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China and Russia: Some People Don’t Want to be Part of Empires

posted by admin @ 21:42 PM
March 4, 2014

Why Russia thinks it needs a piece of Ukraine, when it faces severe terrorism from Muslims in the Caucasus, or why China usually ignores Muslim rebels in Uyghur––pose intriguing questions. Some areas are too large to rule over.

In warning about possible Muslim attacks before the Sochi Games, Hayes Brown wrote:  “The states of Dagestan, Ingushetia, and Chechnya both lie beyond the Caucasus mountain range from Krasnodar Krai, home to Sochi, and that is what has Russian officials the most concerned.

China-knife-attack        “All three states have majority Muslim populations that have struggled against Moscow’s rule for decades, with Chechnya in particular fighting several all-out wars launched to keep them within the Federation. Russian President Vladimir Putin came to power during the second of these wars, which saw him accused of using excessive force against civilians.”

Just as Putin refuses to understand that Ukrainians and Chechens want to be freed from Russian rule, his Chinese counterpart remains blinded about Uyghur Muslims, in Xingiang province, despite repeated attacks from Muslim rebels.

Last week, some 10 Muslim separatists covered in all black karate-type uniforms, and carrying unbelievably huge slaughtering knives hacked down some 30 innocent Chinese citizens in a crowded subway station, and injured 130 more.

That attack came a scant few days before the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the National People’s Congress now being held.  The attacks mounted huge embarrassment to Chinese Communist China-knife-attack-2officials.

But it was not as bad as it could have been. In 2009, during heavy fighting between Uyghurs and ethnic Chinese in Xingiang some 200 people were killed. Most Muslims in Xingiang remain angered because China continually tries to restriction their culture and religion.  China cannot force people to be atheists.

According to Dennis Lynch of  “The Chinese government vehemently denies that it oppresses any minorities in Xinjiang and regularly claims the separatists are religious extremists that ‘mislead the public and deceive world opinion in order to escape blows dealt by the international struggle against terrorism’.” Rebels have resisted Chinese with riots, bombing, etc. all this century.

Lynch posits the rebels want to be fully independent of China in a separate Uyghur state, known as East Turkestan. This makes some sense as “Xinjiang borders Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.”  And most of those nations are Muslim as well.

Again, why China expanded its rule over the region in 1949 is unexplainable.  Why do China and Russia insist on ruling over people who resist their rule?  To further express discontent, two Uyghur terrorists set a SUV on fire and ran down two tourists in the middle of Beijing’s famous Tiananmen Square.

Bible prophesies promise that very soon, no nation will be able to rule over another for The LORD Jesus Christ will rule over then all:  “And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats (Matthew 25: 32).”

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Deadly Ocean Jellyfish: More Destroyers of Life as We Know It!

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 18:15 PM
November 3, 2013

jellyfish-sign        Asia’s obsession with eating Ancient Sea Turtles, and other anomalies from greedy sea hunters––i.e. garbage dumping, overfishing, and waters infected by Global Warming––has freed avaricious jellyfish to take over the world’s oceans.

By feasting continuously on fish eggs, these deadly stinging beasts make ‘normal’ fish populations disappear. They attack industrial energy lines, stop up fish hatcheries, and make normal human livelihood along ocean coasts impossible.

Ecologist Sun Song, from China’s Institute of Oceanology contends that jellyfish taking over oceans drives civilization back “to the Precambrian world, more than 550 million years ago.” Such warnings should awakened world leaders?

In reporting on his study, ‘Massive Outbreak of Jellyfish Could Spell Trouble for Fisheries,’ for Yale University’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Richard Stone says:

“In recent years, populations of several jellyfish species have made inroads at the expense of their main competitornomura—fish—in a number of regions, including the Yellow Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Black Sea.” Stone is particularly concerned about the monstrous Nomura’s jellyfish:

“It’s the size of a refrigerator—imagine a Frigidaire Gallery Premiere rather than a hotel minibar—and can exceed 450 pounds.”  For decades this giant was only seen in the Sea of Japan.  Then Stone writes that something changed:

“Since 2002, the population has exploded—in jelly parlance, bloomed—six times. In 2005, a particularly bad year, the Sea of Japan brimmed with as many as 20 billion of the bobbing bags of blubber, bludgeoning fisheries with 30 billion yen in losses. . . Jellyfish blooms can be caused by eutrophication, which can create dead zones around mouths of rivers.”  Again, dead zones kill all fish life in waters.

AFP News adds that jellyfish endanger large fish eatable for mankind: “Marine biologists say they have proof that excessive trawling of small fish species leads to proliferation of jellyfish, a worsening phenomenon whose causes have been unclear.” For example, “In the 1960s, the waters off Namibia used to yield 10 million tons of sardines annually. This has been replaced by 12 million tons of jellyfish,” says Philippe Cury at France’s Institute for Development Research.

Dr. Ever posted on this blog three years ago:  “God created this earth with a delicate balance of the ecosystem. . . . sea turtles are needed to eat jellyfish or else jellyfish consume all fish and plant life beneath them . . .”  But nations in charge of stopping sea turtle slaughters ignored such warnings.  And now it may be too late.

Jellyfish stings are the most deadly ocean killers, even killing greater numbers than sharks.  Its poisons can kill a human being in less than three minutes.  Such carnage will surely ruin most tourist industries.  And, of course, lost of eatable fish will likewise destroy seafood businesses, also affecting grocery sales.

So sea turtles and fish now view their last days on earth.  How soon can the same be said for mankind, whose foolish leaders see neither the present nor future enemies in nature that their own negligence created?

Perhaps this is why the Book of Revelation refers to Satan’s anti-Christ as “a beast rise up out of the sea (13: 1),” or why after “. . . the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea (21: 1),” God will have to destroy His beautiful seas, as jellyfish will have eaten everything in them!

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Don’t Celebrate U.S. Consumers: Today Is World Food Day!

posted by Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 19:02 PM
October 16, 2013

Download-the-Ending-Hunger-Anthem-for-the-G8-Enough-Food-for-Everyone-IF-One-Voice_web    Today a few knowledgeable people attempt to celebrate World Food Day, but sadness prevails among them.  Some in richer nations continue to exorbitantly waste food, while others in poorer situations constantly battle starvation.

Eager advocates still hope to establish what they refer to as global food security.  As Nicholas Nelson, North American Director of the Food and Agriculture Organization explains: “To live in a world free of hunger, we must create food systems that ensure a plentiful supply of nutritious food with minimal impact on our environment.

“Our food systems must consider sustainability in every step of the supply chain: from production to processing, transportation to retail, and consumption to post-consumption waste.”  But economic interests interfere with such idealism.

In ‘Masses of Food Wasted––‘Use By’ Dates Mislead,’ Carolyn Lochhead of writes:  “Americans throw away 40 percent of the food they buy, often because of misleading expiration dates that have nothing to do with safety.”

Her findings are based on a study by Harvard University Law School and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).  Dana Gunders of the NRDC claims:  “The date labeling system is not a system at all.” It is based entirely on what retailers call “inventory control.”

Ted Labuza, University of Minnesota food science professor, says such control is based on what food ‘makers‘ and ‘sellers‘ believe to be peak quality.  “If food looks rotten and smells bad, throw it away, but just because it reaches a certain date does not mean the food is unsafe.  I don’t know of any food poisoning outbreak that came from people eating food that was past its shelf-life date.”

Thus, to preserve profits for such manipulators, almost half of the food in the U.S. is labeled ‘spoiled.’  In ‘About 40 Percent Of All Food In The United States Is Thrown In The Garbage, The Economic Collapse reveals:

“Even though 47 million Americans are on food stamps and millions of children go to bed hungry in this country every single night, we continue to waste approximately 263 million pounds of food every single day of the year.  One day people will look back and regard us as probably the most wasteful society in the history of the planet.”  The Seattle times says that such wasted food takes up more space in landfills than any other trash.

“Some $900 million of expired food is dumped from the supply chain annually, much of it a result of confusion. wasting-foodMisinterpreted date labels cause the average American household of four to lose as much as $455 a year on squandered food, according to researchers.”

So congratulations to those in the richest country on earth with enough abundance to throw away half of it to rot, contaminating land fills with massive greenhouse gas methane, emitting double the potency of deadly carbon dioxide.

Such waste is grievous sin in the eyes of God, and may well result in ultimate judgment.  As Bible prophecies quote Him:  “I will make waste mountains and hills, and dry up all their herbs; and I will make the rivers islands, and I will dry up the pools (Isaiah 42: 15).”

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Countdown to Chaos: U.S. Politicians ‘Play’ Blowing Up the World

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 18:14 PM
October 9, 2013

Wile-E-Coyote-blows-himself-up    Some in the U.S. House of Representatives have moved circling chaos beyond the Affordable Care Act to failure to raise the U.S. Debt Ceiling.  Most Americans have no idea how such a move would affect their lives.

According to experts, defaulting on U.S. debt would probably: halt social security payments; implode savings, investment and retirement accounts; make banks insolvent; crash the stock market to unimaginable levels; destroy bond holdings, etc.  All of which means more than horrendous consequences.

“If they seriously default on the debt, what we’re really talking about is a depression . . . the fallout would be a lot worse than the recession suffered in 2008 and the aftershocks would be felt for at least a decade,” veteran financial sector analyst Richard Bove of Rafferty Capital Markets told Yahoo Finance.

“The first thing you have to do is look at who holds the debt. The first, biggest owner (of U.S. debt) is the social security fund, so you’d have all of these people who are receiving social security payments who now have to question whether they’ll get their payments.”

Already, The Extension Protocol reports, banks are over-stuffing their ATM machines in case depositors attempt panic withdrawals.  Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge adds:  “Banks are also holding daily emergency meetings to discuss other steps, including possible free overdrafts for customers reliant on social security payments from the government.” second-great-depression2

The Treasury Department warned in a report last week:  “Considering the experience of countries around the world that have defaulted on their debt, not only might the economic consequences of default be profound, but those consequences ––including high interest rates, reduced investment, higher debt payments, and slow economic growth––could last for more than a generation.”

Bove also cries out: “Eleven-percent of all U.S. debt is owned by the Chinese.  That $1.4 trillion represents about a third of the reserves of the People’s Bank of China [PBOC], so what we’ve now said to the PBOC is, ‘Watch out, we may hit the value of a third of your assets and you can’t do anything about it.’”
Just as Dr. Jael said in setting off alarm bells on our Worlds Collide blog, such ‘theft’ of China’s assets would usher in World War III.

During the last world-wide Christian revivals, country folks had a song, ‘Jesus Is On The Main Line, Tell Him What You Want.’  Its good advice to call one’s Congressman and complain.  But it’s even more important to pray.

As Apostle Paul expounds in used Christian Bibles:  “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;  For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty (1 Timothy 2: 1 – 2).”

The prayers of faithful Christians standing against the ignorance and tyranny  of vicious, careless men are God’s power to keep this nation safe from such catastrophe.  But it only works if believers get on that Main Line and tell Jesus what they want!

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‘Wicked’ Month: Pole Shifts, Economic Haywire, Tornadoes, etc.

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:18 PM
October 7, 2013

helloban    Most people remain unaware that October is the high witchcraft activity month around the world.  Thus, don’t be surprised at the U.S. government shutdown, possible default that could send the world into another Great Depression, suicides and police shootings at the White House, unexpected tornadoes or other things this fall. Witch-crafters design them for failure and death.

In ‘ Witches and Warlock––Annual Wiccan Holidays,’ Holiday explains:  “There are eight holidays on the Wiccan Calendar. These Wiccan holidays are called ‘Sabbats.’ The [Wicca] New Year begins on October 31st, Halloween night . . . witches and warlocks celebrate their holidays from sundown on the date of the holiday through sundown the next day.

“Also known as Samhain or All Hallow’s Eve. This is New Years on the Druid calendar. The wall between earth and the underworld is thin at this time of year. On  Halloween night, the wall opens. Samhain, the Lord of  Darkness,  rises from the underworld. He roams the world looking for lost souls. It is an evil and wicked night, a perfect night for a witch to celebrate New Years!”

Yes.  Satan himself visits witchcraft celebratory sights around the world on October 31st.  Such rituals were common pumpkin-Halloweenpractices in the pagan world that true Christianity battled against and won in most nations during the last 2,000 years.

That phenomenal success pushed such witchcraft practices––including child kidnapping, drug and human trafficking, prostitution of all types, and human sacrifices––underground. It is now done in heavily wooded areas or in deep sub-terranian basements. These covens include many prominent people in high places.

In her book, ‘The Witch That Switched,’ Irene Park, an ex-witch who reigned high up in Satanic circles before she found The LORD Jesus Christ as Savior, discusses some of these practices in detail.

In online Bible lessons, The Apostle Paul cautions Christians not to “have fellowship” with such works of darkness.  Having fellowship would include not imitating––such as in Halloween costuming––but exposing them where possible:

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.  For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.  But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light (Ephesians 5: 11 – 13).”

Halloween is not a time of holi/holy days for Christians. Costumes and masks represent evil, because they hide reality.  This year––perhaps more urgent as the world is so near the end of time––October demands Christians to fervently pray for God’s protection over individuals, families and nations.

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Emergency! American Hospitals Going Broke and Closing

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 18:06 PM
September 11, 2013

Closure-of-The-Queen-Eliz-007    While the U.S. wastes funds on: profit-less space programs, bloated defense and other covert departments, fighting ‘impossible’ wars, and other meaningless ventures, its citizens struggle with indecent health care and collapsing hospitals.

Failing hospitals in this nation share common traits of: less government funding in times of financial austerity, run-away costs, not improving productivity by closing or merging hospitals, resistance from staff and medical personnel and politicians, etc.  Several factors prevent short-term financial fixes from working.

In her article, ‘Debating a Fix for Hospitals in Dire Straits,’ Anemona Hartcollis writes: “Hospitals in poor areas have been struggling for years; since 1990, 52 hospitals in New York State, half of them in the city, have closed or been converted into another type of medical center.”

Bill de Blasio, currently running for mayor of New York City was arrested recently during a demonstration to save Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, vowed:  “We have to end this epidemic of hospital closures.”

Like most U.S. hospitals in trouble, Brooklyn hospitals mainly serve the uninsured and those with Medicaid, which pays less than private insurers.  Protesters insist state and federal governments must do more to help hospitals.

But New York, and other states, claim incapable of supporting hospitals with loans and bonds as in the past. As Keith B. Richburg argues in ‘Without Funds, N.J. Hospitals Face Crisis’: “If the country is facing a nationwide health-care crisis, then the condition in New Jersey can be described as gravely critical.”

Hospitals in this country are closing for multiple, but overlapping reasons:  1) Rise of ‘semi-hospital’ medical care hospitals-closingfacilities; 2) Preponderance of lower income and/or Medicare patients, who pay less than those privately insured; 3) Influxes of illegal aliens seeking ‘federally-forced’ but free medical treatments; 4) Locations in urban areas with populations of low-income and minority patients;

5) Vested financial interests among doctors, medical schools, etc. stalling to keep unprofitable hospitals from down-sizing; 6) Decreasing numbers of patients in rural hospitals, because of falling population numbers;

7) In cities and rural areas, corporate movements to larger regional medical ‘centers’ which involve patients traveling long distances; 8) Lack of cost-cutting efficiency; 9) Increased cost of diagnostic equipment; 10) Fewer available doctors and surgeons; 11) Declining quality of medical care; and 12) Governments on all levels no longer show dedication to basic medicinal care.

Perhaps few realize that in God’s final judgments, leaders must answer for how they treat ‘the least of these.’  As The LORD Jesus teaches in used Christian Bibles:  “Then shall He answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to Me (Matthew 25: 45).”

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‘At the Brink’? August 2013 Forecasts: U.S./World Economic Collapse

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 10:33 AM
August 26, 2013

us_economic_collapse    Maybe its summer doldrums, but several economic forecasts converge on the same conclusion: economies in the United States and around the world now quickly fall to a state of collapse. Call it recession, depression whatever you want!

In the U.S. the problem is, as 24/7 Wall Street points out, most of the ‘10 Largest Employers in the U.S.’ hire part-time minimum wage workers who do not earn enough purchasing power to spur the economy forward.

Alexander E.M. Hess says these companies include Walmart, with 1.3 million workers, the largest in the country; McDonald’s 440,000 employees; Kroger Co.’s 343,000 workers; Target’s 361,000 workers; Home Depot’s 340,000 employed; United Parcel Service’s (UPS) 399,000 mostly part-time help!  Get the picture?  Scions have ‘part-timed, minimum waged’ US into economic free-fall.

The Sovereign Investor also insists in “The Wal-Mart Indicator Signals an Economic Collapse,” the party’s over! He quotes retail consultant Howard Davidowitz:  “Wal-Mart didn’t suddenly become stupid. . . . The economy is in a state of collapse. That’s what’s going on.”

In ‘This Age of Bubbles,’ Paul Krugman extends the bad news internationally, as he writes “another BRIC hits the wall.” BRIC means the economies of Brazil. Russia, India and China.  He says Western investors pumped these nations up with billions for expansion, and now they pull their monies out!

Just as those U.S. money ‘mavens’ went ‘mad’ for low-wage, part-time jobs, Krugman insists politicians went ‘mad’ with shapeimage_22lawless economic rules: “. . . obvious culprit is financial deregulation—not just in the United States but around the world, and including the removal of most controls on the international movement of capital. . . Cross-border flows of hot money. . .erupting. . .” Bubbles have burst!

Also Kazumasa Oguro, formerly Senior Economist at the Ministry of Finance’s Policy Research Institute, tells Zero Hedge that, in spite of leader Abe’s insistence that Japanese economists keep quiet––Japan’s economy is not in that good of a shape either.  And as usual, most EU nations sport unemployment rates above 25%.  So, as the old lady use to cry, “So where’s the beef?”  There is none!

Market Watch writes that Marc Faber, author of ‘The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report,’ tells his CNBC audience to brace for a Stock Market drop of 20% by the end of the year. Zero Hedge and Hindenburg Omen agree with Faber.

If only the wealthy in these nations had followed the teachings in wholesale Christian Bibles:  “. . . the labourer is worthy of his hire (Luke 10: 7) The labourer is worthy of his reward. . . For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. The labourer is worthy of his reward (1 Timothy 5: 18).”

Instead now they must expect the judgments foretold in James:  “Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days (5: 1 – 7).”

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News from Third and Second Worlds––Same O, Same O, Only Worse

posted by John J. Jr. @ 12:02 PM
August 19, 2013

Dispatches from our Newspaper Boys and Girls Around the World:

sudan-flood    Sudan:  Beginning the first of this month, heavy rains and flash flooding from annual rain falls have displaced some 150,000 people in Sudan, half of whom are in the capital Khartoum.

The U.N.’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) says the rains toppled over 26,000 houses, and brought some 56 victim to their deaths. The homeless sleep on streets. This year’s flooding is the worst in years.

Indonesia:  Volcanoes and earthquakes continue to shake many of this nation’s hundreds of islands.  One of the hottest volcanoes in years at Mount Rokatenda, in East Nusa Tenggara province, led to evacuations of hundreds of villagers, and at least six deaths.  Other villagers refuse to leave their homes.

AFP News says: “Rescuers have been battling through roads blocked by ash to reach affected areas and persuade reluctant villagers to leave their homes. More than 500 have so far been taken off the island to a camp in Maumere, on Flores.

“There are a lot of people here who seem to be traumatized due to the eruption,” says Bakri Kari, from the rescue team.  “Many lost their homes after they ran in a panic. People are in despair.” A 6.3 earthquake’s center was in the sea.

Philippines:  A typhoon dubbed Utor hitting this island nation with gusts of 124 miles an hour brought floods and mudslides to remote towns, destroying roads, farms, trees, homes and untold numbers of deaths.

Japan:  Kids reporting to Earthend journalist Feermeno say that at least nine people died from heat stroke in Japan last killing-heat-wave week as the temperature there hit 106 degrees Fahrenheit.  In July massive heat waves there killed at least 12 people.

The government is begging people to stay indoors, drink plenty of liquids, and use their air conditioners, putting more strain on an already over-loaded system depending on coal and oil since the Fukushima nuclear shut down in 2011.

China:  The kids say Feermeno is in China covering the execution of two men in Xinjiang’s Kashgar Prefecture after violent unrest among Muslim populations.  AFP says China calls them “terrorists,” but freedom rights groups argue China uses that term to justify force against Muslim Uighur minorities. Is it because China doesn’t want people believing in any god other than the state?

I sent these dispatches to my Dad and Brother Michael for their prayer teams, as well as to Jael, hoping she assigns a blog about people in Communist countries willing to die for their faith, and those in our country who give up very little for their faith in The LORD Jesus Christ.

As wholesale Christian tee shirts say, “But to do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased (Hebrews 13: 16).”

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Wake Up! We’re In the Last Days: Egypt Now, . . . Maybe Here Later!

posted by Sandra Repriestly @ 1:13 AM
August 16, 2013

Coptic Christians protest against the killings of people during clashes in Cairo between Christian protesters and military police, in Los Angeles        Maybe it is diplomatic newsspeak, but mainstream media talking heads seem outraged at military action against ex-Egyptian President Morsi’s supporters. Have they forgotten Morsi’s sly moves to enforce Sharia laws dictating the number of children Egyptian women must bear, to disempower the Egyptian parliament, to dismiss courts, to redraw streets, and to ignore Muslim persecution of Christians?

The Moslem Brotherhood has sent repeated signals to Egyptian Christians before and since last November when Morsi refused to attend ceremonies to install Bishop Tawadros as the 118th Coptic Pope, and Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria and All Africa––that Egypt is unsafe for Christians.

And those signals are repeated each time Coptic priests and even bishops disappear as kidnapped and usually turn up murdered.  And all this was happening even when Morsi was still in office.  Should anyone expect less now?

Now mobs, angry about Morsi’s ouster, roam throughout the country burning scores of Christian churches.  Benjamin Weinthal of the Jerusalem Post adds Muslim Brotherhood supporters also “wreaked havoc on Coptic Christian businesses, property [and] Christian institutions throughout the country.”

Charlene Gubash reporting for NBC News writes:  “Thousands of Egypt’s Coptic Christians are fleeing to Europe, the United States and elsewhere rather than face mounting discrimination at home. . . . Many Copts feel Egypt’s Islamist-led government is not doing enough to protect them from religious hate crimes and inflammatory rhetoric––so many are leaving.”

Thankfully, many Egyptian Christians are coming to the United States. Gubash states:  “The number of Egyptians receiving asylum in the U.S. has jumped more than five-fold in recent years. In 2010, the year before the revolution, just 531 Egyptians received asylum in the U.S.; in 2012, that number jumped to 2,882, according to the Department of Homeland Security’s statistical data for 2012.”

Bishop Anba Suriel, the bishop for the Coptic Orthodox Church in Melbourne, Australia warns:  “These attacks on the egypt-christianCopts is unprecedented in the modern era.”  He insists the international community must not be passive.

Weinthal quotes Irwin Cotler, a former Canadian justice minister and current Liberal MP, who says the “Army should be providing more protection to the Copts.  The anti-Christian violence by radical Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood supporters is taking place within ‘a general culture of impunity.’”

Dexter Van Zile, the Christian media analyst for the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America told Weinthal, “Progressive Christianity does not want to confront Islamic violence.” But where are the progressive Christians?

As Apostle Paul commands in used Christian Bibles: “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep . . . (Romans 13: 11).”  To paraphrase a famous American writer, “if they come for me at night, they will be there for you in the morning.”  Wake up!  Defend and Help Egyptian Christians!

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Soaring Heat Breaks All Predictions, Stirs Fire Killing 19 Firefighters

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 9:57 AM
July 2, 2013

070113arizonafire_512x288This weekend’s heat wave broke records throughout the Western United States.  Air travel was interrupted, hundreds of homes destroyed, heat storms sparked forest fires killing 19 brave firefighters, 200 people were treated for heat-related problems with over 40 hospitalized and, a man living in 115• heat died.

Those who tried to go on in life as if the heat didn’t matter found themselves stranded on highways with broken air conditioners, or sitting in outdoor concerts only to be rushed to hospitals with heat-related injuries.

Fernanda Santos reports for The New York Times:   “An elderly man was found dead on Saturday in a home. . .  in Las Vegas, where the city’s temperature reached 115 degrees,. . . Also, more than 200 people at an outdoor concert there were treated for heat-related problems that day, 34 of them at hospitals.”

In ‘Heat Wave Sends Dozens to Hospitals in Las Vegas,’ Martin Griffith of Associated Press adds:  “Another elderly man was on a long trip in his car when the air conditioning went out for several hours, paramedics said. He was taken to the hospital in serious condition with heat stroke after he . . . called 911.

“Saturday’s high in Nevada was 121 degrees in Laughlin, 90 miles south of Las Vegas.  To the north, Saturday’s high of 102 degrees in Reno broke the city’s record for the date of 100 set in 1972. Friday’s high of 103 degrees in Reno broke its record of 100 degrees for the date set in 2010.”

Forest rangers at national parks throughout the west urge people not to go camping in this heat, as last month a Boy Scout leader in Lake Mead National Recreation Area died from heat exposure––and temperatures were lower then!

Santos also adds: “Because summer brings the highest rate of deaths among migrants trying to enter the United States illegally through Arizona, the Border Patrol added extra members to its elite search and rescue team. At least seven migrants had been found dead in the desert over the past week.”

In addition to the raging fire covering 2,000 acres in Arizona that killed 19 fire fires, and left one critically injured as KNXV_Yarnell_Fire_06_20130630165845_640_480-300x225they sheltered in their protective gear, fires were sparked or threatening in New Mexico, California, and Colorado.

Monsoons would usually bring rain and cooler temperatures to the Western United States during July, but this heat shows no sign of breaking. Thus, meteorologists really don’t know what to expect now, except more heat.

Of course Americans assume this type of heat, drought, sickness and death to happen in other countries, say in Africa or other Third World areas, not here.  But Bible prophecies advise this weather indicates it is time for repentance:

“For day and night thy hand was heavy upon me: my moisture is turned into the drought of summer. Selah (Psalm 32: 4).” End-of-time Global Warming predicts even more ominous weather.  Yes, it is time to repent!

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