Is U. S. Ready? SARS, Viruses, Flu & Other Diseases, Part 3

posted by Maleekie Ambularie @ 7:00 AM
September 24, 2012

        While some experts believe new pandemics can hit the United States, most are doubtful.  Yet the doubters cannot explain rising flu statistics, flu’s attendant diseases, and new unexplainable viruses and bacteria attacking U.S. citizens.

Zachary Thompson, Dallas County Health Department Director, argues wealthier cities can clean neglected pools and other sites for mosquito breeding to fight West Nile Virus, but poor cities cannot.  Most inner-cities remain filled with abandoned houses in which mosquitoes breed in tires, trash cans and other receptacles holding stagnant water.

Also, researchers reporting in the Journal of the American Medical Association warn that swine flu brings victims ‘a small but significant risk of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a dangerous paralyzing nerve disorder.  Others from British Columbia University write in Medical News Today that the same flu can also end in crippling Parkinson’s disease, with chances doubling later in life.

In addition, two more mysterious illnesses are circulating around the world.  What doctors call an AIDS-like disease that attacks immune systems, is not inherited or transferred sexually, and usually attacks victims over 50.  The Associated Press says this mystery disease is active in Asia and the United States.

Another medical mystery is the deadly superbug that has broken out in one of the most pristine hospitals in the world:  The National Institutes of Health Clinical Center.  The Washington Post says some 20 victims have been hit with this antibiotic-resistant strain that started in New York a year ago, and seven have died.

Most of these diseases are what doctors call zoonoses, because they can jump from animals to human beings.  HIV, Ebola, SARS, Hantaviruses, etc. all attach to human beings from animal environments.  And, apparently few of these can easily pass from people to people.

However, in ‘Anticipating the Next Pandemic,’ David Quammen assures that the U.S. is ‘probably’ no where near a pandemic.  His reasons: Hantavirus usually only transfers from mouse to mouse, unless humans in cramped areas breathe in their dust; Ebola will probably stay only in Africa, and SARS only in Asia, etc.  He does admit that the next pandemic will probably come from a virus.  And yes, he does admit that the next one IS coming.

All the invasions from nature affecting Egypt in the Book of Exodus (Chapters 7 through 12)––flies, dead fish flooding bloody waters, lice, animal infections, diseased dust, fire-filled storms, plant-eating locusts––now threaten the United States and the world.

These events in Exodus are Bible prophecies foretelling end-time judgments for unrepentant nations.  Pharaoh could have softened his heart, and yielded to obey the righteousness God.  Nations have the same opportunity today.

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