USDA Reopens California Slaughter House, No Safe Food Mention

posted by Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 20:17 PM
August 28, 2012

      Without mention of meat from sick dormant cows possibly entering the food chain, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reopened the Central Valley Meat Company in Hanford, California, on promises that employees would be better trained––and major media gave its stamp of approval.

Rather than dealing with obviously sick animals seen in Compassion Over Killing’s videoed undercover operation, the whole incident was reduced to ‘animal cruelty,’ with USDA concluding that cows suffered ‘unacceptable treatment.’

Only an Associated Press article stresses that the plant’s reopening came about because “three Central California congressmen asked the federal government to reopen the slaughterhouse.  They cited the region’s high unemployment.”

Questions:  Why does the largest press association in the country allow these congressmen to go un-named?  And why does Reuters, the second largest press association stress the meat company’s line: “the closure of its facility caused economic hardship for the 450 people that work at the family-run plant,” so that unemployment rather than food safety becomes the major issue.

Los Angeles Times reporter David Zahniser summarizes new agency rules presented by Aaron Lavalee, USDA’s Food and Safety Inspection Service: “Only properly trained employes” can use electric prods on cattle, and that sparingly avoiding cows face or “sensitive parts;” and requiring employees to be retrained on  “humane treatment of animals” every month.

Zahniser’s is one of few media’s articles that even touches on sick animals:  “Barring the company from receiving “non-ambulatory” cows, or those that cannot stand or walk. If they become non-ambulatory on the way to the plant they must be humanely stunned or euthanized.”

But still nothing about why animals can’t walk or stand.  Without wording about what happens to the meat from these ‘non-ambulatory’ animals, it can only be assumed that this meat goes into America’s food chain.

Erica Meier, head of Compassion Over Killing, says:  “We shouldn’t forget that many of the so-called corrective measures are steps that slaughter plants should already be taking in order to ensure compliance with federal law.”

Apparently none of Central Valley’s contracts with In-N-Out Burger, McDonalds, the National School Lunch Program, Jack in the Box, Burger King and other fast food chains have renewed their contracts with the meat company.

This is all a major con job on the American people.  Instead of food safety and animal cruelty, the company’s public relations machine turned it into an issue of “450 employees returning to work after a one-week closure that put an even greater strain on a community suffering from double-digit unemployment.”

And everyone is happy!  End of story!  Major media should be ashamed of itself!  Thankfully, Bible prophecies promise that those who kill or sicken others with tainted meat––as well as those who aid and abet them––will receive eternal judgment: “For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil (Ecclesiastes 12: 14).”

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