New and Old Diseases Trotting Around the Globe At Will

posted by Maleekie Ambularie @ 22:33 PM
October 19, 2011

Health officials sound alarm that diseases long thought contained–as well as new virus-ridden attacks–are springing up around the world.  Polio, new and old strains of Swine and Bird Flu, drug-resistant Staphylococcus, cholera, encephalitis, some in very threatening numbers, around the world.

After years of assuming it had been eradicated, health officials are astounded that polio has broken out in the Africa and Asia.  After declaring that its country was polio free, China has started a massive vaccination campaign against the disease.  Because polio is easily spread from one child to another, China health workers are giving children polio vaccinations in homes, schools, transportation centers, where ever they can be found.

Helen Briggs, BBC News Health Editor, says: “Genetic studies show the virus came across the border from neighboring Pakistan. Polio still has a foothold in Pakistan, along with three other countries – India, Afghanistan and Nigeria.”  But the site,, adds the nations of Central Africa Republic, Chad, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to that list.

Moreover, a new strain of Swine Flu has emerged.  This one is known as H3N2.  At last report, three victims in Pennsylvania and one in Indiana, have been sickened by it.  According to John Tudor, a microbiologist at Florida’s St. Joseph’s University, reveals:  “All of the cases involved children who were exposed to pigs, or were exposed to other people who had contact with pigs.”  He insists, however, that there is no evidence that H3N2 can travel from human to human.

The better known H1N1 Swine Flu has swept through Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, in the first two weeks of this month.   At last report some 32 people have been diagnosed.  International health officials are keeping an eye on that country because two years ago some 2,300 people were infected there and 11 died.
Even more startling, Reuters reporter Stephanie Nebehay, issued the news just this week that, “A cholera epidemic sweeping through west and Central Africa, one of the biggest in the vast region’s history, has infected more than 85,000 people, killing at least 2,466 so far this year.”

She quotes, United Nation’s spokeswoman Marixie Mercado:  “The virulent diarrhea disease is spreading quickly along waterways between and within countries, causing an ‘unacceptably high’ rate of fatalities . . . The size and the scale of the outbreaks mean the region is facing one of the biggest epidemics in its history.”

With Jael’s permission, I should add to this report tomorrow. Between now and then I call on Rev. Repriestly’s network, and Brother John’s prayer groups to please pray.  More Christians must get to the work that Bible prophecies assign: “. . . to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease (Matthew 10: 1).”  We may be in a day when medical systems alone cannot hold back this tide!

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