Japan’s Radioactive Fish Threatens Other Pacific Seafood!

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February 5, 2013

        On the upcoming two-year anniversary of Japan’s Tepco nuclear plant spill, outrageous levels of radioactivity are found in fish near the plant.  And the best Tepco (the Tokyo Electric Power Company) has come up with is to install nets 12 miles from the factory’s shore in attempts to stop fish from migrating elsewhere.

In ‘Fish Caught Near Crippled Japanese N-plant with 2,500 Times the Legal Limit of Radioactivity for Human Consumption,’ Mark Prigg of mailonline.uk says:  “The levels in the fish are also 10 times higher than the radiation measured last August in scorpion fish caught near Fukushima.”

Moreover, in its story on such high levels of radiation, Reuters News says “Tepco admitted that radiation leaks from its nuclear plant had not fully stopped.”  And ‘Science’ magazine writes, “the levels of cesium in seafood around the disaster-battered area had not decreased since 2011.”

AFP News service reports these high radiation levels were found in a ‘murasoi’ fish, which is similar to rockfish.  Reuters further adds:  “Seafood from the area near Fukushima has turned out to be a health hazard abroad, as well as within the country.  In July, Russia expressed concern over fish caught off its coast near Japan. In May, a contaminated tuna was found near the California coastline.”

Fish travel.  If Tepco’s trash has already reached Hawaii––why not its fish?  But supposedly to stop such fish migration:  “Tepco is installing a new series of nets beneath the surface of the water around the 20 kilometer perimeter in hopes of restricting the migration of the contaminated fish outside of the region.”

Moreover, other fish in the Pacific Ocean may be feeding upon fish so heavily infected with radioactivity.  AFP News insists. “Fishing around Fukushima was halted and the government banned beef, milk, mushrooms and vegetables from being produced in surrounding areas.”  But they can’t ban fish from traveling.

Yet, while Japan’s newly elected Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, advocates that “The clean-up at Fukushima after its tsunami-sparked nuclear meltdowns is unlike anything humanity has ever undertaken,” observers still expect him to restart that island’s nuclear plant program:

“His government said Thursday it would review a pledge by the previous administration to scrap nuclear power within three decades and would give the green light to plants deemed safe by regulators.”

So while he searches for plants deemed safe, the world may indeed be eating fish already contaminated from plants his nation had previously ‘deemed safe’!  This is so much Armageddon madness:  killing us slowly with Tepco’s mistakes.

Japanese are historically proud people.  Despite world-wide condemnation, they still insist on hunting whales even to extinction.  And even though Tepco’s leaks have killed and impoverished his own people, the Prime Minister seeks to restart nuclear power.  Yet Bible prophecies promise:  “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall (Proverbs 16: 18).”

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