Exodus Plaque Increases: Giant Hornets Kill People & Food Suppliers

posted by Dr Ad Versery and Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 14:50 PM
October 4, 2013

hornets-China    Because of Global Warming, giant hornets in the Shaanxi province of China have killed some 40 people and insured upwards of 500 more.  These killer insects have also spread to Europe where they decimate honey bees necessary for food.

Matt writes in 1913 Intel:  “The population of Asian giant hornets (vespa mandarinia), as they’re known, has surged largely because of climate change, says the Shaanxi Provincial Forestry Department.

“The average winter temperature in Ankang rose 1.10 in the span of a few years alone, allowing more hornets to survive the winter. And it’s not just China; rising temperatures are behind the spread of another deadly Chinese hornets species, vespa velutina, in South Korea and Europe.”

Gwynn Guilford includes China in her report ‘Thank You Global Warming: Giant Hornets are Killing Dozens in China and Eating Bees Across Europe:’ “ . . . the havoc climate change is wreaking on rural China . . . Being stung feels ‘like a hot nail through my leg,’ as one entomologist put it, and their venom can dissolve skin. They’re fast too, flying up to 25 miles per hour. They’re also the largest hornets on the planet, reaching 2.2 inches.” large-Hornet-marks

Andres Jauregui explains in ‘Giant Asian Hornets Are Killing People In China, Breeding In Larger Numbers:’ “The hornets . . . have reportedly chased victims for hundreds of meters. . . and stung them as many as 200 times.  The venom from the stings can cause anaphylactic shock and kidney failure.”

These massive hornets are also destroying bees and their hives throughout Europe.  Guilford writes:  “The chief prey of the Chinese hornet? Honeybees. As Global Warming makes more of the world hospitable to Chinese hornets, more honeybees are dying in the beepocalypse. Areas in Europe where they’re likeliest to invade ‘hold among the highest densities of bee-hives in Europe’.”

She insists that, while Japanese honey bees have learned how to resist these giant hornets, European bees have not. “ . . . bee populations in France, where Chinese hornets arrived via a Chinese pottery shipment in 2005, have already taken a hit. Since then, Chinese hornets have spread at a pace of up to 100 km (62 miles) a year. Within the last three years, they’ve invaded Spain, Portugal and Belgium; soon they’ll arrive in Italy and the UK, says the European Environment Agency.”

Those who know Scriptures as Bible Prophecies can now understand the depth of destruction God’s use of insects brought upon Egyptians to force the freedom of His people:

“And the LORD said. . .  Stretch out thy rod, smite the dust of the land, that it may become lice throughout all the land of Egypt. . . . and it became lice in man, and in beast; all the dust of the land became lice throughout all the land of Egypt (Exodus 8: 16 – 17).”

“He spake, and there came divers sorts of flies, and lice in all their coasts. . . He spake, and the locusts came, and caterpillars, and that without number (Psalm 105: 31 – 34.” Surely Giant Hornets were included in that ‘divers sorts of flies.’

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