New Health Crisis in West Africa: Ebola Virus “Out of Control”

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July 9, 2014

ebola-guinea-spreading    Health officials around the world are increasingly alarmed this week by the uncontrollable growth of Ebola virus cases spreading throughout West Africa. When the outbreak began in March, medical officials thought it was under control, but it has doubled back to become the biggest spread of Ebola since 1976.

Yesterday, reports: “Fifty new cases of Ebola and 25 deaths have been reported in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea since 3 July, as the deadly virus continues to spread in families, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

“In a statement, the UN agency said that the latest figures from health ministries in the three countries showed a total of 844 cases including 518 deaths in the epidemic that began in February.” describes Ebola symptoms: “. . . this alarming disease appears with a serious fever and headache. The patients are exhausted all the time and vomit too much.  Diarrhea and cough accompanied by bleeding are not seldom and  90% of infected persons die and currently 40% of dead people are health care workers.”

AP reporter, Sarah DiLorenzo, quotes senior officials from Doctors Without Borders that “Ebola in West Africa is totally out of control,” that it is in its second wave, and that more international organizations and governments must send in more health experts to combat the outbreak.

Because the disease is spreading to new areas in Guinea, Sierra Leona and Liberia, leaders from eleven West African countries and their ‘global health partners’ held emergency meetings in Accra, Ghana, to agree on “a basic strategy to battle the disease and agreeing on a list of challenges they need to tackle.”

In a statement after this meeting, WHO says:  “ . . . between July 1 and 2, the three countries reported 21 more cases and 14 more deaths, pushing the outbreak total to 779 illnesses, including 481 deaths. Guinea reported 2 deaths, Liberia reported 8 cases and 10 deaths, and Sierra Leone reported 13 cases and 2 deaths.

Officials in various states disagree on the source of the illness.  According to AFP News Service, this disease could be spread through what is known as ‘bush meat’: “Late in March, Health Minister Raymonde Goudou Coffie called for her compatriots to stop eating porcupines and agoutis, which look like large river-rats, ‘until we can be sure’ there are no risks.

“Bushmeat is known to be a vector of Ebola, the alarming hemorrhagic fever that has claimed at least 122 lives in Ebola-spread-through-bushmeatGuinea, according to a UN World Health Organization toll on April 17 Liberia, meanwhile, reports 13 deaths.”

But a WHO spokesperson claims: “This means that the two main modes of transmission are home care, people who care for their relative at home, and during funerals, are still ongoing. If we don’t stop the transmission in the several hotspots in the three countries we will not be able to say that we control the outbreak.”

In ‘Deadly Ebola Virus Could Hit Britain,’ Jessica Haworth of the Daily Star  writes: “It is feared passengers flying into Paris might carry the disease and could bring it to the UK if they travel on to London using the Eurostar.” She mentions Paris because most of the affect countries remain in French colonial spheres.

Ebola is just one of many diseases foretold in Bible prophecies that would hit earth in these last days: “And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed The Name of God, Which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give Him glory (Revelation 16: 9).” Yes, it is time for repentance!

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