NRA Wants the ‘Freedom’ to Kill Other Americans

posted by Jael Ever @ 22:27 PM
December 28, 2012

        NRA leaders demand the freedom to kill Americans and they don’t intend for politicians or courts to take away that ‘right.’  It is not the Second Amendment ‘rights’ they ‘worship,’ it is methods to murder Americans without punishment.

Whatever other purposes the Sandy Hook massacre served U.S. gun manufacturers, it increased their gun sales mightily.  Now, unless officials enact laws, there will be more guns in streets, parks and schools––not less.

Following National Rife Association (NRA) spokesman, Wayne LaPierre’s speech about the Newtown child murders, avid gun buyers have bombarded gun dealers, gun shows and on-line gun sellers to purchase even more deadly weapons.

Joseph Pisani of AP, claims in ‘Gun Sales Surge In Wake Of Newtown Shooting As Panicked Enthusiasts Rush To Stock Up,’ writes: “The phones at gun shops across the country are ringing off the hook. Demand for firearms, ammunition and bulletproof gear has surged since the Dec. 14 massacre in Newtown, . . . sparked calls for tighter gun control measures, especially for military-style assault weapons. . .

“Assault rifles are sold out across the country. Rounds of .223 bullets, like those used in the AR-15 Bushmaster rifle used in Newtown, are scarce. . . Store owners . . .have never seen demand like this before.”

In ‘Tragedy’s Legacy,’ Dr. Garen J. Wintermute, writing for the ‘New England Journal of Medicine,’ correctly points out:  “The United States has become an extreme example of what could well be termed ‘global gunning.’ With less than 5% of the world’s population, we own more than 40% of all the firearms that are in civilians’ hands: 250 million to 300 million weapons, nearly as many as we have people, and they are not going away anytime soon.”

He also argues: “On average, 88 Americans died every day from firearm violence in 2011, and another 202 were seriously injured. In 2012, for the first time, there will probably be more firearm-related homicides and suicides than motor vehicle traffic fatalities.”

Tragically AP reports that Chicago has reached a milestone with 500 gun violence homicides.  Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy spoke of the tragic milestone:  “a tragic number that is reflective of the gang violence and proliferation of illegal guns that have plagued some of our neighborhoods.”

An example of the NRA’s longed-for privilege to murder is the ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws in Florida where two young men were gunned down this year by killers claiming they had ‘the right’ to ‘protect themselves.’

If national and state officials do not put a stop to this perpetual gun mania, our nation as we know and love it will soon be over-taken by violent chaos.  As Bible prophecies foretell:  “. . . the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence (Ezekiel 7: 23).”  Yet the power of prayer is greater than the NRA’s!

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