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Animal Kids: Manatees, Arctic Falcons, Rhinos––All Dying Forever!

posted by Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 1:12 AM
December 27, 2013

ew130322b        Animal Kids: So why are we here Butterworth?  You know these people still kill beloved animals sending them into extinction.  Let’s see, manatee deaths in Florida are over 800 by now.  And you adults do nothing!

Man-made Global Warming sends so much rain into Canada that it is killing Arctic Peregrine Falcons.  Now who needs more dead birds?  Don’t cats do enough?  And what about a 1,000 South African rhinos slaughtered for their horns?

When do you people ever get enough? The ivory-billed woodpecker, amur leopard, northern sportive lemur, saola, and yeah, the leatherback sea turtle––their killing volunteers trying to keep those turtles alive. What do you say about that?

Butterworth:  Yes. I know, I know. Look you could add the Siberian tiger, Northern Right Whale, Javan Rhinoceros, the Chinese Giant Salamander, and even the Little Dodo Bird. But some people really are trying to save these animals.

Animal Kids:  Trying?  What do you mean trying?  They take the animals’ lands, pushing them to starvation, overfish and pollute their oceans, they kill them for their treasures like ivory, or skin, or sport, or something else stupid!

Butterworth:  I know this is a bad record for this year.  Things are the same, only worse.  But look, people still try.  Capt. Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherds fight in the whale wars to save as many of those sea mammals as possible.

And––thanks to members of the Sierra Club––the Governor of Puerto Rico has signed a law protecting Leatherback Turtles on that country’s 3,000 acre Northeast Ecological Corridor (NEC) from development. says Puerto Rico environmentalists have fought for 15 years to save those turtles.

Also writes that some 150 organizations in South African have formed to protect rhinos, including groups from the World Wildlife Fund. They have banded together in this effort, including efforts to de-horn the rhinos.

Please believe there are groups of people who are just as concerned about saving animals from extinction as you peregrine-falconsare.  And oh yes, the is a 40 plus year old organization dedicated to saving peregrine falcons, as well as other birds of prey, from extinction.  They say many other birds are threatened:

“The Peregrine Fund is a non-profit dedicated to saving birds of prey from extinction. Throughout the world, birds of prey are threatened by shooting, poisoning, and loss of habitat. Saving these birds is an effective means of conserving the rich diversity of life that is critical to the future health of our planet and the well-being of generations to come.”

Animal Kids:  OK Butterworth We’ll let you off the hook this time. But, tell Jael we want more people to get involved to save these animals. Number two, the chimpanzee’s not endangered but we just think this one looks smarter than people.

And number three, remember what Christian clothing wholesale warns:  God directed men to “have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth (Genesis 1: 28).” Dominion means we are suppose to take care of them, not needlessly kill them!

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Letter to the Editors From Ethel Mae Johnson

posted by Ethel Mae Johnson @ 14:20 PM
November 30, 2010

Look here.  I’m writing because I hear that some lady named Bea has been asking around about me.  She is Jude’s friend and he lives up the street from me. I just moved into the neighborhood a few months ago.  My grandkids and I got this house through those Habitat for Humanity people.
 These are my daughter’s kids.  And she died a few years ago, and so now I have to raise them.  I don’t know where their father is.  He don’t do nothing to help.  I’m a retired senior citizen widow woman too.  So this is hard on me.  But I wasn’t gonna let my kith’ and kin’ be raised by some of them foster folks.

 We moved into this neighborhood with hardly anything,  but most people has been kind and neighborly.  And, although I understand that a lot of people think Mr. Jude is sometimes mean and stingy, I am sure grateful for the help he gave us with the front yard, and how he trained the oldest boys to take care of it.

 Please tell Miss Bea that she don’t have no cause to worry about me taking her friend.  I don’t know what Mr. Jude means to her, but we’s all too old to be thinking ‘bout such things.  That’s what’s got so many people in trouble with The Lord nowadays anyway.

 By the time I finish trying to see after these kids, feedin’ them and gettin’ their clothes ready for school, I’m bushed.  Ain’t got no time or strength for anything else.   And ole Mr. Jude ain’t never even suggested anything like that to me.

 I’m a praying woman and some say that Miss Bea is too.  I don’t know what else to say except that I reads my Bible everyday, and I’m praying that God will provide some good warm Christian clothing wholesale for these kids this winter. It’s all I can do to keep food on the table.  These kids eats so much.  So I just have to trust God for their Christmas gifts.

 Please give Miss Jael my regards.  Tell her that I have my grandson put her on everyday and he reads the blog column he copies from them puters at school to me.  He also helps me with this letter.  And please tell that Miss Bea lady I don’t mean her no harm!

 Well I’s got to cook some rutabagas and snap beans with corn pone for dinner.  So thanks again!  Bye now.

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Surprised By Deformed Birds? What About Disappearing Ones?

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:06 PM
November 17, 2010

Its hard to swallow this line that scientists are surprised by the increasing numbers of deformed birds when, in fact, they have known (or should have known) about the larger percentage of birds disappearing altogether in the last decade.  Whether from loss of habitat in city and countryside, poisonous pesticides, polluted air, radio waves coming from cell telephones or some type of disease, birds are just not singing in trees, migrating south, or bringing bird watchers joy nearly as much as they once did. 
 Scientists at the National Audubon Society estimate that millions of birds generally seen in North America no longer exist, and that some species have declined by as much as 80 percent.  But apparently the scientists studying bird deformities have not consulted the scientists studying the disappearing of birds.
 Dr. Joseph Mercola, an osteopathic physician, who runs a health care clinic and publishes blogs on proper health care, is especially concerned about the hazards of cell phones, not just to birds, but to people as well.   He writes that in 2007 there were four billion cell phones in use on earth––all carrying radio waves injurious to birds.   Further, he insists, “It’s already known that birds living near mobile phone base stations do not breed well. It’s also known that exposure to these frequencies causes disorientation in migratory birds.”  Dr. Mercola also writes that if the truth were out, cell phones are more dangerous to people than cigarettes.  But he doubts that this truth will come out because of the far reaching political power of the telecommunications industry.  He warns that people should avoid using cell phones, and especially protect children from doing so.

 Not only is something horribly wrong in earth’s ecosystems that causes the death and deformation of birds.  Something is also horribly wrong in the scientific community when separate and isolated research, disjointed communication, and political reticence prevents scientists and government funders from doing the  joint in-depth research necessary to find solutions for these bird maladies.   But if Dr. Mercola is right, the results may be that people would be asked to give up billions of cell phones around the world.  And most cell phone users would probably think that this suggestion is for the birds.

 The Bible speaks often about wisdom, pointing out that when man’s knowledge is inadequate, believers should seek God’s wisdom (1 Corinthians 2: 5).  Undoubtedly with a world gone mad with destructive cell phones, global warming, man’s betrayal of the animal kingdom, swiftly rising sea levels, and other man-made disorders, Christians should consider which body of wisdom and knowledge on which to rely––man’s ideas or God’s Word.  Certainly, these issues need thought while sharing gifts of Christian clothing wholesale during this Christmas season.

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The Mystery of Bird Deformities and Other Negligence

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:33 PM
November 16, 2010

Scientists in several parts of the country are mystified by the strange outbreak of bird deformities, such as twisted or elongated beaks, and mis-shapened wings.  Because of the extremely high rate of bird abnormalities in this decade, scientists fear that bird species are under attack by some sort of epidemic, which they refer to as “epizootic.”  While the outbreak of strange beak formations, particularly acute in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, has gotten the greatest media attention, biologists elsewhere have also been concerned about crippling wing, as well as skin and feather, abnormalities.  These deformities make it difficult for affected birds to eat, clean feathers, reproduce, or care for their young.

 The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) issued a dire Press Release this week about what scientists label, “Avian Keratin Disorder.” USGS biologist Colleen Handel, warns “The prevalence of these strange deformities is more than ten times what is normally expected in a wild bird population. . . . We are particularly concerned because we have not yet been able to determine the cause, despite testing for the most likely culprits.”  Further, the Press Release issues alarms that this disorder is spreading, and that it may well be a forewarning of “underlying environmental health problems.”  Dr. Handel states in a paper for The Auk Journal, “The sudden appearance of a large cluster of animals with gross abnormalities may signal a significant change in an ecosystem.”  Changes so drastic in ecosystems as to massively affect the only animals living in the upper air will surely affect animals and humans living closer to solid ground.
 The scientific world is more aware of Global Warming than others.  Thus, it is surprising that these avian abnormalities have caught scientists off guard.  While most suspect that polluted environments have caused these bird diseases, others call for research into heavy metals, toxins, defective bird foods, bacteria, viruses or fungi for reasons.  But at the rate this avian disorder is spreading, birds may not have time for science to find the answers, much less the solutions.

 These bird deformities are just one more message from the world of nature that something is horribly wrong in the earth.  The problem is that people, especially those in authority, are not taking these warnings seriously.   Several Bible passages indicate that what happens in the animal kingdom serves as metaphors for the future of human beings.  For example, Ecclesiastes 9: 12 says, “ . . . as the birds that are caught in the snare; so are the sons of men snared in an evil time, when it falleth suddenly upon them.”  And rather than ignoring messages from birds, Deuteronomy 22: 6 indicates that people should be protective of birds! As believers change to warmer Christian clothing wholesale this winter, it is past time to call on God in prayer, asking that these evil times in the animal kingdom do not come to roost, falling suddenly on people nesting comfortably in the nation.

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Business Honors Science Only When Profitable

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:33 PM
September 27, 2010

It should be apparent to all observers that the world of corporate business only has respect for science when the latter can serve its greed for massive profits. The medical field advances as if controlled by drug, insurance, and other businesses in medical related fields.  Even the space program thrives because of  supposed new inventions that space travel has provided for corporate successes.  Unless business interests can see a dollar involved, it generally ignores other aspects of science.  But this is not the case when it comes scientific views about Global Warming.   Here the two are locked in bitter divorce.  Most corporate scions , and the politicians they support, insists that scientific studies about Global Warming are whacky, that the earth is not unduly warm, and that evidences to the contrary are merely normal courses of nature, soon to straighten themselves out.

 Politicians are for the most part stymied.  Some may make powerless appearance to side with science, while behind the scenes accepting corporate donations for next-election survival.  But the power of the ballot box can easily move politicians to side with the clean cool air, clean water, side of science.  Yet that force of public pressure so far seems to have been impeded.  And that fault lies with media’s unwillingness to fully explore and expose scientific findings about Global Warming.  America’s media is after-all a body of corporations, almost wholly funded by other corporations.

 The blog Climate Progress explains that misinformation, obfuscation and political manipulation in the nation’s media has resulted in six areas of weakened public response to the problems of Global Warming, including:  “The earth is not warming and/or; Humans are not a major cause of whatever warming is occurring and/or; The problem is not an urgent one because the impacts are distant and tolerable and/or; The solution is painful if not impossible with existing technologies anyway and/or;  Adaptation is a better strategy than mitigation and/or; It’s just too damn late!”  These dark coordinated symphonies tend to keep most of the public either confused or in denial about Global Warming, while at the same time, they live daily under its increasing diseases, devastations and devious results.

 The Bible clearly states that “the love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6: 10).   As believers don christian clothing wholesale this Fall, they should remember that God expects His people not to be deceived by the flimflam of evil men who would willingly let millions of people die so that the few of them can acquire more wealth and power.  Another verse says, “My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).  However, that verse goes on to say that the same people willfully reject even the knowledge they could have.   Surely it is understood that such intentional rejection can only lead to judgment!

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Horses Then, Now and Forever

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:57 AM
September 20, 2010

In this age of technology and the demise of great literature, man’s inventions push symbolism’s meaning back stage.   This neglect, however, does not obviate centuries of truth.  For eons, the number of horses a nation, and particularly its army, owned marked the level of that nation’s wealth.   But the invention of automobiles, gasoline war machines, oil powered tractors and mass transportation changed man dependence upon horses for survival.

 India, where horses have always been an integral part of their culture,  has found a use for their famous Marwari Horses as a great tourist attraction.  England likewise uses its horses to bring in foreign wealth, as well as to preserve hundreds of years of British culture.  The crown keeps symbolic horses before the public eye. There are horse trails, horse shows and numerous other horse activities.  In Scotland, riding lessons and proper horse care are part of profitable vacation spots.

  Surely, in this country, smart people could come up with enhancing ways to teach children and adults about horses; to build horse trails; to teach rodeo riding, etc.––all sorts of activities involving these animals which are such an integral part of this nation’s history.  But, instead, as the blog points out,  not known by the general public, all sorts of horses live in danger of being sacrificed for the dining pleasure of people and other animals:  “No horse is safe from slaughter. Children’s ponies, show horses, family horses, retired show horses, or horses from families who just can’t afford them any longer are all at risk of being slaughtered for human consumption.”

 Many animals are symbolic figures in the Bible, but perhaps none more so than the horse.  A spirit horse and chariot bore Elijah to heaven alive; angels on horseback brought symbolic messages to Zechariah;  Satan’s chief angels are seen bringing destruction to earth on various hued horses in The Book of Revelation.  And in the same Book, The Lord Jesus is seen returning to earth with His great army of believers––all riding on horseback.  Thus, one can but conclude that there are myriads of horses in heaven, just as there are––or at least should be––on earth.    

        Jesus will return to earth riding on a white horse, as will His followers:  “And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him [was] called Faithful and True, . . . .  And the armies [which were] in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.  . . . And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.” (Rev. 19: 11, 14, 19).  In these end-times, spirit horses will not just be symbols but realities on earth.  Surely, while adorning gifts of Christian clothing wholesale for the holidays, people of good will can think of ways to change the status of this nation’s horses, especially in view of those heavenly horses soon to touch down upon this earth.

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