Wake Up! We’re In the Last Days: Egypt Now: Here Later? Part 2

posted by Sandra Repriestly @ 16:41 PM
August 16, 2013

message-to-obama-no-peace-in-mideast-without-coptic-christians    Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations demanding their leader’s reinstatement are just excuses to continue persecutions of Christians, and consequently take their properties and businesses.  Police and the military, usually of Muslim faith, do little to protect Egypt’s Christians or their church or personal properties.

MidEast Christian News reports: “Islamists have demolished and looted the archaeological monastery of Virgin Mary and Anba Abraam in the Delga village, southern Egypt and said they would turn the monastery into a mosque for prayers.

“Bishop Aghabious of Deir Mawas has sent a call to national and international authorities to request help to save what is remaining of the monastery, which dates back to the fifth century AD.” Muslim looters took anything of value.

A priest of the St. George Coptic Catholic Church said:  “Militants surrounded the ancient church, demolished and looted it. They smashed the icons and the marble inside.”  No one saw security forces trying to stop the pillaging.

Angella Johnson of dailymail.co.uk narrates the ceaseless attacks on a Father Matthew Awad and his family:  “Awad had refused to reveal the whereabouts of a Muslim woman who had converted to Christianity. For this offense, he was assaulted, suffered death threats and barely escaped with his life.”

Egyptian police officers “sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood,” arrested and tortured Awad’s son, Marco, who told the Daily Mail:  “Muslim fundamentalists are killing our priests, kidnapping our women and burning our churches. Since the 2011 revolution, Coptics like me have lived in fear of our lives. I’m being forced to live apart from my family because of my faith.”

Since then his sister Feeby is missing as well.  Marco was only saved because his wife contacted the Egyptian Federation for Human Rights.  When Marco was eventually freed, he was dumped unconscious out of a car.

Head of that Human Rights Federation, Dr. Naguib Gobraiel, a Christian, labels this Nazi-like genocide as ethnic cleansing:  “It’s a pogrom.  I have three sons in their late 20s and they all emigrated with their families since Morsi took egypt-cairo-clashespower. I’ve been threatened with death and my office burned three times.”

He also claims a huge increase in false allegations against Christians, particularly teachers, since the Brotherhood came to power last year, when ex- President Morsi quickly criminalized blasphemy as insulting of Islam.  Gobraiel says Christians receive the most imprisonments for that ‘blasphemy.’

Again, why has U.S. national media not highlighted this news from Egypt?  Whether Morsi is returned or not, this genocide continues––unless the U.S. government steps in with what little influence it has left in Egypt!

Egyptian Christians must take hope in what The LORD Jesus Christ told Apostle Paul, who, before he was converted, persecuted believers:  “And he said unto me, I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom thou persecutest (Acts 22: 8).”  Now here are Bible prophecies for Muslim Brotherhood members.  Judgment Day is coming!

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