with rats, earning the city the distinction of Worst Rat City in the World.  And with Hurricane Sandy’s deposit of massive amounts of water into the subterranean system, many of the rodents may be flooded out of their underground abodes.”

These rats can carry and spread deadly diseases such as leptospirosis, hantavirus, typhus, salmonella and the plague.  And the vermin have incredible ability to climb walls, trees, phone poles, etc.  They can: survive 50 foot falls, jump  four feet, swim a mile, and can move through sewer pipes.

Sarah: Sandy’s final results could be dreadful!  Prayer warriors John, Jude and Michael please offer repentant prayers asking God to forgive the nation’s willful ignorance about Global Warming, and to hold back the tide of these diseases.  Christian prayer books instruct us all to:  “In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth (2 Timothy 2: 25).”

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