More Spreading Bug Attacks

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:07 PM
September 30, 2010

This blog has often warned readers that the United States is under a series of bug attacks (see prior blogs on bedbugs, lice, locusts, etc. in files––as well as blogs on disappearing honeybees).   And our writers have also insisted that these attacks are absolute signs of the end-times.  For any readers who are still skeptical, we present the newest bug invasion––Stink Bugs.  While some researchers say that these gruesome bugs are only restricted to the East Coast, other reports say that these stinkers are now in all of the lower 48 states.  Scientists are working frantically to find effective extermination methods for these creatures, but so far they have not succeeded.  Whenever attacked, these shield-shaped creatures simply retaliate by releasing horrendous odors on their attackers.

 Not native to this country, stink bugs were somehow imported from Japan.  They have survived in the U.S. in such abundant numbers because they have no native enemies.  Birds and other animals avoid them because, when grabbed, they release awesomely awful––and very long lasting––smells.  Stink bugs have odd bodies, can come in different sizes, change colors during their life-time, are shaped like miniature shields, and can be a half inch or longer.  While they usually ruin gardens and farm acreage in droves, as cold weather sets in, they fight to get inside warm houses, where, once encamped, they reside in massive numbers.

 Stink bugs have been particularly devastating in Maryland and Virginia.   And they have also swarmed in multiple places around Washington, D.C.  University of Washington entomologist, Mike Raupp in explaining the bug’s explosive growth, said:  “I think this is going to be biblical this year . . .”  According to David W. Freeman of C.B.S. News, “Authorities in Pennsylvania are calling the bug invasions there an epidemic.”  Freeman also reports that, according to Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, these bugs have reportedly destroyed large swaths of apple, soybean, corn and other crops in their march across the country.

 Simultaneously, grasshopper populations are increasing in several areas; and the government’s agricultural advisers have been warning farmers and ranchers of a coming locust invasion.  As reported in other blogs at this site, all types of bugs, called “flies” and “locusts,” were included in the accursed insect invasions in The Book of Exodus.   As believers prepare for the change in season wearing wholesale Christian sweatshirts, they should also double-up in prayers of protection for home and work site against these insect invasions.

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