Good News: Solar Power Shines For Some in America

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:58 AM
April 21, 2011

Kudos to the many states, cities, and homeowners who have turned to solar power for their energy needs.  All across the country, some Americans have decided to invest in solar power for more safer, pollution-free energy. Universities, grocery stores, city governments, industries and private individuals are taking advantage of federal, state and city tax incentives to pay for solar installations. They have also made the wise choice to use environmentally safe, renewable energy that does not contaminate air, soil or water, and will never run out.

The Las Vegas city government got a check for $ 3.5 million from Nevada Energy for installing solar panels at several carports at locations across the city at a cost of $ 6.8 million.  According to Betsy Fretwell, Las Vegas City Manager, this project created 74 jobs, and will generate enough electricity to power 260 homes.  It will also “reduce the city’s carbon footprint by more than 2,000 metric tons,” Fretwell says.  John Owens, Director of Energy Efficiency for NV Energy, adds “It means better air quality, it means jobs, and it means sustainability.”

Maryland’s Energy Administration used $ 9.3 million in federal stimulus grants to garner $ 36 million in private investment funds to double the solar power generated in that state.  The Maryland Energy Administration used the funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to fund more than a dozen grants for community colleges, and for county, city and town governments.  The grants created projects funding some 80 jobs and paid for the installation of 40,000 solar panels throughout the state, panels that now generate power for 1,000 homes.

Last year Solar Power Partners, Inc. (SPP) completed five solar projects in California, one at UC San Diego and four at large grocery stores.  According to, “SPP now owns and operates 41 solar systems generating approximately 14 megawatts of green energy at schools, universities, medical centers, and businesses.”  SPP pays upfront installation cost and then sells energy back to host properties at less than conventional grid costs.  Pacific Power Renewables is working on two similar projects in California this year.  One is a 15-acre solar panel system known as The Depot Park Solar Field.  This site use to be on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund list because of toxic chemical contamination. Now that is energy progress!

But the ultimate pollution-free energy source will be after the Battle of Armageddon when God, The Father, and God, The Son rule on earth.  Bible prophecies indicate that today’s solar power may well be a foretaste of eternal energy power:  “And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever” (Revelation 22: 5).  Because oil, gas and nuclear energies so endanger earth’s populations, God’s reign on earth will come sooner than most people think.

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