New Style Fascism: If Greece Comes Apart, Can the Euro Stand?

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 22:13 PM
May 15, 2012

Politicians and economists around the world are keeping a wary eye on Greece.   They know that a misstep in Greece could topple the already fragile European economy, plunging the continent into a deep recession, and threatening financial stability in every country, including the United States.

While European leaders outside of Greece may disregard the possibilities of Greece jumping out of the euro financial system, leaders within the country fear rioting and chaos on the streets, in addition to collapse in their financial markets.

Theodoros Pangalos, leader of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement and Vice President of Greece, told England’s Sunday Telegraph that he is “very much afraid of what is going to happen” in view of last week’s elections when voters rejected Germany’s austerity plan.

Pangalos is particularly concerned about the fascists tendencies of police officers who may soon have to confront violent rioters in the streets:  “In the places where the police voted, the fascists got 25 per cent.  They are a serious threat. They have used violence already – you don’t know where it will stop.”

Then the Greek leader gets even more ominous:  “You know how it happened in Germany––it started with the Jews, then the Communists, then everybody––it could happen here.

“This is the country, after the Soviet Union and Germany itself, with the biggest percentage of Second World War casualties in its population. We will be in wild bankruptcy, out-of-control bankruptcy. The state will not be able to pay salaries and pensions. This is not recognized by the citizens. We have got until June before we run out of money.”

The Market Oracle adds that the entire eurozone system could disintegrate:  “Greece exiting the Euro-zone would crash the banking system as banks across the euro-zone start to fail domino style as a consequence of their direct exposure to . . . Greek debt . . . which will put immediate pressure on all of the other weak Euro-zone members, with Spain and Portugal the next targets for exit . . .”

But, he adds, if Greece were not in the eurozone, it could devalue its currency, stop importing services from Germany that it cannot afford, and resume its tourism export market.  In the end, he says, Greece would be much better off.

What seemed to be a good idea––open trade, free borders and nation equal to nation in respect and collaboration––is nearing collapse because of Germany’s dominance.  History is repeating itself.  Thus, Bible prophecies tell us to prepare for World War III and the last Hitler, or the coming anti-Christ:  “Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antiChrist shall come . . . (1 John 2: 18).

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