A Bee Sting: Man Cannot Bring Order to Earth’s Collapse

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:01 AM
June 27, 2011

Even the United Nations wants to join in the fight to save honey bees around the world.   In some countries, 85 percent of bee colonies are in serious decline.  And, especially in third world countries, bees are the principle methods of pollination.  However, much of what is known as bee colony collapse disorder (known as CCD) is taking place in the northern part of the planet, which holds the most industrialized swatches of the world. 

 In these areas, excessive pesticides, air pollution, alien parasite invasions, strange viruses and diseases, unhealthy breeding practices, cross-country bee hive truck transportation––along with residential, office and manufacturing construction in former country sides leaving fewer flowering plants, which are bedrocks for bee pollination––all contribute to the massive destruction of honey bees.  Writing for Discovery News, Jennifer Viegas identifies results of these combinations as the Perfect Storm, against which weary beekeepers must constantly battle.

 Thus, human inroads into bee territory threatens the annual two billion dollars in food production dependent upon bee pollination.  Of course, some scientists insist that climate changes stemming from Global Warming are to blame, while others claim that human infatuation with cell phones is the problem.  Achim Steiner, executive director of the U.N.’s environmental agency laments: “Of 100 crop species that provide 90 percent of the world’s food, over 70 are pollinated by bees.  The way humanity manages or mismanages its nature-based assets, including pollinators, will in part define our collective future in the 21st century.”

 Meanwhile, honey bees seem to be disoriented.  According to CBS News, thousands of them swarmed over New York City recently.  Some attacked a light post in Little Italy, and others buzzed over structures in lower Manhattan and in Chinatown.  While those were taken down safely and returned to a bee farm, that was not the case in Yuma, Arizona, some weeks ago, where thousands of bees attacked a 81-year-old woman.  When fire department personnel arrived on the scene, they found her sitting on the sidewalk covered with bees which had inflicted hundreds of stings all over her face and body.  Apparently, the bees had set up house in her yard.  Again, this was only one of many times Yuman officials have had to respond to new unlikely bee embedments, or resulting bee attacks.

 Like most other things on Planet Earth these days, bee life is out of whack.  And while people primarily cause bee colony collapse disorder, they repeatedly demonstrate inability to bring new order to the collapse.  Thus, Bible prophecies correctly claim, “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness” (1 Corinthians 3: 19).  Man’s craftiness is destroying this planet.  Now believers must beg God to withhold the judgment due, until man repents and returns the honor due to God, Our Maker.

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