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But California Bedbugs Would Meet Themselves Coming Back

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:31 AM
December 8, 2010

Of course those bedbugs who made it from New York to California would only be meeting their cousins coming back from Hawaii.  On his blog, Attorney Wayne Parsons, who practices in the Aloha state, says that Hawaii especially has a horrible bedbug problem, and that hotels work very hard there to keep the matter away from the media.  Parsons insists that such secrecy is unfair to tourists, and that the bug problem will ultimately affect that state’s tourist industry, if it is not dealt with.  He is hopeful that the federal government’s involvement will give more guidance to state and business health officials.

 Parsons gives some tips from Victoria Fickle, an entomologist with the State of Hawaii Department of Health, for travelers to protect themselves from bedbugs: 1) Remove all sheets and inspect mattresses when first going to a hotel looking for any bugs or blood spots, even pull beds away from walls and check wall areas; 2) Don’t keep suitcases near hotel beds or store clothes on hotel furniture; 3) Keep suitcases zipped at all times; 4) When leaving the hotel, put belongings in sealed plastic bags; 5) When returning home, wash all clothes and dry them at highest possible temperatures.  If items can’t be washed, put them in zip-top bags and place in the freezer for several days; 6) Vacuum suitcases and travel bags, being especially mindful of seams and corners;  7) Do these things immediately and at the first signs of bedbugs––get professional help.  This help is needed, because perhaps the biggest problem with bedbug attacks is the emotional strain it has on the victims.

 Reports from various victims indicate that this emotional strain drives people to drastic measures.  One couple being ferociously attacked by bedbugs finally moved out of their long-term leased New York apartment, gave up their aspirations for Broadway, and returned to their birthplace in the South.  They simply couldn’t take it any more. Exodus 8: 21 should be added to other examples from Scripture on bedbugs:  “Else, if thou wilt not let my people go, behold, I will send swarms of FLIES upon thee, and upon thy servants, and upon thy people, and into thy houses: and the houses of the Egyptians shall be full of swarms of FLIES, and also the ground whereon they are.” Again, as explained in several past blogs, the term “flies” means various kinds of attacking insects.   As believers shop for wholesale Christian gifts this holiday, perhaps some of those gifts should be pretested for these bugs.  On the other hand, good Bible translations that make God’s requirements and intentions clear would also make great gifts.

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Bedbugs Have Crawled From New York to California

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:24 AM
December 7, 2010

Hot News Flash!  Turn on the Presses!  Call out the internet Newspaper Boys!  Headline: Bedbugs Now Invading California.  Yes, they have made it all the way across the country, from New York to the Midwest and South––by plane, train or automobile––and they have landed by droves onto California’s shores.  Yes, they have even set up camp in swanky Hollywood and multi-millionaire Beverly Hills.
 Martha Groves, reports in the Los Angeles Times December 4th edition that Los Angeles county officials say that they are getting some 55 cases of bedbug infections reported a month, and that with Christmas gift giving, and holiday travel, they expect the problem to explode next year.

 L.A. County Public Health Director, Jonathan E. Fielding told Groves that these pests are “very good hitchhikers” that can be transported on luggage, clothing, beds, furniture and other items.  He added that they hide out in draperies, pillows, stereos and television sets, and can go undetected because adults can go without food for even a year.  Another California official added that––in addition to the importing of foreign goods, and excess numbers of Americans traveling overseas––massive surges of immigrants into the United States, whether legal or illegal, could be responsible for this seemingly unstoppable bug attack.

 And of course, there have been no solutions reported from the Environmental Protection Agency’s umteenth Bedbug Conference held earlier this year.  Reports simply say that attendance was overflowing with even standing room attendees crowding people out.  As for reported solutions, or new scientific findings––no news of any kind.

 Each time this blog publishes reports about bedbug attacks, it is to remind readers that insect attacks are distinct signs of God’s judgment.  Thus, as this nation sees increasing invasions from destructive insects, such as bedbugs, stink bugs, locusts, head lice, etc., obvious Bible Scriptures come to mind.  Online Bible lessons explain that, when discussing Israel’s deliverance from slavery in Egypt, these various types of insects are usually included in the term “flies” in Bible translations.  Two verses in Psalms are examples:  “He sent divers sorts of FLIES among them, which devoured them; . . . .” (78: 45) And “He spake, and there came divers sorts of FLIES, [and] lice in all their coasts.” (105: 31).  The term “divers sorts” means various kinds.  Thus, bedbugs are easily included in the barrage of insects that attacked Egypt.   The point is that “divers sorts” of flies now attack the United States and one should pray for answers as to “why!”

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Update on Bed Bug Invasions

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:41 PM
October 27, 2010

Well, even the major press is now reporting on the country’s bed bug invasion.  And what draws their attention?  Not that these pests now appear in most states of the union, where they radically resist extermination.  Not that scientific research has not produced effective pesticides to war against them.  Not that most cities and states are loathe to advertise their existence, or to finance research investigating the bugs’ rise.  Not that the scientific community is not agreed that these bugs do not spread disease.  But the fact that the bed bug invasion scare is now hurting the tourist and shopping industries of New York City––during its most lucrative time for business, the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays!
 In fact, major media’s slight handling of the matter could well be based on the locations and affiliations of those reporting the news about bugs attacking NYC––even in the Waldorf Astoria and Wall Street Journal offices.  News media in Miami, Toronto, Chicago and several other cities in Europe and Asia have carried the story.  And one must wonder if a motive could be to have potential tourists shunning New York come to their town for the holidays instead.  Moreover, several stories about these bugs have strangely disappeared from the internet, as if political or other officials do not want it publicly known that the bugs have come to town.  For instance, camps have been shut down in northeastern states because children have returned home complaining of bed bug bites.  Other cities don’t report that the bugs have even moved into rich suburban communities across the country.

 Only an energetic blog reporter on, who says that the information comes from an entomologist, has gotten to one of the best explanations available about this bug uprising:  the bugs come with foreign imports of items now sold in America’s stores.  This bug expert says that this is why so many stores in New York, New Jersey and elsewhere have had to shut down until the bugs could be controlled––because everything they sell, like towels, sheets, clothes, etc.––are not made in the United States, but come instead from places like China, Indonesia, etc.  And in most of these exporting nations, bed bugs are no big deal!

 Yahoo Daily News reports that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is holding another Bed Bug Conference before the year is out, but time and place have not been announced.  Perhaps, EPA is not sure if the public should know that these bedbugs now resist all known pesticides, including the already-banned DDT.  Perhaps, they also do not want to shed light on the possibility that by importing things NOT made in the U.S.A., politicians and businesses have not only hurt the nation’s economy, but may well have affected its health.   This blog site speaks often about bug invasions in the Book of Exodus in wholesale Christian Bibles.  In God’s Word, there are no effective cover-ups, for It shines the light on all hidden things forever!  Now is a good time to read about bug  judgments in Exodus.

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More Spreading Bug Attacks

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:07 PM
September 30, 2010

This blog has often warned readers that the United States is under a series of bug attacks (see prior blogs on bedbugs, lice, locusts, etc. in files––as well as blogs on disappearing honeybees).   And our writers have also insisted that these attacks are absolute signs of the end-times.  For any readers who are still skeptical, we present the newest bug invasion––Stink Bugs.  While some researchers say that these gruesome bugs are only restricted to the East Coast, other reports say that these stinkers are now in all of the lower 48 states.  Scientists are working frantically to find effective extermination methods for these creatures, but so far they have not succeeded.  Whenever attacked, these shield-shaped creatures simply retaliate by releasing horrendous odors on their attackers.

 Not native to this country, stink bugs were somehow imported from Japan.  They have survived in the U.S. in such abundant numbers because they have no native enemies.  Birds and other animals avoid them because, when grabbed, they release awesomely awful––and very long lasting––smells.  Stink bugs have odd bodies, can come in different sizes, change colors during their life-time, are shaped like miniature shields, and can be a half inch or longer.  While they usually ruin gardens and farm acreage in droves, as cold weather sets in, they fight to get inside warm houses, where, once encamped, they reside in massive numbers.

 Stink bugs have been particularly devastating in Maryland and Virginia.   And they have also swarmed in multiple places around Washington, D.C.  University of Washington entomologist, Mike Raupp in explaining the bug’s explosive growth, said:  “I think this is going to be biblical this year . . .”  According to David W. Freeman of C.B.S. News, “Authorities in Pennsylvania are calling the bug invasions there an epidemic.”  Freeman also reports that, according to Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, these bugs have reportedly destroyed large swaths of apple, soybean, corn and other crops in their march across the country.

 Simultaneously, grasshopper populations are increasing in several areas; and the government’s agricultural advisers have been warning farmers and ranchers of a coming locust invasion.  As reported in other blogs at this site, all types of bugs, called “flies” and “locusts,” were included in the accursed insect invasions in The Book of Exodus.   As believers prepare for the change in season wearing wholesale Christian sweatshirts, they should also double-up in prayers of protection for home and work site against these insect invasions.

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Write More About Disappearing Bees

posted by Aunt Bea @ 12:55 PM
September 30, 2010

I agree a lot with what Jael says. But she hasn’t written anything about the Disappearing Bees in a long while. As I somewhat share a name with these critters, I decided to do some research about them myself. Well Jeff Pettis, Research Leader at the United States Department of Agriculture Laboratory expects this year to be far worse than the last four years. Since 2007, beekeepers have lost about a third of their bees to what they call CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder, and he expects 2010 will be much worse than the other years.

Pettis says that they still don’t know what is killing the bees, but it seems to be coming from more than one source. And the Disappearing Honey & Honey Bees sight says that these bee problems are in countries around the world. And with 100 different commercial crops depending on bees for their pollination skills, the Department of Agriculture has funded scientists with 14 million dollars to find out the causes for CCD. So far it hasn’t worked.

Well I’m gonna search for some bee designs at wholesale Christian sweatshirts so that I can tell people to keep praying for bees. Cause everybody must know that if growers don’t have bees to spread crops from place to place, eventually people won’t have food to eat.

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Have You Heard The Latest News About . . . .?

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:12 AM
September 23, 2010

Because excessive numbers of bed bugs have spread to every state in the union, specialists came together for a huge Bed Bug Conference outside of Chicago this week. More than 400 people attended the sold-out confab. Several bug scientists, or entomologists, were scheduled to speak. An organization called BedBug Central organized the event. Its president, Phillip Cooper says: “This summit will provide a sophisticated level of information to a variety of industries . . . .” But so far that information has not been made available to the public. Until news comes, one must assume that science has no answer for these galloping bugs, other than to continue to shell out money to exterminators for treatments that may not work.

And have you heard of that a theologian philosopher published a thesis in the New York Times arguing that eliminating (i.e. by execution) all Meat Eating animals on earth would solve all of our problems? Its true. Unfortunately, such educated advice was published in the New York Times on September 29th. Kill them all, Dr. Jeff McMahan says, and then let the remaining animals survive by foraging what vegetation they can find. Of course, that would mean killing all the pet dogs and cats that Americans love, because they eat meat too. McMahan says that such drastic steps are necessary as animals are suffering greatly, because people have not solved the “problem of evil.” One must wonder if

And have you heard that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told an audience in Portland, Oregon, last month: “We have a moral obligation to preserve the planet.” As reported by Laurence Lewis in the Daily Kos, while she toured a newly weatherized home, the Speaker said that the issue of Global Warming must move beyond politics: “We have to be thinking about the next generation, not the next election and that is what this conversation is about.” As the third highest elected official in the country, she certainly has the power to push through more legislation affecting Global Warming.

Whether its bed bugs, meat eating animals or Global Warming, it is obvious that no one person or group of people have all the answers for the state of Global Warming that the nation and the world is in today. Today is the first day of Autumn. Time is rushing on toward eternity. Isaiah 11: 2 lists wisdom and understanding as two of the seven attributes of God’s Holy Spirit. As families get children ready for school in their wholesale Christian kids t-shirts, let everyone pray that God would give more of His Spirit’s wisdom and understanding to leaders so that the destruction nations now face may be reversed.

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Oh, oh But Bed Bugs ARE Biting

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:38 PM
September 2, 2010

Bed bugs are making a come back in major North American regions, such as New York, Toronto, Illinois, South Dakota and Hawaii, as well as in other major areas in Australia, Europe and parts of  Asia and Africa.  “The results of the 2010 Comprehensive Global Bed Bug Study suggest that we are on the threshold of a bed bug pandemic, not just in the United States but around the world,” said Missy Henriksen, Vice President of Public Affairs for National Pest Management Association.  And entomologists are at a loss to explain their explosive growth. New Yorkers have been especially bugged by the pests which are now invading office buildings and retail stores, not just sleeping quarters. Citizen outcries recently moved New York officials to set aside $ 500,000 just for bed bug control.
 Some possible reasons given for the explosive growth of bedbugs around the world include:  migration of illegal aliens from poorer countries; more world travel, bringing such bugs from far away places; changes in bed bug habits, no longer limiting habitats to beds, but moving to work places;  younger generations unfamiliar with these insects, once common in the U.S.; growth of the purchase of secondhand merchandise; national prohibition against stronger pesticides such as DDT that could eradicate bed bugs and halt their return for at least a year.

 But entomologists and pest control professionals have no idea why these insects have increased so dramatically.  They admit that bedbugs are a mystery,  attacking civilizations and then leaving at will.  The bugs lay between 5 to 12 eggs a day, with hatchlings in just 21 days, each one living for up to a year. Moreover, experts disagree as to whether or not bedbugs inflict or spread diseases.  According to Medical Entomologists at Purdue University, “At least 27 agents of human disease have been found in bed bugs, including viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and parasitic worms. None of these agents reproduce or multiply within bed bugs, and very few survive for any length of time inside a bed bug. There is no evidence that bed bugs are involved in the transmission (via bite or infected feces) of any disease agent, including hepatitis B virus and HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.”  This is the diagnosis that health officials around the world hope to be true.

 However, Dr. Robert A. Schwartz, Professor of Dermatology, Pathology at the New Jersey Medical School states that “Bedbugs may be a vector for hepatitis B6 and, in endemic areas, for American trypanosomiasis (Chagas disease),” and can cause anaphylactoid reactions as well.  Moreover, Dr. Haisook’s Medicopedia states that these creatures can allegedly cause Hepatitis B Virus, and of course lead to nervousness and insomnia.  A close study of the Book of Exodus in wholesale Christian Bibles would help to solve the mystery.  Worldwide insect invasions should be seen as a sign of the end times, and should be so interpreted by those Christians who closely study God’s Word!

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